Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Odd Happenings at the Gym

Well, we are up to 12 recipes on MRE's: Not for Me! and all look delish. So, keep those recipes coming everyone! I can't wait to try a few out.

I'm back working full-days at work. Actually I have been since Monday, since our server was back up late Monday morning. I'm grateful, because although this will be a smaller check than usual, it should at least be a somewhat decent one.

Can I just say that the gym has the freakiest people? Has anyone else noticed this? Or I am alone in the odd people flocking to the gym here on-post?

Let me give you some examples. I go to the gym alot, therefore I see the same people almost everyday and everyday there's something odd that makes me laugh and I have to tell Sean about.

1. There is a young woman who comes to work out who wears jeans, tight jeans mind you to work out in. Last time I saw her she had her hair braided into a Mohawk. Didn't think that was possible? Neither did I! She had Apple bottom, skin-tight jeans on, a midriff shirt, silver sandals, and lots of jewelry on. This girl is probably about 20. However, how is that outfit to work out in comfortable? I mean jeans and sandals? Not any sandals either. These things were platforms! That's not the only time she's showed up in an odd outfit. It's so bad that people literally stare at her when she's there. I'm not talking the good type of staring either!

2. It never fails that the he-man, macho types are in the gym when I'm there. Since I like to alternate weights with my cardio, they're usually all over in the weights. What kills me is the men who sit there and flex in front of the huge mirrors. It's one thing to look at yourself when you are doing free weights, but I'm talking walk over to the mirror, full on flexing going on. The oddest occurrence was when a 40-something man was at the gym working out with his young son. After every single exercise he did he walked over to the mirror and flexed. The funniest part was when he took off his shirt and proceeded to admire himself for about 2 minutes. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. I kept looking around to see if anyone else was catching the show that I was.

3. Then you have your fully-decked out girls, similar to number one mentioned above. You know the type, they have full-makeup on, smell heavily of perfume and are wearing the shortest shorts known to man. I ask this, how is that comfortable? I much prefer comfy Nike shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt and no heavy makeup or perfume.

4. The array of awesomely bad gym fashion never ceases to amaze me. Hey, I'm just in a t-shirt and shorts, but I've seen swim trunks sported, really, really short shorts on men that were actually really obscene and an amusing array of spandex. Remember the outfits from Jane Fonda's workouts in the 80's? They've actually made an appearance in present time.

You gotta love the gym and the crazy shenanigans that go one there!


erika said...

i love people watching at the gym!! My gym at home is set up perfectly for it and i see some crazy outfits as well. Unfortunately when i go to visit chris, the gym on post is awful for people watching - the cardio machines are all in a straight line completely separate from everything else... such a bummer.

Sara said...

weird... The 24 hour fitness I used to go to had weird people in it too, though not quite like the first girl you described. I don't try to look nice to work out. I pull gym shorts, a tank and sports bra at random from my gym clothes drawer and sometimes they match sometimes they don't. I felt a little weird when I was complimented on how I looked on Monday. When I come from work, yeah I've got all the makeup and purfume on but I wasn't trying to look nice for Crossfit. Goodness knows all it takes is 20 minutes and I look like hell. Working out isn't supposed to be pretty.

Theres a girl who comes to our gym with a fabulous body. Shes the type who walks in in a sports bra and short gym shorts. Our trainer had to tell her to put on some clothes because women were getting angry and that the shorts would be too revealing when she had to bend over for any of the workouts.

kd said...

Oh man, I love gym weirdos! There is this retiree that works out in jean shorts and hiking boots on the elliptical.

I have never understood the people who can chew gum while working out. I mean, I personally feel like I might sever my tongue if I tried to do that!

Erin said...

I cannot believe the apple bottom jeans girl. That blows away any weird dress I have ever seen. You really see all kinds at the gym.

Brando said...

These people must be the ones that were like the middle schoolers I have now who try to tell me that "I dressed out" when they are wearing tight, tight, tight jeans and flip flops. Really? Really? Do you think this is going to suffice when you're running your mile and playing dodge ball?

But at least these people are working out, funny clothes and all. And at least it gives you some entertainment while you're there.

Mroszczyk Family said...

Hahaha, I think that you should go up to the flexing men and just grab onto their muscles and go "ooohh so strong!" Lol, that is ridiculous about the girl in the full outfit!