Friday, October 30, 2009

New Chapter

So...I did it. I quit.

Thanks for all the advice...and even though I didn't take most of your advice and give two weeks notice, I still appreciate you being honest with me. When I told her I was quitting my boss asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that and then said if I thought it over and wanted to come back then I could have my job back. In no uncertain terms I told her "thanks, but no thanks" It was hard leaving the volunteers and the soldiers. I hate leaving them with basically noone looking out for them, but Sean and I had a discussion last night about it and I'm going to do my best to make sure something happens there for the positive. Whether that means going up the chain and getting the ear of someone important, I'm going to make sure that everthing is righted there whether I work there or not.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy some of short time I have left with my husband.

Tonight we are making fajitas! I'm craving Mexican food and I think they will turn out great. If only I had some good guacamole. I have a confession though. I make good salsa and I make other good dips, but I cannot make good guacamole to save my life.

What are your Friday/weekend plans?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Think I've Come to a Decision

About what to do with my job that is. The pure and simple truth is that I hate my job. It just hasn't been the same environment since my boss that I started working under left.

Under my new boss there is a total lack of organization. We've gone days at a time without stocking the cooler for sodas because she won't go to the commissary and buy the sodas. We don't have snacks, eating utensils, paper towels or even cups for that matter. I've even provided her with a shopping list of what we need. Take for example, today she went to the commissary. What did she come back with? Lunch for herself and for a volunteer. Nothing else that we need. It's been this way pretty much since she's been here.

It's also getting to the point that I'm expected to do all the "bitch work". Neither she nor the assistant manager make an effort to clean in the evenings or during the day for that matter. I come in for the evening shift and the kitchen will be a mess, dishes in the sink, liquid spilled on the floor, etc. Also in the capacity, I've been working shifts that noone else wants to work. I had plans for a party on Halloween and I'm informed today, two days ahead of time that I'm working the Halloween party at the USO. Obviously her promise of me being off weekends is void.

I talked to Sean about it today. He told me to just quit. I want to, it's gotten to the point where I just hate being there. I love the volunteers and helping out soldiers, but I can't stand to be in this job with these people managing it anymore.

Here's my question for you guys though. I'm thinking of not giving two weeks notice. I've always done that, but in this case I honestly don't want to. Do you think that's terribly unprofessional of me? Honestly?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drawing a Blank

I'd like to apologize to everyone for being such a crappy blogger and commenter lately...I just have so much on my mind that I feel as if I don't have any room left to make an interesting and cohesive blog post.

I don't want to blog about what's really on my mind because it's one big negative jumble and I don't think you guys want to hear about my deployment fears or how I hate my job right now.

So...I'll remain silent on those issues.

I don't really want to take a "blog break" either. That's just not my style.

In the meantime I'll say that I'm still working on getting my photography business together. I've found a printer to do my prints for me and hopefully soon I'll be getting together a website and an Etsy shop. Stay tuned for that!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Weekend

My favorite picture of the weekend:

We went bowling this weekend with some friends. I caught Sean as he was throwing. Once again I didn't break 100. :(

Friday, October 23, 2009

Am I The Only One?

Who looks to see what the people in front of me in line are buying at the grocery store?

Who reads five books at the same time?

Who collects postcards from every place I go?

Who isn't excited about New Moon coming out? (sorry to all my Twilight readers out there)

Who thinks about Mexican food on a daily basis?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wanna Be Friends?

So this evening I check my Myspace account to see if anything new has happened on there. I have a new message so I check it out.

This is who sent it to me:

Meet "Zubee"

I have no idea who this man is or how he found my profile, but he wanted me to add him as a friend.

Hmm...let me think about it. NO!

Oh and the best part? His headline is, "In Dale we trust." As in Dale Earnhardt. Oh and check out that sweet mullet.

Wow...just wow.

In other news, my husband will be home late tomorrow evening. I have the whole weekend off too so I'm happy we'll get to spend it together.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday: What a Day!

So today started off normal enough. Then I decided to take my lunch break.

During said lunchbreak I managed to drop my phone in the mailroom and break it. It would still turn on, but there was no display. So...I go to the phone store on post to replace it. 30 minutes later I have crappy phone in hand. Speaking of crappy phones, I'm going to take it back to work and replace it with something else. I dislike it that much. I'd love having a Blackberry or IPhone, but I just can't justify the price right now.

Then it was off to the passport office for the second time in two days. Yesterday I didn't have the correct form, as I have a no-fee passport already and didn't think that influenced my tourist passport. Armed with the correct paperwork I went back today only to be told my pictures were too old. Are you kidding me?

It's seriously that kind of day.

In other boss and I found emails in El Asshat's Outlook account on my computer from the regional accountant. Evidently they were having some sort of tryst. The funniest part? Their nicknames. His was Mr. Chatterbox and her's was Mrs. Giggles. I don't EVEN want to know the story behind that.

Such is my life!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Few Interesting Tidbits

1. I'm going to make my blog into a book! I was inspired by Glamourous Life of a Housewife and this post. I think it's a great idea because I'm a journal-keeper at heart and I haven't been very diligent writing in my journal these last couple of years. However...I do keep up with my blog quite well so now I'll have a way to look back at what I've been up to.

2. There's a new blogger that you military gals might want to check out. Her story? Irish girl meets American officer. Interesting perspective and cute blog. Check her out!

3. Also, if you don't read Brown-Eyed Baker then you should. Her recipes are delish and the food photography makes me want to reach through the screen.

4. I wrote a letter to HR about the El Asshat that was here as the interim director. I laid it all out for them and I hope he gets in trouble for it. He should know better than to mess with me! I'll let you know if anything develops from it.

Any interesting tidbits you'd like to share?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Question of the Day

My blogging slump won't seem to go it's time for question of the day!

What do you think is your best physical feature? Or..what physical feature is your SO's favorite?

I like my eyes best, but Sean's vote hands down would be my booty. He likes to say that's the reason he married me. (Don't believe him's a running joke between us)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Confessions

I fear a big freak-out about this coming deployment is hiding just under the surface of my relatively calm exterior.

If I could I'd travel around the world/United States for the rest of my life and not have a "real job"

No matter how much weight I've lost I always feel like I'm still short of my goal and I'm just "not quite there"

The National Parks of the United States are some of the most beautiful places I've been on Earth

I'm quite certain I have the naughtiest dog on the planet. He's mad because Sean is gone and took it out on me by doing a "revenge pee"

I seriously think Italians are the worst drivers EVER and not a day goes by where I don't get road rage from dealing with them

I think my dinner tonight is going to consist of cereal. Call me lazy!

My comfort movie is none other than Saturday Night Fever

I'm obsessed with the song "Call on Me" by Eric Prydz (sp?)

I bought skinny jeans yesterday. I'm praying they don't make my legs look like tree trunks

I go back and forth about whether or not I should quit my job everyday. For now I'll stay because I like the money.

Any confessions you'd like to share?

Min-Pins can't jump?

I took these pictures last weekend of Boomer. He loves it when Sean throws his toys for him and usually performs with spectacular jumps and twists in the air. Here's a few of the pics.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ten Things You Don't Know

I'm in a funk today. Normally I'd blog about it and get it out of my system, but I'm going to spare you guys that. I've been negative enough lately. So instead...I've self medicated with pizza and a Pepsi and I plan on buying some boots and skinny jeans to make myself feel better.

I was tagged by Jess with the Kreative Blogger Award to give you 7 random things about myself, but I'm going to step it up and give you ten.

1. I've been in the emergency room exactly 3 times. Twice getting stiches and once for an incredibly painful cyst that burst. If that's a TMI I apologize.

2. I used to hate the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Sean would make me watch it with him. Now it's one of my favorite shows and I think I like it more than Sean does.

3. I was in a sorority for a year and a half while I was in college. I don't regret my time in the sorority and if we'd had different leadership I probably would have stayed in longer.

4. I feel about piercings the way some people do about tattoos. I think they are addicting. Currently I just have my nose and ears pierced, but there are days where I'd like to get the area under my lip pierced. I won't because of two reasons. 1. My mother would hate it. 2. It's really not professional looking.

5. The girls I've met through blogging (in real life) and honestly talk to the most to off of blogger seem to all have gone to Big XII Conference schools like myself. Curious.....

6. It bothers me everyday that I'm not fluent in Italian...or even close for that matter. After the new year I plan on rectifying that am going to try my hardest to be fluent before we leave.

7. I'm a terrible procrastinator. Right now I have about a million things to take care of and keep putting them off. Case in point? I have a postcard and a gift that I've been meaning to send for months and have yet to do it.

8. I bought 3 books yesterday from Amazon that were all about India. I'm obviously going through some stage right now where I am fascinated with India.

9. I've known my best friend since the 8th grade. Well...actually I've known her since the 2nd grade, but we weren't best friends until the 8th grade. We were roomates in college, in each other's wedding and living continents apart we still find time to email and talk on the phone. I am lucky to have her as a friend.

10. It bothers me when people say I'm short. In my mind my 5'3" height is average.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it...feel free! Have a good Friday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Recipe!

Wow! I didn't expect everyone to be so interested in my taco soup. Here's the recipe though for those that are.

P.S. Evidently this recipe started with Weight Watchers as it is 2 Point Taco Soup

1 large onion, diced
1 (14 1/2 ounce) can diced tomatoes
1 (14 1/2 ounce) can diced tomatoes & green chiles
1 (11 ounce) canned corn with red and green peppers (they call it Fiesta Corn)
1 (15 1/2 ounce) can low-fat or fat-free canned refried black beans ( I use organic black beans that aren't refried and I think it's way better that way)
2 cans water (3 1/2 cups)
1 package taco seasoning mix
1 package ranch salad dressing mix (dry)

Saute onion with vegetable oil cooking spray.
When softened, combine all other ingredients and cook until heated through.

The last time I made the soup I added cooked ground hamburger meat, which gave it a little more substance. Obviously it's no longer 2 point Taco Soup with the meat, but it's still good nonetheless.

Today I'm just holding down the fort here at work. My boss went to Germany for some sort of conference so I'll be splitting shifts with volunteers until she gets back. Sean left this whole working extra hours works out pretty well.

Deployment is looming closer and closer. I'm doing the responsible thing though and denying that it is in fact getting closer. I haven't come to terms yet that I won't see my husband for an entire year. Blah....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....well almost

As I am apparently not creative at all this week and can't write a blog post to save my life, I leave you with this picture of my delish taco soup that I prepared yesterday. At one time I got it from another blogger, although I can't remember who and it's very easy and very good for you. One of these days when I'm less lazy I'll post the recipe.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Few of My Favorite Things

Since today is kind of ho-hum and I have no news to report other than I figured out what was wrong with my eye (my corneas are inflammed) and I'm gearing up to say goodbye to Sean for a week (On Thursday). here are a few of my favorite things that I've discovered in my web browsing.

I love this pop of color. I've already put this on my Christmas list. You can find it at Old Navy!

Basic black, but uber stylish. I cannot wait to get it. (Found it at Target)

Love this hat from Forever 21. I just wonder if it will fit me. I'm actually a little disappointed in Forever 21 lately. I haven't seen as many cute items as usual on there.

I'm hooked on CSI right now. The original. I'm not a fan of CSI: NY or Miami. Luckily for me it's very cheap on Amazon. I love being behind in trends.

I love photography like this. Simple yet says a lot. Visit this shop to check it out.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What Are You Reading?

I'm one of those people who read several books at the same time.

Currently I'm reading:

A very good biography of Marilyn Monroe. I've read a few others, but this is by far the best one I've read.

This was a suggestion from Sean. It's about D-Day and it is indeed awesome.

So...what are you reading?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Fun Times

First up...winner of the SATC DVD is Random Musings of My Life. Thank you for your handy random integer generator. Random Musings, please email your address so I can get it shipped out to you.

Yesterday Sean and I went over to a friend's house for a BBQ. We had the usual steaks and kabobs and I brought potato casserole as well as spinach dip. While we were there we played a little Guitar Hero, Beer Pong and Uno. Later on in the evening we went downtown for a few drinks. It was a good time...minus the annoying girl who insisted on yelling our friend's names right into my ear. In no uncertain terms I finally told her to be quiet in a not so pleasant manner. I think my Red Bull and Vodka was the source of my outburst.

Here's a few pics:

Ok...I might be biased, but I seriously think I have the cutest dog in the world.

Sean posing with our friend's dog.

Beer Pong. I actually did decently considering I haven't played since college.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Free Friday

Yesterday I spent helping with a Sesame Street Live tour that was here on-post. For the most part it was ok. We do have an older lady who volunteers that seriously acts as if she does a line of coke because she's so hyper and rah rah the entire day. Yesterday she informed a guy she "was like a fine wine that only got better with age" and then later sang "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk". Interesting day I tell you.....

Today I'm working and then I should have the rest of the weekend off. Thank goodness! We're going over one of our friend's homes tomorrow for a sort of "couple day". Should be interesting. I'm taking potato casserole and spinach dip, we should be grilling out as well.

As for the "free" part of Friday I'm giving away an extra copy of Sex and the City Season 6 Part I, that I happen to have. It's never been opened and I have no use for it. So...if you want it, then leave me a comment and tell me so. If there's several people that want it then I'll do a drawing for it.

So...what are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Make-Up Maven

This morning I was in the chow hall with the dear husband before my morning workout. As I usually just wake up at the crack of dawn to go with Sean to PT, I had no make-up on. I saw a few regulars of the USO who told me I looked tired. In all honesty I looked tired because I wasn't wearing make-up that cover my prominent under-eye circles.

It's funny because when I was in high school I wore virtually no make-up and I don't remember my under eye circles looking so bad. I didn't even wear eyeliner in high school. Now I can't imagine going a day without it.

So my question to you is what's your make-up routine? Do you wear a lot? Or a little? What's your favorite product to use?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

I'll preface this post by saying I'm still sick and feel like mold. What does mold feel like you ask? I feel right now.

I tried to make myself feel better today by finally making a Green Monster, as seen on Megan's blog. The commissary is carrying spinach again and the is the first time I've been able to make it. Can I just say it's delish? I'll be making it a regular part of my day from now on.

Right now it feels like EVERYTHING is under construction here in Italy. Every single possible route to our house/post has some sort of construction on it. I probably spent an hour yesterday dropping Sean off at home and then attempting to get back to work. I don't know where all this construction came from! One day it's construction free and the next day it's everywhere. Maybe October is construction month here in Italy, I honestly don't know.

Lastly, I want an opinion on Photoshopped pictures from you girls. I'm a firm believer in Photoshop, whether it's just improving the contrast or boosting the saturation of the colors. Yes, at times I believe pictures can be too Photoshopped, but I try not to tweak mine to the extreme. I ask this question because I participate in a weekly photo contest on a forum for army wives and they've recently started a debate on if we can enter photoshopped pictures. Most of them are trying to say that Photoshopped pictures are not the "true" photograph, but I find that insulting to be honest. I feel like all my pictures I take are the true photograph, but simply made to be the best they can be. What are your thoughts? And feel free to disagree with me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Under the Weather

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I'm not sure if it's allergies or one of the many colds that are running rampant on post right now. Sean is convinced I'm getting the flu since I refuse to get the flu shot. Quite honestly, I just don't see the need. Speaking of the flu shot, they were giving it to people in the food court of the PX today. Anyone else find that odd?

We've spent today watching college football. Or more precisely, Sean has been watching it and I've been half-watching it since I'm trying to finish editing pictures from when my mom and brother were here so I can make my mom a photobook for her birthday that is coming up.

I've also been obessively been reading Rick Steves travel books and planning on where I want to go for the next few months. Sean and I are going to do our best to get to Prague and over to Slovenia before he leaves and in the spring I'd really love to get to Paris. (KD..are you getting the hint there) Speaking of KD...she turned me onto a really great website called Basically it's a website that you can search for vacation rentals all over the world. I'm pretty sure I've already found us a place for Prague and I'm working on Paris right now and even browsing Morocco. (I really, really want to go to Morocco while we are stationd here)

And now, I leave you with a picture I edited today. I was going for the vintage vibe.

Friday, October 2, 2009

All Things Etsy

I haven't done an Awesomely Bad Etsy post in awhile, so I cruised on over to Etsy this morning to see what I could find.

The result? A few awesomely bad items, a few good items, a haircut that I'm seriously thinking of getting and some photography that blew my socks off.

Ready? Let's begin.

We'll do the bad first.

Nothing to wear with that little black dress? Fear not! Accessorize with these fab carrot cake earrings and no one will forget you!

Love pecans? How about walnuts? Tired of trying to crack them? No's the nutcracker for you and it even has personality!

Brides to be...having trouble finding that perfect cake topper? Choose one that will have your guests talking for weeks afterwards!

I actually love this shirt, it makes me giggle. I love the hair even more. I'm seriously considering cutting my hair like this. Do you guys think it would look good with my face? I'm a little nervous about cutting my hair that short, but I know my hair grows back quickly so that's not really an issue.

I've been looking at photography all morning on Etsy and I've found some awesome sellers on there. This one is by far my favorite though.

Here is a sample of her work:

(Courtsey of ScarletBeautiful2)

Basically she takes a picture with a camera through another camera's viewfinder. Pretty neat huh?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foul Mood

Do you guys have days where you're just in a fould mood? Sometimes for a couple days in a row?

These last few days I've been in a funk. At times I've been downright bitchy crabby. I don't know what the deal is, it seems nothing is safe from my wrath.

For starters I have issues with my FRG. I don't feel like the function as they should. Example 1: We had an FRG meeting/dinner last night at the FRG leader's house. When did I find out about it? Monday afternoon. I think it's just common courtsey to give at least a weeks notice for events like that. Am I wrong? There are more issues I have with them, but I'll save that for another day.

Yesterday I was in the library and there was a soldier (in ACUs) with his wife/gf/something crouching in the video section, carassing/kissing/stroking each other. Maybe we're just old school, but Sean and I try to uphold the rules about no PDA while he's in uniform. Sure, I'll give him a little peck in the car, but the couple yesterday was way out of line. Especially for a public place like the library.

Lastly, we have newish volunteer at work that is getting on my last nerve. My main issue with her is she's been there all of 2 weeks and acts like she runs the place. I was trying to fix something on the TV the other day and she actually grabbed the remote out of my hand and said, "I'll do it." First of all...don't EVER grab something out of my hand when I'm trying to do something. Big, big no no. Also the last few days I've gotten the vibe she's there more to try and flirt with the soldiers then actually try to help the USO. Not a plus in my book.

I'm hoping a few days off work will restore my good mood!