New Girl Basics

Most of you out there know me as New Girl on Post, but my real name is Melissa and I hope this intro gives you a little peek into what my life is like.

Before I met my husband, (in a very unconventional way), I was just your average 20-something, single girl trying to make it in the world.  I was working at a reference desk at the local library and selling shoes on the side. I dreamed of working in museum collections for the National Park Service or going back to school and getting my Masters in Library Science.  That all changed when I met my husband and moved twice in two years.
I'd never dated a military guy and I honestly had no interest in doing so. The fact that I ended up with someone who was in the military is very funny to me.

I've had my share of adventures being married to someone in the military. We've been married for six years now!  Sean and I started out our married life at Fort Polk in Louisiana. Then PCS'd a year later to Vicenza, Italy.  In our three and a half years being stationed there we visited over 16 countries, made friends we will have for life and ate some of the best foods that Europe has to offer.  I am so grateful for my time in Italy.  Our newest adventure with the Army was living in Oklahoma at Fort Sill, so that Sean can finish his medboard process and transition out of the Army. In August of 2013, Sean officially retired from the US Army. We bought a house outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma and our enjoying all that our home state has to offer.


Up until this fall it was just Sean and I and our adorable and very naughty Min-Pin, Boomer. Then we learned I was pregnant (after one month of trying!) and we are expecting our first baby in June of 2014.