Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Great Jeggings Debate

As you all know, I'm not the most fashion savvy person out there. So it should come to no surprise to you that I have to try out "jeggings".

Today I noticed they were selling some at the PX (yeah..I know, not the most ideal place to shop) Anyway, as I looked at them, I must admit my curiousity was piqued. They look so comfy and they'd go perfectly with my riding boots. However, I'm a curvy girl. I wear a size 12 and have not only hips, but also a JLO butt.

My debate is this: Are Jeggings flattering on curvier girls? Anyone out there have jeggings and love them? What brand did you end up buying if you do wear them?

Monday, November 21, 2011

On My Christmas List

I've tried to hold on out on posting about Christmas, but I think the week of Thanksgiving it's acceptable for me to start bringing up the most wonderful time of year!

I sent my Christmas list to my Mom a month or two ago and my Christmas list for Sean this year was very short. I told him all I wanted from him was a Kindle, since he's been so generous about sending me home for Christmas, as well as financing my various trips around Europe this year. So...I already know that I got a Kindle (since I'm the one who ordered it and all) But here's some more of my Christmas list!

1. A Pink Cover for my Kindle. I'm a big lover of pink and I think my Kindle would look super cute in this cover. Did I ever mention I also have a pink passport cover?

2. Every year I ask for a subscription to Budget Travel. It's my favorite magazine and I ask for a subscription every.single.year.

3. This Grinch ornament. One day I will have a Grinch tree!

4. Pearl earrings. Once upon a time I had nice ones. Somehow in the process of moving like 8 times in the past 7 years, they got lost and I can only find one.

5. I really, really want a new camera. I'm so afraid mine is going to bite the dust one of these days since I've used it ALOT in the last 3+ years. Unfortunately I don't have over $2,000 to throw down on the Canon 5D Mark II. Anybody out their in blog land want to contribute? I'll even put up a donate button for you... :)

6. An indoor grill. So many recipes I want to try call for grilling and during the fall and winter, it's just not feasible for us to start up the old charcoal grill. Enter this handy indoor grill.

What's on your Christmas list this year?

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I know my last post was kind of a downer, (and thanks to everyone who commented, it made me feel loved to know so many of you out there understand where I am coming from). Anyway, I wanted to focus on the positive aspect of being here in Italy longer than we thought. The most obvious plus in being in Europe longer is more travel. That's honestly my favorite part of living in Italy, although the delish wine and food is a close second.

So, Sean and I have been discussing some places we are wanting to go with our remaining time in Italy. There are also a couple of trips that I plan on taking with some of my friends, as Sean is not interested in going there.

We have a couple of ideas for long trips that we would like to take.

1. A driving tour of southern Spain and parts of Portugal. Since we've already seen Madrid and Barcelona we'd like to hit up Sevilla, Granada, some of the towns along the southern coast of Spain, Salema and Lisbon, Portugal and if time Salmanca or Toledo, Spain.

2. Eastern Europe tour. This one could also be broken down into weekend trips, we haven't decided yet which way we'd like to do this. We'd like to see Krakow, Poland, Prague, Czech Republic, Budapest, Hungary and Kiev, Ukraine.

We have quite a few shorter trips that we'd like to do.

1. Dublin, Ireland. If time we'd love to add other parts of Ireland.
2. Switzerland. I have a friend from college that actually lives in Geneva. I'm thinking about visiting her and possibly seeing a bit more of Switzerland along the way.
3. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia and possibly Zagreb as well.
4. Morocco. This is one trip Sean doesn't want to go on. My friend Sarah and I are tossing around the idea of Marrakech sometime this spring.
5. Istanbul. This is another city that I'm thinking of doing with my friend Sarah.
6. Spa trip to Slovenia.
7. Dolomites. These are so close to us, but yet I've yet to really explore them.
8.Normandy beaches

There are obviously a lot more places that I'd love to see before we leave, but these are the main ones on  my list. I've been lucky though that I've marked a lot of places off my To Do list these last three years.

If you've been to any of the places that we are thinking of going and have any tips or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The One in Which I Vent

I'm sure lately you've picked up on a couple of themes in my recent blog posts.

1. I have baby fever
2. I miss my friends and family and want to go home

Now before anyone assumes that the second point means I hate Italy and am ungrateful being here, that's not the case. I do really enjoy Italy and all the travel opportunities I've had living here, but three years is a long time to be away from your friends and family. At least for me it is. I've gotten to go home twice since we've been here and although that was nice, twice is not enough time to truly get to spend with everyone you love. I'm close to my family (even my extended family) and I miss them terribly. Especially around any holiday. Sean doesn't quite understand how close I am to my family because he is not close to his family at all. He doesn't have a good relationship with his parents, so his cousins and grandmother are about the only family he talks to. So, when I talk about missing my family and wanting to go home, he doesn't really understand.

I also have baby fever really, really badly. Up until the last six months, the idea of a baby was there, but it wasn't something I really wanted. I had a lot of traveling and experiences I wanted to do and quite frankly I didn't want to be pregnant in a foreign country away from those I love. It's not that I don't think I could do it, it's just that I don't want to do it. Again, this is another thing that Sean doesn't really understand. We both want children, but he doesn't feel the need to have them this very second, like I do. When your spouse doesn't understand what you're going through, it's tough. Even though he tries to reassure me or make me feel better, it's not enough. I still feel lonely, because he just doesn't have the need that I do.

 Lately, when I find out a friend is pregnant, I cry. The last time I thought I might be pregnant and then found out I wasn't, I sobbed. I don't do this. In fact, I've NEVER done that in my life. So, for me to be that upset over not having a baby, it's a new set of emotions for me.

I hate when I try to explain how I'm feeling and someone tells me to, "Make the best of it." Seriously? That's the best advice you can come up with? A sympathetic word or two would have been a lot better than, "Make the best of it". I'm also tired of being referred to as "my only non-pregnant friend". Gee...could you twist the knife in any deeper? I think sometimes people just don't understand that although I'm a light-hearted person, that their words really do hurt.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I Love!

Ready for my November edition of Things I Love? Let's begin, shall we?

1. Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

I'd read Chevy Stevens' first book called Still Missing earlier this year and I was pretty impressed. When Never Knowing came out, I knew I had to read it too. I liked this book much more than the first. Very good plot and some scary moments. I highly recommend it!

2. This outfit I found on Pinterest. Specifically the dress. However, there are no links to where this dress came from and it's killing me! I want this dress!

3. Mushroom risotto. It's like the best Italian comfort food EVER! Sean and I love to go to one particular restaurant here in town and order their mushroom risotto. In fact, we did it yesterday. It's so good you don't even want to eat the last bite because you want it to last.

4. The fact that my Oklahoma State Cowboys are #2 in the nation.

5. Funny things I see on Pinterest

This seriously made me laugh so hard. I'm so going to be that kind of mom.

6. This shirt from Old Navy. Too bad they don't have it in my size. Thankfully a friend is visiting the States this week and said she'd look for it for me.

7. Babies! It seems like all my friends right now are pregnant. I've got baby fever bad, but since it's just not the right time for us, I've been photographing a friend's baby to quell the fever and get some photos for my portfolio. This is one of my faves.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Recipes

It's no secret that Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. Now that we're in the month of November, I'm preparing myself for my fourth year of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Although I love cooking for people, I must admit I won't be sad when Sean and I move back to the States and we don't have to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal by ourselves.

I've already bought two Thanksgiving magazines (Rachel Ray and Family Circle) but I wanted to ask my blog readers what some of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes are. Is there something special you make? Something new recipe you tried that you can't live without?  Let me know what it is! I'd like to add a new dish (or two) to my table this year.