Friday, February 27, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Ok....I'm back.

Sorry about that everyone! I didn't mean to be absent for the past week, but I was stuck at home and didn't get to post until today. When I checked my email this morning I actually had several emails from my parents asking if I was ok, because they hadn't heard from me in so long. I'm ok...just technologically deprived.

Now for the Updates:

Our car is in Europe! Sean got an email saying our car was in Germany and we needed to register it before they would send it down here, so we are taking care of that business today.

However, our household stuff/unaccompanied baggage is still MIA. Sean is convinced they lost it.

Last weekend, Sean and I ventured down to the butcher shop in our town. I was extremely nervous since I was going to be the one talking in a language I'm still learning, but it went surprisingly well! I managed to get us a kilo of bacon and two whole quail without confusing the crap out of the man behind the counter AND I did it completely in Italian. Now...I'm not saying it was complete sentences, but it was painless! You have no idea how excited I was.

This week I've been stuck at home because Sean hasn't had to work that much since the rest of the battalion and well most of everyone on post is elsewhere training. He's been going to PT, a few hours of work and then been dropped off. However, today we rented a car until we get our car and so we actually have transportation without relying on someone else. To say we are excited is an understatement.

Sean and I were mainly on post today to take our SETAF driver's test to get our license. We both passed, but we did have a little bet going on. I missed one question, but Sean missed two, so he owes me a 20 minute backrub. Victory is mine!

This weekend we are planning on going to Verona for a day. I'm excited about it! They have the third largest Roman colissum there (only behind Rome and one around Naples) and the "fake" Juliet house is there too. I'm not really that excited about that, mainly just excited about actually going to explore.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! I missed all of you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Polished and Perfect

I have always envied the women that always look polished, pulled together and perfect.

You know the ones I'm talking about. Flawless make-up, amazing hair, impeccable manicures, perfectly fitting clothes with just the right shoes and accessories.

I've come to the conclusion that I will never be one of those women.

It's not that I don't try...I do try to look nice, but as hard as I try I can never come across as one of the Polished.

I knew some girls like this in college who could be wearing jeans and an alma mater sweatshirt and still look pulled together.

How do they do that?

I mean

I think my problem mainly is that I just look young. I always get asked if I'm younger than I am and the other day someone asked my age and when I told them 25 they honestly looked shocked. It doesn't offend me, I just don't understand why I look so young.

Maybe it's just my innocent face.


I have to say though, that although I may not look polished it could be worse.

Instead of looking young I could look white trash.

Guess there's a positive side to this. *laughs*

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Things Kids Say

I'm sitting here in the computer lab (yes day turned out longer than expected) and there was a mother beside me on a computer with her small daughter underneath the table playing with blocks.

"Mom...these blocks are cool"

"Mom...these blocks are really hard to stack together"

Then the kicker

"Mom....I farted"

Mom to Daughter, "Honey...thanks for letting me know"

Then in turn I hear six snorts and cackles coming from other computers which host an assortment of 20-something soliders.

What it is with men thinking expelling gas is hilarious?

Ok...I admit...the way she said it was hilarious kind of funny.

Funny Signs and Stories

First of all, a big thank you to two ladies for giving me a wonderful award.

Kebi and Running in Stilettos both gave me the Love Ya award. Thank you ladies both so much!

I think it's been passed around to most people I read, so anyone who hasn't been tagged for it, consider this my gift to you. Because I enjoy reading every single blog that's on my massive list.

I'm on post for just a couple of hours today while Sean finishes his last exam for his EMT class. He did do well on his practical the other day, in fact he aced it. Now he had to take an online final and he'll be EMT certified.

I need to go to housing, but I doubt I'll do that until Monday. Our water problem has been solved. (Thank God) But we have two weeks worth of trash in our garage because our landlord hasn't given us our recycling containers yet. Recycling over here is a beast! I don't mind doing it, but the rules of things that go where is insane. I seriously have to consult the list they gave us before I throw anything in the trash, it's that confusing!

Here's another random Europe question for you guys. Does anyone know why there are cords in the showers and bathtubs that if you pull them they sound a buzzer that is out in the living room? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be some kind of distress signal or what. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Any help on that topic would be appreciated!

While at the PX parking lot the other day I noticed the most hilarious sign for parking. It has a stick figure with a walking stick, a little man hunched over and a pregnant stick figure showing who can park in the places closest to the entrance. Next time I have my camera with me I'll be sure to take a pic so you guys can see it. I laughed for about five minutes when I first saw it. I mean...who makes a stick figure pregnant? It's just funny!

Speaking of funny, I was getting ready for bed last night and Sean was still in the living room studying. I walked back into the living room and spied Boomer coming from over by the trash with a pudding cup in his mouth. He saw me...stared at me, then slowly dropped the container on the ground and acted if he had no idea how it got there. It was hilarious! I told Sean if we'd videotaped it I was sure it would win $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos....that's still a show right?

I haven't watched TV in so long, although we've been watching a ton of TV series on our laptop. Entourage, Six Feet Under, Californication, Brothers and Sisters....the list is endless! I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I actually long for AFN right now. Even the horrible PSA's don't seem to bad when you've been faced with no TV for several weeks.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I think Sean and I are just planning another low-key weekend. We have a neighborhood butcher shop down the road and I know he's eager to go there and maybe I can actually brave the stares and go into the cute little bakery.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a Small World

What is it with the military being such a small world?

I say that because since we've been here in Italy, we've run into lots of people that Sean went to basic with or were at Ft. Polk with him. This is honestly a very, very small post. It's just weird to always run into people that you've seen other places. One guy that Sean went to basic with was rumored to be dead, but magically we saw him the other day. Yeah....not sure how that rumor got started.

Today has been good. I started it out with a tasty pastry at the PX food court, had an interview, had a tasty lunch at the commissary (can you notice a trend of my day revolving around food?) and now I'm at the library, grabbing a few books to keep up my supply. I found several awesome travel books, not the guidebook type, the type that's like a travel story. That's probably one of my favorite genres. I can't get enough of them.

Sean had his practical today for his EMT class. He was a bit nervous, but I think he did well. I'm just waiting to meet up with him and see what he thinks. Although he acts like it won't bother him, I know he wants to keep his B average that he has in the class.

So this lady at the PX today took it upon herself to cut right in front of me, because she had some refund that the clerk needed to do. Um...see that line? GET BEHIND ME! I hate line jumpers! I don't care if the clerk needed to do a refund for you or not. It's rude to jump in front of people. GAH! I need to start being Miss Manners and giving people rudness tickets or something. Similiar to the Fashion Police, which I could also probably do here too. I'm sorry but salmon colored courdoroys and an olive sweater do not match. (Fashion ticket for that would go to my landlord)

Well, from the text on my phone it appears my hubby is on his way to get me. In our car you ask? Nope...checked that site today and it says my car is still enroute on the ocean carrier. You know....if I wanted patience the Army is an excellent way to get that. It really tests that everyday.

One last thing...two awesome giveaways to check out.

The first a pretty spring giveaway from Spring Giveaway by Mrs. Potts and also check out Steph to choose between an awesome scarf or a cute wine bottle catch-all. Trust me don't want to miss out on either one of these!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Um....That's Not Lip Gloss

Thanks to all you ladies who commented on my last post. It made me feel tons better knowing that sometimes all husbands aren't that romantic. However, I do feel a bit bad because Sean actually suprised me and bought me a card and diamond earrings. They are very pretty and to say I was shocked is putting it mildy. He also cooked me a steak dinner complete with baked potatoes and green beans. I have to say it was a great Valentine's Day, even though we were unable to go anywhere.

So, this weekend I was cleaning up a bit in my bathroom and decided to sort through my cosmetics bag, so I'm going through my cosmetic bag and find this sample of lip gloss from Sephora. I apply some of the pearly pink goo to my lips and go on my way. Minutes later I lick my lips and it tastes....salty and slightly chemically. Finding that strange I walk back to the bag and read that is says bubble bath. So basically I put bubble bath on my lips. blonde moment right there.

On Saturday Sean and I decided to explore our little town of Grumolo. It was a nice day, cold but sunny and we enjoyed the walk. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that almost anywhere we went, we were stared at. Not just a casual glance, full on stare that lasts for what seems like minutes. I saw this adorable bakery that I wanted to go to, but the stares that we received walking past it was enough to make me say, "I'll wait another day." I knew that the Italians stared, but I wasn't aware it was quite that unnerving.

Sean and I are working on getting Internet at our apartment. So far, it doesn't seem to promising. We met with one of the companies on-post today where the guy told us if we did get a signal, it would probably come and go. Super! Seriously I feel as if I'm in the dark ages. I have no phone, no Interent and no TV. I had no idea until I read my emails from this past weekend that there was a huge amount of tornadoes back in Oklahoma. Thankfully all my friends and family are safe.

To close with, I'm leaving you with some pictures that I've taken since we've been here. Nothing spectacular and none of them have been edited, but at least it's a start!

The infamous Froop!

Our view of the mountains from our hotel on-post

A view of our back balcony.

Our Kitchen/living room/dining room

A church under construction in Grumolo

Boomer's favorite spot with his favorite toy.

I know it's still not a lot of pictures, but I'm running a little short on time today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Romance? What's that?

Well, this will probably be the last time I post this week. Can I just say that I hate not having Internet? It would make life so much easier and I'd be so much more entertained when I'm at home!

Yesterday I stayed at home while Sean went to his EMT class on-post. He only has one more week of it and I know he's excited that it's coming to a close. Staying at home was....boring. I had the laptop, Boomer and my books to amuse me. I wanted to take Boomer on a long walk yesterday, but it was raining...again. So I chose instead to give him a bath. I don't think he was thrilled about my choice.

Today I went to the gas company again and got most of the paperwork taken care of. Minus the two pages I have to fax back to them, because the ladies at the Tax Relief Office didn't have Sean sign them. I don't mean to be rude, but isn't that your job? And isn't that the reason why I couldn't pick them up the original day I dropped them off because he had to sign them? I'm just saying......

I'm not sure what Sean and I are doing this weekend. I'd like to meet Casey, because she's in-country, but I'm unsure of how I would get to wherever to meet her. Yes, I'm aware we have buses and trains, but I'm not sure how I'd get to said train station. ARGH! Where is my car!

I'm sorry to be somewhat grouchy, I just have to say that waiting for my things and car to get to Europe is getting really frustrating. I DON'T like having to rely on someone to take me places.

Anyway, Sean and I wanted to go to Venice this weekend, since it's Carnivale there (aka their version of Mardi Gras) but I don't think we'll be able to. I dropped the big hint today that I don't expect anything big for Valentines Day, but I do expect something.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that my husband is possibly the least romantic man I've ever been involved with. He simply does not do presents all. It's like I have to give him a detailed print-out of what I want or go with him to pick it out. I don't like doing that. I like the element of suprise. I actually told him at lunch today that him not trying to do something on holidays sends the message to me that I'm not special. He tried to tell me that's not how he feels, but it just comes off like that to me.

I'm not sure if that stems from him not really liking to receive presents himself, but I actually handed him a book in the PX that's title was something like "1001 Romantic Ideas" and told him to read and apply.

I don't mean to vent about my husband, but I have to admit that after reading some of your posts about the sweet things your husbands buy you or things of that nature make me a teensy bit jealous.

Perhaps your husbands can give mine some tips?

Anyway, I hope that all of you have a wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day. Care to share your plans with me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everybodys Doing It

I've been tagged by Steph and since I knew I wouldn't be at post today, I did this in advance.

Step 1: respond and rework—answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

Step 2: tag—eight other un-tagged people.

1. What were you doing before you started this post? Well, I was at the library and then the PX and then finally here...doing this post.

2. What is the last thing you read/are currently reading? Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

3. Do you nap a lot? Yep, in fact Boomer and I took a nap yesterday.

4. Who was the last person you hugged? Sean I am sure

5. What is your favorite TV series? Six Feet Under! I love it

6. What was the last thing you said out loud? "Bless you" to the guy next to me on the computer

7. What websites do you always visit when you go online? hotmail, blogger, MySpace

8. What was the last item you bought? Blanket, alarm clock and various other household items. I need to go buy a Dr. Pepper though, I've got a wicked headache.

9. What is your most challenging goal? Losing this last ten pounds. It's not easy. I've been slacking and eating things I shouldn' excess.

10. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would it be? Oohh I can't have two places? I'm going to say Wyoming, close to the Grand Tetons. It's one of my favorite places I've ever been.

11. Favorite Vacation spot? Any National Park...I love visiting them.

12. Say something to the person who tagged you: Steph- I'm so glad that I "met" you through blogging and I can't wait to meet you in person, my fellow Okie. :)

13. Name one thing you just can't resist no matter how bad it is for you: Reeses Peanut Butter cups. They could be my currency...they are so good.

14. What is your favorite item of clothing? My American Eagle jeans that are distressed in all the right places.

15. If you were any spice what would you be and why? I'd be cinnamon, because I'm sweet with a bite.

16. Name one thing you can not live with out: occasional Dr. Peppers...I'll never be able to completely stop drinking them.

17. Has a celebrity's haircut ever influenced you on your own hairstyle? Yep, I wanted Britney hair a few years ago, but in never turned out like hers

18. What is your drink of choice. Water or if we're speaking alcholic? A nice Mojito..with fresh mint of course

19. What would you eat for one meal, if you could eat anything and not gain the calories or fat
grams, etc?

I would eat as much Mexican food, preferably Ted's, that I could fit in my stomach. Chips, salsa, guacamole, chicken enchilada's, more chips and salsa. and tortillas! Oh my gosh yum.... (I'm so stealing Steph's answer)

20. What are you wearing right now? My fave jeans, a cream colored sweater and clogs

21. What's your favorite room in your house? Well...once it's decorated probably our bedroom

22. If you were to have a baby boy and girl tomorrow, what would you name them?
Personally I'd want to name them Vanessa and Logan, but Sean has vetoed both those names

23. What is one of your fondest memories?

The summer I took two of the best trips of my life. The first was a two week trip to through some of the National Parks in the west. Beautiful scenery, awe-inspiring actually and then my cruise to Alaska with my family. It was the last big vacation I've gone on with my family and it was awesome.

24. What's a talent you wish you had?

I wish I could pick up languages easily. I really have to work to be able to even understand them. They don't come to me easily at all. least in my opinion they don't.

I'm tagging whoever hasn't done this and would like to!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Weekend of Adventures

Well...this weekend was certainly full of adventures...or rather perhaps misadventures, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Friday, as you know, we were moving into our apartment. Sean's team leader and his wife agreed to pick me up at our hotel and take me to our apartment. They said they would be there around noon. So, I'm ready, the bags are packed and I'm just waiting. Sean comes home from lunch. Noon comes, no call, no people. Fifteen minutes later I notice a car driving around outside. I ask Sean if I was supposed to meet them downstairs. He says no, they said they'd call. At that moment he calls and asks where I am.

So...Sean and I lug four suitcases, tons of bags and other assorted items downstairs. Does the guy offer to help? Nope. Not at all. And I made three trips back upstairs to get stuff!

Then...once we were on our way, he keeps mentioning how I was late and if I'd been down there at noon then they could have had time to eat at Burger King on the way. I apologized and said I looked down and saw them driving by like twice and had no idea that was them.

You know what he says?

"Twice? We drove by like twelve times."

Ok...hold up. I've never met you before, you've never met me. I wasn't aware of any plan of me being downstairs waiting. You have my husband's phone number that you didn't call for fifteen minutes. Then you want to freaking blame me for you having to eat Burger King a little bit later? Oh hell no!

I don't care who you are, you aren't rude to someone like that you've never met. Especially since I apologized. It's extremely rude to keep bringing up the fact you had to wait. Not to mention the fact you didn't even offer to help with any luggage.

To say I was miffed was an understatement. Although his wife was quite nice I can't say I was sorry to see them (especially him)leave.

Fast forward a few hours and Sean and I decide to order pizza. Ordering it was a hoot! I ordered one large pizza, half ham, half beef with mushrooms and fresh tomatoes over all. Know what I got? Two large pizzas, one half ham and half cheese (where that came from I have no idea) one half beef and half ham but with the toppings all on the beef side. The pizza was good though. The toppings were so fresh! I have to say it's one of the best pizzas I've ever had.

On to the next adventure! At around 9:00 that night I go over to our kitchen sink to fill up a water bottle. The flow starts and then tapers off...completely. I try again. No water. Out of any tap. It stays that way until about 10:00 the next morning. All day and night on Saturday the water stays on. Last night though it goes off again! This was the scene in the shower this morning.

I run the water before I get in. It starts slow and then goes full blast.

I hop in and start lathering up my hair. Midway the water turns off.

It slowly comes on and then goes off.

Finally I get enough water to rinse out the shampoo.

This cycle continues for the rest of my shower.

Needless to say, while I was at housing today I brought this up and they assured me they'd call the landlord and figure out what the problem is. Hopefully that gets cleared up soon.

My last adventure involved going to the gas office today to get it turned over into our name. Evidently we picked the wrong day to go, because it was market day in this particular city and there was no available space anywhere. We drove around for about 45 minutes all over with no hope of finding a space, so we are to go back Wednesday. My translator and I thought this city was awesome. There is the coolest walled little fortress and on Wednesday she told me to bring my camera and we'd take pictures. How cool is that?

Here's a sneak peak of what it looks like. (click on the link below)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby You Can Drive My Car

My little driver's training course went pretty well yesterday. It lasted a little longer than they said it would, but it wasn't terribly boring like I imagined it might be.

However, after attending the course I'm more scared to drive than I was before! You would not believe the fines here in Italy. For talking on your cell phone while driving the fine is 600 Euro, the DUI fines and suspensions are unbelievable (obviously I don't have to worry about that). One guy asked our teacher if DUI's and other traffic offenses had gone down since they had implemented the steep fines. He told us they had not. Either with Italian or U.S. citizens.

Also, these crafty Italians hide cameras to catch you in things that look like trash cans! How nuts is that?

I need to study quite a bit before I attempt to take the test for this license. I have a lot to learn.

So, I was supposed to go this morning to switch the gas over to our name. On Monday I had to take a packet to our tax relief office so they could ready it before I went to turn the gas on. Unfortunately, due to the stupid Army rules I couldn't get it done at that moment, because Sean had to sign it. I do have power of attorney, but the sheet saying I do is somewhere in my Household goods. Yeah...not a good place for it. I told Sean on Monday he could go in after his class and sign it if he got done early enough or even over lunch, but he HAD to sign it before I went on Thursday. I left notes for him, I kept reminding him, did he do it?


He told me last night he's just go in this morning and do it. My appointment was at 9:15, you know what time the tax office opens? 11.

I'm a bit peeved about it. For starters he had three days to go sign it. He had ample time even with classes to go sign it. So, obviously I didn't get to go turn the gas on today. Now I have to go over to housing and explain why I missed my appointment and see if I can be rescheduled sometime soon. I told Sean if we had to take cold showers at our apartment this weekend because he didn't get that done in time that I was really going to be pissed. I HATE missing appointments and then having to scramble around to get what should have been something easy to complete done.

It's times like these that I'd seriously like to strangle my husband.

Tomorrow we are moving in to our apartment, so if you don't hear from me for several days that's why. Since we are without our car we are having to rely on people for transportation and I don't feel comfortable calling someone to take me to post so I can blog. Hopefully we will get our phone and Internet set up in our apartment soon so I'll be able to blog to my heart's content from home.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Many Keys?

So in case you didn't notice, I now have an awesome background to match my even more awesome header.

Becca over at Lovely Yellow Ribbons was a dear and gave me a background to match. Have I mentioned how talented she is lately?

One other blogger I'd like to mention is one of my best friends, Kebi. She's been commenting for awhile on blogs, but has now started blogging herself. You should check her out over at Hanging By a Thread and welcome her.

This morning I went to inspect our apartment and pick up our keys. Only a few things need to be done to the apartment. Mainly it needs to be swept and our landlord needs to install another outlet for our dryer. Other than that we are golden. I'm loving our balconies the most. I love that we have a front one and back one. Of course the back balcony, off our two bedrooms is my fave. It has a view of a garden and a few fields, it was foggy today so I couldn't check for a view of the mountains, but I'm hoping that is included.

You should see the amount of keys that I have for our apartment. I'm not kidding when I tell you we have about 20. They are labeled A-M and then we have two other for the door to our apartment, a set for our storage room aka cellar, a set for the door to our garage in the back, a set for the garage in the front and an automatic key for the door in and out of the whole garage. I have NO idea how I'm going to remember which key is for what. I'm sure with time and many trying of keys I'll figure it out.

Today from 2 to 4 I'm doing the driver's course. I mentioned I was supposed to go a few weeks ago, when Sean went, but he was in such a large in-processing class that there was no room for spouses to attend. So...that's what I'm doing today.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about the Rosetta Stone. I will be using that...eventually. I need to get my laptop hooked up to a wireless network first. That's actually a question that I'm going to save for another blog. I'm kind of clueless when it comes to laptops, so I'll be asking you ladies a few questions about it. Probably tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Love Interest

First of all I want to start by telling all of you about a couple of giveaways. Unfortunately..I am unable to post the pretty pics of all the super-nifty things you can win, but I'll provide the links.

Up first: My friend and former travel buddy Sara is giving away Pink Sugar perfume. It sounds heavenly! Head on over and enter.

Next up is Life of the Wife and you have choices of what you want on her giveaway. One option is a year subscription to the Crossfit Journal and your other option is a sweet Dior makeup giveaway.

On to my favorite newlywed...Misadventures of a Newlywed. She's giving away the cutest Lily Pulitzer stationary and you even have your choice between two.

Last but certainly not least is Make Mine a Mojito, she's giving away some fab looking brownies for Valentine's Day. that's a ton of giveaways!

In other news, I went to the electric company to get that switched over into Sean and I's name.

I've never been so nervous in my life.

See, our translator, who Sean and I have ridden with two times before, is a nice lady. Today though since she has me and another guy turning off his electricity, she had to run to the bank with him while I was in the electric office with the guy who works there.


And I don't speak the language.

She told me as she was leaving, "Oh he knows a few words of English, you'll be in very capable hands."

Thank god he and I were able to communicate.

It was scary folks! My mission here is obvious. I MUST learn Italian and quickly!

Oh and by the way while I was waiting I saw a ton of people wearing denim. That made me feel better about jeans I was sporting. I still look like an American. It was quite obvious by the way everyone was looking at me in the electric office that I wasn't fooling them. I was hoping they were just looking at my super-cute red coat from Forever 21, but I doubt that was it. I plan on getting some pieces to blend in, but I haven't made it to the mall yet and there's only so much I can pull off with the limited clothing options in my suitcase.

Speaking of that, I'm tired of being reduced to a small number of options. Living out of a suitcase for almost two months really blows.

In other news, I think I'm in love.

With the Smart Cars. I mean how cute is this?

Everytime I see one of them I tell Sean that I want one. I do! I just don't want to spend the money to get one. I can just picture myself on a Tuscan road in my sporty little yellow Smart Car.

A girl can dream right?


Monday, February 2, 2009

Something New

Well, I'm sorry to say that my craptastic hair has returned. However, this time it's due to the crummy weather and not any appliances that I shorted out.

It has rained or snowed here all weekend long. I actually welcome the snow over rain, because the rain is steady, cold and completely bone soaking. Not pleasant I assure you.

This morning Sean and I had our lease signing over at housing bright and early. It took nearly two hours to complete all of it. The housing lady said mainly because the apartment we picked is brand-new, which requires a little bit more of paperwork.

It was quite a scene in the office. Picture Sean and I, who don't speak much Italian, unless you count my mastery of the Italian numerals from 1-10, the alphabet and the all important, "I'd like a table for two" among other things. Not exactly a mastery of the Italian language. Then picture our landlord, who as far as I know doesn't speak a lick of English. It was quite interesting.

Our government furniture and appliances are being delievered Friday and hopefully our household goods and unaccompanied baggage will be along soon. I actually went to Transportation the other day to inquire about them, but all the lady could tell me was that they were delayed. It was hard not to be sarcastic, I mean really? They're late? I never would have guessed. I guess they were scheduled to arrive the 26 of January. I'm hoping they aren't too late. I kind of want to get my stuff.

I'm busy all this week trying to get the utilities set up for our apartment. Tomorrow is the electric company, Wednesday is the house inspection, Thursday is the gas company. Don't worry about the language barrier though, they are kind enough to send a translator with you to help out with the process. Thank God!

I have some big news! Sean and I got a laptop. I must confess I am very behind in technology. This is our first laptop, but I'm so excited. It's a Toshiba and quite honestly it's just awesome. I can't get a good wireless signal in our hotel though,so I'm still having to visit the library to check the Internet, but it's nice to finally have a laptop!

Oh...and I'm happy to say that Sean has stopped with the muffin-top nickname. I guess telling him that the blogging world thought he was a jackass for calling me that helped immensely. He even cooked me dinner Friday night and took me bowling. Don't even ask about bowling. I honestly don't have that many gutterballs, maybe 3 and yet I still can't break 100.

Hope your Monday is great!