Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Um....That's Not Lip Gloss

Thanks to all you ladies who commented on my last post. It made me feel tons better knowing that sometimes all husbands aren't that romantic. However, I do feel a bit bad because Sean actually suprised me and bought me a card and diamond earrings. They are very pretty and to say I was shocked is putting it mildy. He also cooked me a steak dinner complete with baked potatoes and green beans. I have to say it was a great Valentine's Day, even though we were unable to go anywhere.

So, this weekend I was cleaning up a bit in my bathroom and decided to sort through my cosmetics bag, so I'm going through my cosmetic bag and find this sample of lip gloss from Sephora. I apply some of the pearly pink goo to my lips and go on my way. Minutes later I lick my lips and it tastes....salty and slightly chemically. Finding that strange I walk back to the bag and read that is says bubble bath. So basically I put bubble bath on my lips. Yeah..total blonde moment right there.

On Saturday Sean and I decided to explore our little town of Grumolo. It was a nice day, cold but sunny and we enjoyed the walk. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that almost anywhere we went, we were stared at. Not just a casual glance, full on stare that lasts for what seems like minutes. I saw this adorable bakery that I wanted to go to, but the stares that we received walking past it was enough to make me say, "I'll wait another day." I knew that the Italians stared, but I wasn't aware it was quite that unnerving.

Sean and I are working on getting Internet at our apartment. So far, it doesn't seem to promising. We met with one of the companies on-post today where the guy told us if we did get a signal, it would probably come and go. Super! Seriously I feel as if I'm in the dark ages. I have no phone, no Interent and no TV. I had no idea until I read my emails from this past weekend that there was a huge amount of tornadoes back in Oklahoma. Thankfully all my friends and family are safe.

To close with, I'm leaving you with some pictures that I've taken since we've been here. Nothing spectacular and none of them have been edited, but at least it's a start!

The infamous Froop!

Our view of the mountains from our hotel on-post

A view of our back balcony.

Our Kitchen/living room/dining room

A church under construction in Grumolo

Boomer's favorite spot with his favorite toy.

I know it's still not a lot of pictures, but I'm running a little short on time today.


Lauren said...

the whole staring thing is a normal Italian thing. they stare at everyone and everything. no real value of personal space! don't be surprised the first time you get introduced to a Italian friend/neighbor they will stand inches from your face. Just a cultural thing! (and don't worry about the blond moment. today i had to have someone come out and show me how to put my rental car into reverse!)

Tania said...

Ha! That bubble bath lip gloss thing sounds like something I'd do!

Wow, I'd be totally unnerved by that staring. That's one of my pet peeves--I hate when people stare!

I love your picture of Boomer. I love when our little animals sunbathe!

Sara said...

You'll get used to that eventually I'm sure. Yay for getting out and about! I can't believe they're having a hard time getting internet in there. Then again, I don't know how big these towns are either. Anymore updates on the car? Boomer looks so cute. Jagger needs his little buddy back.

Kebi Cedawna said...

Your lip gloss moment cracks me up. One time Tarra and I were at Ulta and she tried on some "lip gloss" sample. Minutes later her lips were on fire and beet red. We were both scrambling to get some tissues so she could wipe it off. Still don't know if it was really lip gloss or not, but her lips stayed red for a few hours afterward.
The pics are beautiful, especially the mountain veiw.
Do you guys not have appliances in you kitchen?

Abbie said...

Oh I've had a thought it was lip gloss but it really wasn't moment...turned out to be a makeup primer!

I love all of the pictures! Boomer looked so cozy sitting in the sun!

Running In Stilettos said...

I am happy to hear that you got a nice Valentine's surprise! Sometimes I think having an "un-romantic" husband has its benefits because when they do pull-off a surprise, it means so darn much!

Oh...I gave you a Love Ya Award on my blog!

Tasha said...

Wow! What a valentine's present!!! Glad he came through with a great surprise for you! The lip gloss thing is totally something I would do. I used bubble bath for hand lotion once if it makes you feel any better. ;-)

The Pink Chick said...

Yea! You got a Valentine's surprise!!! I am so glad!

La vie est belle! said...

What is Froop?

The lip gloss episode cracked me up! Too funny! Sounds like something I would do!

. Becca . said...

I'm loving your pictures! The mountains there look amazing!

How sweet of your hubs!

Miss Adventure said...

Haha, the lip gloss incident is by far the funniest thing I've heard all day. Scratch that, all weekend. Thanks for the entertainment. =]

Jessica said...

Oh the bubblebath on the lips.. that made me laugh. I needed that! I have plenty of moments like that so I can relate!
No TV or internet?? I wouldn't know what to do with myself!
Hopefully you'll get used to the staring thing soon. I'm such a people watcher that I'd probably fit right in. I wouldn't have to be discreet about it there! ha!

Rebecca said...

I hope you get internet soon! I loved all the photos, expecially the one of the church.

Lisa said...

I've done the lipstick thing-- except worse! While camping, I mistook the dish soap for cooking oil. Coudn't figure out why the biscuits wouldn't cook, or where that strange, soapy smell was coming from. Oops.

The staring thing would make me uncomfortable too! Is it just an Italian thing or a European thing in general?

Diamond earrings and being cooked dinner? I'm in heaven just hearing about it! I've really never had a romantic guy, so something like that is amazing to me. :)

Dana said...

Congrats on the awesome Valentine's Day! And the staring never goes away, but you do get used to it. I've got holes in my head from it. Pregnant women's bellies are a free-for-all as well!

Jon and Steph said...

I can't believe you are so close to the mountains! Amazing.

Thanks girl, I'm all better now ;)
and wouldn't it be hilarious to see two Okies dancing and singing, the Austrians would think we were nuts!

Mrs. Priss said...

hahaha, the bubble bath thing cracked me up! That seems like something I would do. :)