Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a Small World

What is it with the military being such a small world?

I say that because since we've been here in Italy, we've run into lots of people that Sean went to basic with or were at Ft. Polk with him. This is honestly a very, very small post. It's just weird to always run into people that you've seen other places. One guy that Sean went to basic with was rumored to be dead, but magically we saw him the other day. Yeah....not sure how that rumor got started.

Today has been good. I started it out with a tasty pastry at the PX food court, had an interview, had a tasty lunch at the commissary (can you notice a trend of my day revolving around food?) and now I'm at the library, grabbing a few books to keep up my supply. I found several awesome travel books, not the guidebook type, the type that's like a travel story. That's probably one of my favorite genres. I can't get enough of them.

Sean had his practical today for his EMT class. He was a bit nervous, but I think he did well. I'm just waiting to meet up with him and see what he thinks. Although he acts like it won't bother him, I know he wants to keep his B average that he has in the class.

So this lady at the PX today took it upon herself to cut right in front of me, because she had some refund that the clerk needed to do. Um...see that line? GET BEHIND ME! I hate line jumpers! I don't care if the clerk needed to do a refund for you or not. It's rude to jump in front of people. GAH! I need to start being Miss Manners and giving people rudness tickets or something. Similiar to the Fashion Police, which I could also probably do here too. I'm sorry but salmon colored courdoroys and an olive sweater do not match. (Fashion ticket for that would go to my landlord)

Well, from the text on my phone it appears my hubby is on his way to get me. In our car you ask? Nope...checked that site today and it says my car is still enroute on the ocean carrier. You know....if I wanted patience the Army is an excellent way to get that. It really tests that everyday.

One last thing...two awesome giveaways to check out.

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Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Thats funny that you see so many people that you know.

I think it would be completely appropriate to give a fashion ticket for salmon pants and an olive sweater...strange combination.

Hope you hear from your car soon!

Jon and Steph said...

How awesome that you guys already know people there. That makes it a little easier!
I'm with you, I LOVE travel books! Jon and I need a plan a trip to Italy and ya'll need to come down to Germany some time ;)

Have a great week!

SassyEngineer said...

I wish you could post pictures of your fashion tickets -haha! Although, just don't ever catch me on an off day. I hope you get your car soon!

Tasha said...

You should definitely start posting pics from the fashion police sightings! Ha! Hope you get your car soon!

Kebi Cedawna said...

Glad to hear your car is en route!
I think you're a magnet for fashion victims, whether it be po-dunk Oklahoma or Italy, you always see the best violators :) Seriously, get some cards made up and start handing those suckers out!

indiana.girl said...

I frequently have days where the food I ate was the best thing that happened to me! :)

Casey said...

Just wait until you fly Ryan Air. The line jumpers are freaking nuts. I almost went bat crap crazy on some people this weekend.

Miss Adventure said...

Isn't that funny how you run into so many people? My boyfriend hasn't even been on a lot of bases and already he has run into so many people. Have fun with the books! You made me remember that I have a campus library I should check out sometime soon. Hope you get your car soon!

Barb said...

I hate it when people line jump or stand in my "personal" space when I am in line to check out also.I love to read and travel books are great have a great day....Barb

lolaberly said...

First off, I'll let you know that you're not alone -- my world also revolves around when I'm able to eat! :)

The military is a small, small world, and I love it. My husband's Ranger buddy was someone who was in his Airborne class three years prior. He ran into guys he knew when he moved to Fort Drum too! :)

Gleatie said...

I am still laughing about the bubble bath lip gloss! I had a friend that shaved her legs one with a glade plug in cartridge! She said that the fragrence was so strong that she almost fainted in the shower. God, that is funny!! I hope you get internet soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you because I know how I would feel!

Kebi Cedawna said...

I left you a super special award on my blog :)

Becca said...

I came across your blog while Googling "Vicenza" and wow, you sure are bringing back them memories for me! I was stationed there 1992-1994 and actually met my husband on the plane over there. The AFN commercials, the autostrado, the mountains. I remember it all. Have you found any bathrooms yet that are just 2 footprints and a hole? That was my big horror on my first Italian weekend.

Definitely take the ITR trips! I remember them being lots of fun. See if you can find someone to help you decipher the bus system. You'll be able to get to the markets and all over town on the buses with no trouble. Just watch out for the old guys with the grabby hands.

I spent 3 years at Ft. Polk as well. How funny that the PX is still as unfashionable as ever. We may end up back in Italy ourselves this summer. We're just waiting for the army to make up it's mind if we are going to Vicenza or Schweinfurt, Germany.

Enjoy your time there! I know everyone will tell you that, but the tour is over before you know it. Oh, and we had the best Chinese food EVER in Italy. Give it a try! Mexican, not so much.

Lindsey said...

What a small world indeed! Glad you are meeting people!