Friday, September 12, 2008

My Day Off

Fun Friday Questions are taking a hiatus this week folks, sorry about that! I've just been busy doing other things today and it sort of slipped my mind.

As I mentioned, I'm off work today and remarkebly Sean is too, which is quite unexpected. We used this day off to do some boring adult errands. You know the type: bank, grocery shopping, getting the car's oil changed. The commissary today was INSANE. I think the combo of hurricane panic and it being payday didn't help. Also the commissary was closing early due to the hurricane, as many places around here are so that didn't help either. Personally, I'm not too concerned about the effects around here, but I guess others are.

What amazes me is the people that have yet to evacuate from Galveston. Hello people? It's an ISLAND! WTH are you thinking? I'd be out of there in a heartbeat!

I'm really thinking about going to Alexandria tomorrow and shopping at Hobby Lobby and Forever 21. I know Sean will be busy with watching the college football games tomorrow and I have a need to do some shopping.

I got paid yesterday and let me just say what a wonderful employer I have. I missed quite a bit of time due to the hurricane and our server being down, but I was still paid as if none of that happened. It was so nice to get a normal check and a really big suprise. I do love working there!

That's about it for me today folks, I'm thinking about getting back to cleaning. How unfun is being an adult sometimes? Cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry on a day off? Sometimes I yearn for the carefree days of childhood!


Rebecca said...

I love going to Hobby Lobby. I used to work there and it was the worst job ever! But shopping there is another story. I hope you get your shopping day!

loquita said...

Wow, how cool you still got a normal paycheck from work! Definitely sounds like a great employer. :)

Glad you and Sean had a Friday off together - doing the mundane errands is one of my favorite things to do with LT. That may wear off once he's been home for more than 6 months at a time. :-p

the dragonfly said...

I miss Hobby Lobby, and Michaels...*sigh* I like being in Germany, but there are some things I miss. :)

~Janet~ said...

Worried about you watching the news this morning. Are you guys okay?