Monday, November 15, 2010

What's Cooking: Thanksgiving

With next week bringing Thanksgiving, I was wondering what all of you out there will be preparing for Thanksgiving.

Here is my list, a mix of some family recipes and Pioneer Woman recipes.

Turkey (marinated and injected with Tony Chachere's butter and jalapeno mix)
Mashed Potatoes
Hot Corn Casserole
Potato Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Spinach Dip
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie

Any favorites or new recipes you're making this year?


Cassie said...

Sounds great, by any chance will you be posting any recipes?

Unknown said...

Yummy! Sounds great! You will have an amazing meal!

lola said...

MMM. I was thinking about doing a pecan pie, but I just LOOOVE apple pie so much!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

We always do baked mac & cheese! it's one of my favorites.

Jon and Steph said...

Wow, your menu sounds fantastic!!!

Jes said...

my menu is in this post =)

Christy said...

Love your menu! Everything sounds delicious!! There will definitely be a lot of PW's food on our table too!!

Anonymous said...

I love P Dub! Did you see she's doing a Thanksgiving Throwdown with Bobby Flay?? It airs tomorrow!

We always do a broccoli and cheese casserole...yummy goodness! I think I'm going to try your corn casserole this year! :) Thanks for posting!

Tori Bella said...

How many peeps are you cookin' for this year my dear?

Kebi Cedawna said...

Your Potato Casserole fo sho! I love that stuff.
Did you know, Pioneer Woman was on Food Network's show Throwdown with Bobby Flay last night? It's an hour long Thanksgiving Throwdown. Maybe you can watch it on
Much Love,

The Mrs. said...

great menu!

we do the traditional stuff {I'm boring like that...} Turkey, mashed taters, stuffing, green beans, rolls, I usually do a squash casserole but no one but me eats it but its family tradition on my side, and then I'd like to do a brussel sprout dish for flyboy and maybe some spinach one from DAR.