Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Whirlwind Tour

As I've mentioned before, Sean and I are not getting leave during Christmas this year and are instead taking our leave in February. We've decided to do a whirlwind tour of Europe since Sean hasn't had the opportunity to see as many places as I have.

I've already been checking airfares and have the schedule and flight details nailed down. I've also got almost all our hotel accomodations decided upon, I just need to book them once we receive final word that our leave dates are approved.

So where are we going on this whirlwind tour?

Sicily (Palermo and hopefully other parts of the island)

We were trying to sneak Lisbon in there, but the flights just weren't working out.

So if you have any recommendations on any of these fine cities, I'd love to hear them!


Uncork and Unwined said...

Ive only been to Amsterdam from the cities on your list. I did a blog post on it it July I think, if you want all the details. Overall, it wasnt for us, but I think it's an interesting city that should been seen.

Amanda said...

When you go to Barcelona, I would highly suggest to stay as close to Las Ramblas as you can. Its the happening place to be with lots to see, lots of great shopping, and lots of good food.

In Rome, be sure to take full advantage of the Hop On Hop Off bus...its worth it!

Amanda said...

We're going to Barcelona next month, so I'll have to give you some tips after we get back!

Jessica Lynn said...

I've been to Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome, but I don't really remember Barcelona—I was only there for about 24 hours.

Amsterdam was great and I wish I spent more time there. The city is gorgeous and I really enjoyed just walking around without having an agenda.

Rome is absolutely fantastic...SO much to do and see there. How long will you be there? I've been there a few times and I'm itching to go back. Heh...I think I have some info on a GREAT pub tour if you're interested :)

Nikki said...

wow that sounds so exciting!!! :]

Emily of Boston said...

Barcelona and Rome - woohoo!! I lived in Barcelona for a month and a half with a host family after high school. I stayed on Mont Juic, which was great. But I spent a lot of time on Las Ramblas. LOVED it. Gorgeous city. Definitely check out anything done by Gaudi. Parc Guell is really cool (great photo opp), and La Sagrada Familia is definitely worth a visit. Especially if you take the steps up through the turrets. Worth it. SO worth it.

Rome is fabulous, too. I would love to go back and spend more time there! I was only in Rome for two days. Definitely not enough time.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How fabulous!!!

Dana said...

What!?! No France? What's wrong with this picture?

University of Iowa Meg said...

AMAZING! I want to return to Europe so badly.

Amanda C. said...

when you go to sicily, make sure you go to the Catania market!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

When you go to Rome, there is the BEST gelato shop right next to the Trevi fountain on the left hand side...I think it's called San Crispino. Their fragola gelato is the BEST I've ever had!! Oh and make sure to check out the Bocca della Verità (the mouth of truth). The backstory is really interesting, and inside the small church they have several mini skulls sculptures that would be fantastic to photograph. I hope you two have the most fabulous time!!

Shoshanah said...

I don't really have an suggestions, but just wanted to say I'm jealous of all the places you'll be visiting!

stefanie said...

Wow, you get to travel so much! How do you do it? We never had time when we were stationed in Germany. Well, we did go to Garmisch, Spain, Amsterdam and Austria but that's about it. Have fun!