Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's In a Name?

So after just realizing my last blog title made no sense whatsoever with an extra My at the front of it I'm extremely embarrassed. I graduated college and actually did quite well in English, I promise! Please excuse my grammar yesterday!

Anyway, I've been thinking of names alot lately. My best friend just told me what she was naming her baby the other day and my friend Theresa and I were talking about names and what we want to name our future children.

So far all my names have been vetoed by Sean for one reason or another. I like unusual names that aren't weird.

My List

My name means honey or honey bee. Sean means god is gracious.

What does your name mean? How about your SO's name? Is it fitting for you or him? I personally think mine is. I can be very sweet, but I also can sting like a bee.

What are some names you want to or have named your children? Is it because the name is in your family? Or does it have some special meaning?

If you don't know what your name means, here's a handy link to find out!


d.a.r. said...

Oh goody, I love this topic!!!!! My name means "God is my judge" (how fitting with law school and my inexplicable sense of fairness that I've toted around since I could talk!) and my husband's means "God has remembered". I'd like to think that is a good omen for our life together :)

We've already picked out baby names. Frighteningly enough, we agree more on baby names than we do on what to do on a Saturday night! It was probably the easiest discussion we've ever had. We both like family names without doing the John Andrew VII thing, and we both like biblical or saint names. Traditional, no?

Our top choices include Elizabeth Grace, Katelyn Anne, Keaton Douglas, George Andrew and James Matthew. Oh yeah, we've already picked out corresponding middle names :)

By the way, our niece is named Charlotte after her grandfather Charles, and I adore the name!! Charlotte Ava :)

New Girl on Post said...

I'm so envious that you two agree on baby names! I love the names you've picked out too!

If only I could get Sean to agree on some that I like! :)

Sara said...

Hmm well my name means princess... all of you can make up your own minds on that one. :-) Mark's name means "warlike" according to the link, but I haven't heard that before. It is fitting though!

Mark wants family names or biblical names and I thought that was unoriginal, only because I was given first and middle names after family and I hated having bunches of people with the same name. I also thought I was far more an original, interesting person than "Sara". But I really like D's family names especially Katelyn. I haven't ever seen it spelled that way before. Mark thought "Esther" was a good biblical name... which is why he won't get a say in naming our girls should we have any.

I haven't thought of boy's names but for girls I like Avery (Elf king... good god that's terrible for such a pretty name), Leena (tenderness), and Elizabeth.

Lindsay aka Corn said...

On this topic, you should google "Kabalarian" for each of the names. My sister is 7 months pregnant and we've been talking about names for months now.

My name means one of two things. Either "Island of Paradise" or "Lincoln's Marsh". I prefer the former.
*R*'s name means- Powerful Ruler, Hardy and Strong.

My sisters baby is going to be named: Jackson - meaning God is Gracious, or Jack's son, wow...obvious much? And I would say his middle name, but it's my last name and quite frankly, I enjoy some semblance of anonymity.

*R* and I have discussed names and for our first boy, Holden Gray and our first girl would be Riley ___ middle name is still up for grabs.

Holden is a family name for him, and Gray and Riley are family names for me.

Not that we have it all planned out or anything...

Erin said...

I love this game! I make my husband play it with me and he begrudgingly does. I was named after a country--my name means "Ireland or Island of Eire after the namesake goodess of Ireland." I think it suits me. My husbands name means "black water." And although the meaning doesn't fit, the name does. He is all about the meaning of the name, for instance we both loved the name Cameron, but once we found out the meaning is "crooked nose" we had to axe it. Our favorites for girls are Kaitlin Elizabeth, Mackenzie Grace and our boys are Peyton Michael, Kaden (middle name not decided. We love Colin and Logan, also.

Becca said...

Seriously. I never get tired of talking baby names. My name means "Snare" but when I was little I had one of those bookmarks with your name meaning and they said "Captivate", which sounds prettier. So let's go with "Captivate."
K.'s name means "Christ bearer."

In K.'s family the tradition is for the firstborn's have the same initials. So we have:
Kayden Christopher or Kellan Christopher for boys and Kendall Cameron for a girl.

Other names we both like are:
Riley William, Reese Elizabeth.

Unfortunatley, what we both like keeps on changing!!

Brando said...

My name has no real meaning- it's an alcoholic drink! ugh! It's also a very common stripper or pornstar name. Thanks mom and dad!

We do have names picked out for our kids, but they are so unique that we don't want to tell anyone for fear that someone else will use them. We've never heard them anywhere. We actually thought of the names by combining parts of others. So, it's a secret...

Megan said...

jim and i always had a big challenge with baby names... when you need one, though, you'll figure it out! i love the vetoed ones!


Kristen said...

Mine means Christian and my husband's means "Who is like God?" I think its hilarious that his name is a question. Let's see baby names. The hubs won't talk about it, so it looks like I'm naming them all. For girls: Sara Evelyn (after my grandmother, I'm willing to negotiate and just use Evelyn) and Ava Grace (which Michael has vetoed...but if I have the baby while he is deployed then he doesn't really have a say does he?;)). For boys: Jack or John and Henry Harold (Harold after my grandfather).

New Girl on Post said...

Kristen- all good names! My best friend is actually naming her little boy John, but calling him Jack since her dad's name is John too.

You are right..if he is deployed then he can't very well veto. :)

Emily said...

B and I have talked about this a lot, even before we started trying, and we pretty much have the same (very traditional, to the point of being relatively uncommon) taste in names. We like Victoria Grace or Eleanor Jane for a girl and George William, John Andrew, or something using Thomas for a boy. At this rate, though, we might change our minds by the time we actually have one.

My name means "to strive or excel" or "rival". I've seen it listed before as "industrious" or "creative", too. My husband's name isn't listed on the site, but the names closest to it mean "firebrand" and "hill". According to Behind the Name, his name means "sword".

kd said...

oooh names!

My name means pure and gracious, which I hope fits!

My hubby's means manly and "grow with God."

We talk about baby names a lot. Our favorites for a girl are: Heidi Noel, Eloise Camille, and Ava Charlotte.

For boys: Charles Andrew, William Church. The Church part is weird, but we both like it.

We have a no Js rule because there is a sect of our family that is alllll Js.

Laura said...

My name means Laurel Field

My husband's name means Bold Healer from the Valley - it fits him very well.

Frances Lillian: Free Lily

Jonathan charles: God has given a Free Man

Heather Lorraine: Heather plant from France

Justin Thomas: Just, fair twin (he is NOT a twin)

Leah Elizabeth: Weary God is my oath

Katherine Louise: Pure Famous Warrior

We chose our names in several ways...first, the boys got "J" names and the girls got "L" match both sides of our families.

I LOVE traditional names, and didn't really want any of them shortened for nicknames...but now we call Jonathan "Jon" and Katherine is "Louly"

Same Girl said...

This is fun! First, I love all of the names you have chosen. Logan being my favorite for a boy or a girl.

My name means "victory for the people". I am pretty outspoken when it comes to things I believe in and will put up a good fight for myself and others. So i guess its fitting for me. Hubby's name means "god is my judge". Not quite sure what to make of that.

Here is my list:

If we have a daughter her middle name will be Grace after my grandmother because she was so important to me.

Kasey said...

My name, Kasey, is celtic and means vigilance. Which suits me because I am paranoid, lol. Stuart means steward of the land- pretty easy.

We named our son Charles, meaning manly, but we just named him after my papaw, so the meaning didn't actually mean much.

Abigayle, however, means father's joy. We liked the name and Stuart LOVED the meaning because Abby is his baby girl. So the meaning did matter to us there. :)

If we have anymore children, which I doubt, I like Brooke or Alice for a girl, and Samuel for a boy, but dh does not. There will be some fights there, lol.

Caitlin said...

My name is "pure" in Gaelic. Rob's apparently means "Bright Fame." We have talked about baby names non stop....he vetoes EVERY boy's name I think of but we decided on two girls' names: Abaigeal Megan (Gaelic spelling of Abigail, and Megan is my sister's name) and Gwenyth Aislynn (Second name pronounced Ashleen, which is my other sister's's the Gaelic spelling of her name). We're both Irish so we love the Gaelic names. :) Good luck picking one!

Katie said...

Oh yay! I love this topic!

My name means pure.

E's name means Peace Ruler.

Both of us were named after family members. I was named after both grandma's- Katie Elizabeth- hence the blog address. And E's or well F was named after his father and his middle name is his mom's last name. She kept her maiden name.

We'll kind of keep things family names but only to an extent.

Our first son will also be F but will go by Fritz- family tradition. F,F,E- since E is E we're back to Fritz.

Also for boys we like

Theo, Ash, and London- no real middle names just yet.

And for the girls- Rose will be a middle name that's both E's mom and sisters middle name.

We like-

Emma (family name on my side)

Etta (which we'll probably use this over emma since its more unique.)


Madison- Maddy.

The names that have been axed-
Lily/ Lilianna. E refuses. And I'm pretty sure he's not fond of Madison. He likes 1 and 2 syllable names because of our last name.

We're always finding new names we like though!

Carleen said...
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Carleen said...

Fun topic. :-) I've never really been able to find a clear answer to what my first name means. I was named after my Dad who's name is Carl. I've seen it written that Carleen is the English form of the French Caroline which means "small and womanly". But I've also read that it's the Irish female form of Charles which means "manly". Either way, not too complimentary but I've never let it bother me. My middle name, Sisilie is the Scandinavian form of Cecilia which means "blind prophet". Yeah. I don't think my mom was into the meaning of names when she named us, just how the two sounded together I guess.

Mike and I both started choosing baby names before I was pregnant. We had always agreed on the girls name, but hit a road block when it came to the boys. Luckily, we settled on Liam early on my pregnancy. Roan came later. Liam Roan. Both Irish, "protector", "little seal".

Jenna said...

Adam and I have always called each other Mina and Myna, it was an inside joke that evolved, but the only tiem we ever use each others real names is when we talk to "outside"people.

I recently found out that Mina/Myna is a german name and it means love. How amazing is that?