Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav on his way?

I've already posted once today, so see the next post down if you haven't already read my important annoucement regarding the military recipe blog that I'm going to attempt to start.

It appears as if Hurricane Gustav might be headed in my direction. I'm not too worried about it since I'm so far inland, but I of course don't really want it to hit Louisiana at all. I told Sean that if it hits New Orleans that I'm going to be really mad because I've only been there once and didn't get to experience everything I wanted to see. My boss and co-worker already informed me that if heads this way they are leaving. I guess Hurricane Rita had some nasty effects around here last time and the parish was out of electricity for about a week. I told my mom today that I'm going to stay here no matter what, since I'm not concerned about my safety being way up here.

That's probably the most exciting thing going on around here right now. Sean and I went to the steakhouse last night, but there was no chicken fried steak to be found! How is that possible? So, instead I settled for a grilled chicken salad and some of their heavenly rolls. I think I ate about 2.5 rolls. You can't understand just how good they are until you bite into one. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them.

Sean has a jump today. He's jumped a lot in the last few months. Last year he only jumped maybe four times. I told him to text me as soon as he landed to tell me he's safe. The last few times he's jumped it's been in full combat gear and his gun came up and hit him in the head knocking him unconcious. I consider that to be lucky though since almost everytime they jump at least one person ends up with a concussion or with something broken. They are having a family day next Friday when spouses can watch them jump, but I don't think Sean is doing that one. I'm kind of disappointed, I've never seen him jump and I think it would be a neat experience.

Ok, I've got a few questions for all you make-up gurus out there.

Question 1: Is there a good concealer you've found to combat under eye-circles? I've tried a ton of things. Foundation with powder on top. A few different concealers, so far nothing really hides my under-eye circles.

Question 2: How do you keep your eyeliner from running and creating raccoon eyes? No matter what I do I always end up with this in the mid-morning. I've tried putting powder under my lower lids to keep my eyeliner from running, I've tried different kinds of eyeliner and so far nothing has worked. I prefer to use a pencil, as I've tried liquid eyeliner and not had good results.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


loquita said...

I'm all about reading answers to #1, I have no idea what to do about having dark circles. My eyes are also puffy - doublewhammy.

For #3 I don't use eyeliner. I use a small, thin angled brush (like this and smudge eyeshadow into the lash line. This works great for me because every time I've attempted to use an eye pencil, I have poked myself in the eye. I suck at makeup, probably wear it 10 times a year, max -- and less if J is deployed.

Sara said...

I'll have to get back with you with the under eye cover I use. I like using the hard sticks of under eye cover, not liquid. I find it holds up better. I modeled for 7 years and know quite more than I'd like about makeup tricks, but rule of thump is to buy the under eye cover 1 shade LIGHTER than your skin tone and to then dab a little powder over it.

I don't care for eye pencils. I use only liquid, but I have apretty steady hand too. I typically don't apply it on the bottom of my eye unless I am going out at night. However, I have found that coloring the bottom eye lid itself, like where your lashes meet on the top part (geeze I wish I could draw this or just show you) works best. If I find a picture I'll show you but you come close to coloring your eye.

I wouldn't worry too much about the hurricane either with as far in as you are. Besides those damned towns loose power all the time anyways. You can always just leave for home if the power goes out for a day or two. NBD. I'm trying to think of that restaurant name because they have the same damn thing with a different name in De Ridder! The wagon wheel... or the chuck wagon.. OMG its bothering me. But they are both knock offs of Texas Roadhouse/Logan's. The hibachi/sushi place was always our favorite.

New Girl on Post said...

Sara, do you mean Wagon Master?

Oh and if you do find a picture of what you are talking about that would be super!

Sara said...

yes! Wagon Master lol

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Ok this will seem crazy but works. Put Pepration H under your eyes a night it will help with the dark circle and puffiness. Eyeliner can't help you their i use a brush and a little bottle of eyeliner it's not liquid, and I've never had any problem with it. I will get the name and send it to you.

Rachel-n-Ryan said...

I know that some of the Bobbi Brown cosmetic counters have some great people on board for how to use concealer/covering up dark circles.

For eyeliner, I rarely use a pencil or liquid liner. I use a very skinny eyeshadow brush and line my eyes with navy eyeshadow. another trick: my mom has created the illusion of 'lighter' dark circles by finally getting away from the dark brown eyeshadows. Have you seen Almay's eyeshadows that correlate to eye color? We have brown eyes and LOVE their purple eyshadow pack.

Caitlin said...

One time Rob did a jump and the wind was awful...for some reason they still gave the green light. Some guy actually broke his back falling into a tree.

I'm not a big make-up person, so I won't even try! :)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Melissa, I am trying to get to everyone's blog to thank them for stopping by mine on Monday BATW. It was so much fun and I am having a great time responding to each of you. It is taking much time because I stop and read the blogs as I go.
Can't help with the makeup. Do not wear it much any more. I do remember living in GA and the humidity and trying to keep it fresh there.
Thanks to your wonderful Sean for his service to our Country and to you for being by his side.
Thanks again for coming by.

erika said...

ok i am definitely not a make up guru but i do have a few products that work really well.

one is a neutrogena "soothing eye tint" I use it in 'petal shimmer" it's really nice because it takes away the puffiness and you can actually feel it working. i actually put this on before the next two products or i wear it alone

after that i either put on (for really dark days) benefit under eye treatment "boi-ing"
that works really well too.

The last thing i've found to work well (i've only used this when i've had a good tan so i dont know when my circles are more apparent) is the bare minerals "summer bisque" which is a powder concealer
I bet the other colors work just fine and you can see them all on that link.

As for eye-liner - i steer clear of my lower lash line because i am a huge eye-scratcher and i end up looking like i got beat up after an hour or so

hope those helped!

kd said...

Ok, my favorite favorite thing for undereye circles in benefit Eye Bright. It's a pencil and it's the first thing I put on when i start the makeup routine in the morning. It works like a charm! You can get it at Sephora.

As for eyeliner, I use Nars pencils. I put it on my naked eyelid (I only do my upper eye) and then smudge with a smudge brush. Then I put my primer eyeshadow on (Nars "Edie") and then if I want my eyeliner darker, I go back over with the pencil.