Monday, August 4, 2008

Throwback to my younger days

Ok..just stopping in to share these with everyone. I've been browsing on Payless to see what's on sale and I ran across these:

Are they not adorable? I haven't had a pair of rainboots since I was a little girl. I'm seriously thinking of ordering these!


Emily said...

They remind me of the Wellies I saw in England. I thought about buying some, but they were way expensive. But I did think it was cool that they had rain boots with different patterns and stuff. Fun.

Patrice said...

These are so cute! Someone I met from the school I'm attending next year actually recommended getting some rain boots because it rains a lot there, so I may have to check these out!

(army)Wife said...

I love rainboots! My hub bought be a pair of Wellies last year for Christmas and during the winter I wore them all the time. They make great snow boots as well.

loquita said...

I saw a cute pair of boots like that on sale at DSW in the fall. They totally got stuck to my leg! I have the cankle going on, and can't even wear zip-up boots because my ankle is just the *wrong* size entirely.

That's what I though of when I saw that picture.

Wish I could get a pair - go for it!

The Mrs. said...

oh those are fantastic! and they match your blog!

I need something for the boys and I around the farm come mud season... which around here is every season it seems.

Megan said...

too funny- and then you could wish and hope for just the right rainy day once you get them, if you do!

so sweet!