Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Important Announcement

OK ladies, it looks as though I am going to be making separate blog for all of our recipes to be housed at and hopefully in the near future we can make them all into a big cookbook.

Here's what I've decided so far. As Lindsay suggested, I'm going to make it a multi-user blog so others can get into the blog and edit, add recipes, etc. That way you won't have to wait for me to do that.

Next, I'm not limiting this to just spouses, if you are a military girlfriend,sister, mom, fiance you are welcome to contribute. The more recipes the better!

Also I'd like to have a catchy name for the blog. I think we should take suggestions and then perhaps have a vote on it.

I think this one website is going to be so much better than having to go back and look through past posts and archives trying to find delicious recipes that you girls have posted over the last few months and in some cases years.

So, start gathering the recipes you want to contribute and start thinking of a catchy name for this website! Also if anyone wants to help setting up the blog I'd be grateful!


d.a.r. said...

Loves the idea!!! Let me know if you want me to help set it up or whatever you need :)

Unless of course, you need creativity. I don't have any. :)

Rachel-n-Ryan said...

I would to love help out, also!!! This is making me giddy (dork alert). Now for a name...I'm going to brainstorm and will send you an email.

Rachel-n-Ryan said...

So the brain power is low, but here's one suggestion- Saute: Spouses of the ArmedForces United to Entertain. (throw all the the tomatoes you is La Tomatina in Spain!)

New Girl on Post said...

I think that's a good suggestion! No tomato throwing from me! I've still yet to think of anything!

Erin said...

That's awesome!! I am very excited to get all the recipes! I bought a binder for my recipes today so I am all ready!

Katie said...

yay!! this will make life so much easier!!

Emily said...

I would love to help with template stuff. I can make you a foodie template on photoshop to put up. Woohoo, sounds like fun!

New Girl on Post said...

Emily, that would be a great help! I've been wondering how to set up the template for easy organization purposes.

Katie said...

Have you thought of a name yet??

What's Cooking?.....Some Armed Forces Recipes


MRE's- Not For Me! Recipes from those connected to the Armed Forces

haha. Not too creative but I'm trying!

New Girl on Post said...

Katie, I like those! I'm going to give everyone a day or two more to suggest some names and then I'll put up a poll to vote.

I've only thought of a couple.

Homemade on the Homefront

Cooking and Combat Boots

Lindsay aka Corn said...

One section should be devoted to Tried and True recipes that ship well.

You know for care packages!

As always, I'm here to help in any way I can.

I'm trying to think of cute names, but I'm having a mental block.

New Girl on Post said...

Another excellent idea Lindsay!

Lindsay aka Corn said...

Cooking with Camouflage
Cooking for Camouflage
At our Troop's tables