Monday, August 25, 2008

Ooh husband's back!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their concern and ideas of what might have been wrong with me. I'm thinking that it was either vertigo or low blood sugar. I've never experienced vertigo, but reading the symptoms of it online makes me believe that might indeed have been it. I've been fine ever since that morning, but if it happens again I will definetly be having the doctor check it out.

Other than that my weekend was pretty good, although slightly boring. Sean didn't get home from Mississippi until about 6:30 last night, but boy were Boomer and I glad to have him home! Luckily for him he has the day off today so he can rest and relax and catch up on his sleep.

I tried to keep myself busy this weekend by cleaning, taking Boomer for walks and other things. I wanted to watch Sex and the City Season 2 on Saturday night, but when I opened it I realized that it had two disc twos in it and no disc one, so I had to go to Wal-Mart Sunday and get that taken care of. They didn't have any seasons in stock, but they gave me a giftcard for the full amount.

It's cloudy here today, which I'm guessing is a result of Fay aftermath. It's not raining here, but who knows? I guess it could later today.

I got an email from one of my FRG contact women today about meeting to discuss upcoming events and also about the fact that due to a rotation for JRTC, the men will not be having a four day Thanksgiving holiday. They will just be having Thanksgiving day off. Needless to say I'm a tad bit disappointed. The plan was to go to Oklahoma for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year since we will be moving soon. I still want to go and see my family, but I don't want to leave Sean here by himself for the Thanksgiving holiday. Perhaps I'll spend Thanksgiving day here and then go home for the next few days. This rotation though is supposed to be extend well into the first week of December, so I'm a little bit iffy about that. Sean was planning on starting clearing way before that, so I guess we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, back to the FRG meeting. It's on a Thursday at 10:00 a.m. I'd really like to go since quite honestly our FRG never does anything. They've had one meeting since I've been here and I was the only one to attend, but I'm not going on a weekday in the morning. They are also having our battalion family day on a Friday. My question is why cannot they not have something like that on a weekend. I'd like to go, but I'm not sure I want to take off a day of work for it. I told Sean though if he really wants to go then I'll take off half a day, I'm not sure how jazzed he is about going though. I'd really like to go though and meet people I haven't met, I like people being able to put a face to "Payne's wife".

Well, I hope everyone has an enjoyable Monday!


Erin said...

I am glad that you are feeling better!

That sucks that Sean won't have the whole Thanksgiving weekend off!

Lindsay aka Corn said...

I know what you mean with them holding 'family events' during the work day.


I just struggled with this a few weeks ago, so I feel your pain!

Same Girl said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better!

Hopefully things will work out for the holidays!

We had the same problems with our Family day. According to our XO the reason to do it on the week day is to not take the weekend away from the guys and that "most" military wives dont work.

Caitlin said...

Glad you're feeling better! Sucks that he won't have the whole Thanksgiving weekend off...freakin' army, always ruining a good time! :) Have a great night!

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Glad to hear you feel better. You said you where moving. Where are yall moving to. My husband has to work for Thanksgiving but off for Christmas. So I know how you fell.

erika said...

hello there - i noticed we seem to blog in the same "circle" and i just wanted to say hello. If you don't mind i'd like to add you to my list! Feel free to add me too :) - erika

The Mrs. said...

I always find it odd when they do stuff like that on weekdays. I mean I get that no one wants to come in and hang out at "work" on a weekend (at least up here b/c so often you are away from home flying on a weekend) but really dont they realize people work? I'll never understand things.

I just got an email saying that our first coffee of the season would be at 9 o'clock. Maybe I'm just an old fart but that seems late to start something to me....

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I guess I hadn't thought about the family events during the day. But, you're right. They do that here too. The Squadron picnic was at 11:30 on a Friday morning. Either way someone is going to get irritated, I guess. It's unfortunate, though.

Isn't it nice when your man is back home?! :) I always love that part.

My Monday was... okay. I slammed my head on the door frame of the van trying to get my hair out of my face. That was kind of a downer... ha! Other than that is was pretty good :)


Janet said...

Ah FRG...the bane of the military wife. FRG either makes or breaks the deployment. Thankfully my FRG has been excellent this deployment, the first time in 7 years! I say go. Stick with it. You have to voice your opinion to get change to happen.

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Bummer about time off. I hope you can make the most of what you have though.

Megan said...

good to know you're better, and your man is back! i bet the dog enjoyed the extra walks!