Monday, August 11, 2008


Although this weekend got off to a rough start, it ended well. I had a great time yesterday relaxing and just enjoying some quality time with Sean and Boomer. We made tons of food this weekend. Sean grilled chicken and corn yesterday and made some mashed potatos, I made green enchiladas on Saturday night and yesterday afternoon I made spinach dip. Sean is off work today and I think he's already ate most of the spinach dip, I told him he had to leave some for me!

Today is a big day for my best friend. She is going into the hospital tonight for her baby to be induced. To say I'm excited is an understatement! I feel so excited but also so nervous too. I can't wait until she has her little boy! I got her a very cute ornament on Saturday to commemorate the birth of her first baby. I can't wait to send it to her.

Speaking of ornaments, has anyone looked at the Hallmark Ornaments coming out this year? I looked at them online first and then went to Hallmark the other day and picked up my own copy of the Dreambook. Yesterday I sat on the couch while Sean was watching the Olympics, just marking the ornaments I wanted and ones I wanted to buy for others. There are so many cute ones this year!

There are two in particular that I would really like to have.

The first one is the second in a series, called Doorways Around the World. This year is Mexico, last year was Germany (which I picked up on Ebay yesterday)

I love the ornaments that light up and have sound clips. The Grinch one that I like does.

My mom has been getting my brother and I ornaments each year for Christmas for a long time.

This year I've already ordered an ornament for Sean. It's a little apron with grilling tools in the pockets and it says Grill Master on the front of the apron. I think it's a nice tradition to carry over from my family to ours.

So does anyone else have ornament traditions? Any series that you collect? Any that you can't pass up?


Brando said...

Scary to already start thinking about Christmas! Guess it's not that far away.

I love that you have a great tradition like that! It will be awesome to pass that on to your future children. I love the doors of the world idea!

The Mrs. said...

We do the same ornament tradition that your mom does. My mother gives us an ornament for the family and then one to each boy, every year. And we pick ourselves up a family ornament either from a vacation, or something that marks our year. And then flyboy and I give both boys an ornament. And the boys and I make an ornament to give to family and friends.

I kid you not when I say that we probably have enough stuff for three trees. Something tells me you do too!

Same Girl said...

My family does the same ornament tradition that your Mom does. I think its such a sweet sentiment and look forward to it each year.

My best friend is also due with her 2nd little boy any day now! I am so very excited to be an Auntie once again!

tootie said...

My mom used to buy me a new ornament every year when I was a kid. I still buy (or receive) an ornament each year - usually of a place that I've visited or lived.

Kristen said...

So much of my relationship with my husband has revolved around Christmas time. When we got engaged (a week before Christmas in Jamaica) we bought an ornament to commemerate it. Ever since then, we have bought an ornament whenever we travel to someplace new together.

Erin said...

First, congrats to your best friend! How exciting!

Also, I am already getting excited for Christmas! I started thinking about it the other day! I usually don't get this excited so early, but for some reason I am. When I was little, I always got a special ornament every year. It is still so fun to see all of them on a tree and live the memories of when I got them.

A Soldier's Wife said...

Early congrats to your friend...I love babies.

Ornaments, after my father died, my mom gave my sister and I all of the ornaments we grew up with and grew to love....I have them on one tree in my house.

As far as what I can't pass up....I'm a ball hog...I love hand blown glass balls.....old antique ones are my favorites...but the new colorful ones are very much I have an entire Tree in my living room for them....this year it may just fall over :D.

Cute ornaments you picked out...I like the doorway idea...and the Grinch always makes me smile.