Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a Morning!

This did not start off being a good morning at all! Today was the day I was taking my car to the dealership for them to investigate the source of the odd noise my car has been making.

I get there bright and early around 8:15, the mechanic decides to ride around with me to listen to the noise. He proceeds to tell me the entire time on this drive that he hears nothing but normal engine noises. Ok..I'm hearing the sound loud and clear, it's NOT normal engine noises!

I've drove my car for two years, I know when it's making an unusual sound, I'm not a complete idiot. Even Sean noticed the noise when it first started making it.

We go back to the dealership and the shop manager proceeds to tell me that the mechanic didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, blah blah blah, maybe I need to get my oil changed.

WHATEVER! I finally just told him to forget it and drove to work. I was so frustrated I called Sean and my mom in tears. I could tell the dealership thought I was stupid for bringing it in there, which is what really burnt me up. Just because you are too stupid to hear the noise doesn't mean there's not anything wrong.

Thank goodness I was the only one at the office today so nobody could see my mascara streaked face!

I do feel a little bit better though. I got an award today from Small Town Louisiana Girl which totally made my day. It's the first blogging award I've ever gotten.

I'm thinking Arby's for lunch. There's nothing like a roast beef sandwhich with a cold Pepsi to make the day better!


Kristen said...

I hope your day continues to improve. I hate it when people act like I'm stupid :( . I had Arby's for dinner last night. I was feeling kind of rotten, and it really did make me feel better.

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Sorry to hear about your car! Congrats on your award I recieved my first award yesterday too. I was so excited!

Lindsay aka Corn said...

The bright side of this is that they didn't pretend to hear something in your car and then tell you need some excessively expensive car part where you would need to sell your kidney to purchase it.

Hopefully your day gets better and better, and remember it's almost Friday!

Linda said...

Men will forever treat women as though they know nothing about cars. I had a similar experience...except that, in a former life, I was an auto mechanic in the Air Force...I knocked the muffler off my car (going over a curb, ooops!) I KNEW only the muffler needed to be replaced, but the guy argued with me till I threw in all the words he didn't expect me to know, "the pipe is not damaged beyond the muffler, the flange is okay, the catalytic converter was not affected...etc". He changed the muffler for $50!

And recently, I've argued with the dealership about my van. The horn is odd. As a musician, I hear pitches...the horn has ONE, and it sounds like it belongs on a Yugo (remember THEM?). They told me it's fine, so long as it's loud. Well...when I honk at other cars, they do not heed ME, since they are busy looking for the little car they almost HIT. DUH.

I took my van in, parked near a brand new one just like it, and made the mechanic come and blow both horns. He had the gall to tell me that the newer model has a different horn. AAAAAARGH.

Find another dealership that deals in your car, especially if it's under warranty. Or call the dealership OWNER and complain.

Hippie Family... said...

you poor thing, that pisses me off worse than anything. they should be glad that I am not there to go with you.. grrrr. men!
my mom always took us to Arby's for lunch after we had to go to the Dr.. no matter what it was for.. you should get those baked potato bites, they are so good and horrible for you!
thanks for stopping by my post today with BATW..

Same Girl said...

Congratulations on your blogging award! Maybe you should have brought your husband along to the dealership. Im sure the mechanic would have heard the noise then. Because we all know that women know nothing about cars right?!
Hopefully your day ended on a happy note!

Megan said...

oh, you've SO been awarded! go you!


loquita said...

F 'em! I dread needing to take my car for *anything* for this very reason. I actually quit going to my dealer because they wouldn't do the things I asked them to do. Because they didn't consistently rotate my tires, the last 20K miles riding on them *sucked*. Grrrr.

I'm super pissed they made you cry. I saw send the hubby over there to give them a piece of his mind about being condescending to his wife, and ask for the name and number of a regional manager. Dumba** dealerships...

Yay for awards! And Pepsi! Hope that put at least a little smile back on your face. :)

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

I thought of you today as I watched Little House on the HallMark channel and ran on the treadmill. I think you were the Little House fan, right? (I hope I don't have my blogs all wrong...) I decided then and there that I am doing a post tomorrow about how 'everything I need to know I learned from Little House.' Seriously. Such a great show!

And about the military --- yes, I would let my boys join. It is absolutely a privilege and an honor. I would worry about them. But they are God's boys, too, and He would watch over them.

Thanks for stopping by Missouri today!

CaraBee said...

I had that exact same experience with my car last year. We wound up taking it to another dealership and they were WAY more helpful. It is so frustrating, though. I had Arby's yesterday, love me some Beef n' Cheddar!

Kathi said...

Congrats on your award!!!

I hate it when service people make you feel stupid. You should take it somewhere else..don't give them your $.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...the winner is up.