Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fun Questions, Volume 4

Well, things around here are getting pretty crazy. Yesterday on-post there were long lines at the gas pumps and after going to Wal-Mart last night with my friend Lauren I realized people around here are pretty much already in panic mode.

I just got some canned items, a few candles and chips, granola bars, etc.

There were hardly any batteries left, no flashlights, no lanterns and no bottled water to be found. I've never seen anything like this in my life!

As of today this is where they are predicting the storm to go:

If it follows that path then we are in for a rough week next week.

Now down to the fun part of the day. Fun Friday Questions!

1. Most unusual job you have had?

2. Describe yourself in three words

3. What's your signature scent?

4. What's a fun family tradition you have?

5. Anything special your hometown is known for?

My answers:

1. I picked grapes for a vineyard one summer. It was hot, tiring work, but it was fun and taste-testing the different kinds of grapes was really fun.

2. Intelligent, bubbly, funny

3. I love to wear Armani Code, I think it's my favorite and I guess that would make it my signature scent.

4. One tradition I love is on Christmas Eve we make all kinds of snacks at my parents home. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts, Mexican pinwheels, Carmel Bars, boiled shrimp, sauteed mushrooms and eat them while we watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We've done this for a really long time and I love it!

5. My hometown of Bartlesville, OK is where Phillips 66 was headquartered for a long time. We also have the only skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's called Price Tower.

I can't wait to hear your answers and if anyone wants to suggest questions for Friday Fun Questions then just email them to me.


Lindsay said...

1. I de-tassled corn once for a friend whose farm workers were sick. It was only for one weekend, but man did it suck!

2. Describe yourself in three words: outgoing, sarcastic, smiley

3. Bed Bath & Beyond's Moonlight Path. I only wear it every once in a while now, but it used to be my daily spray. I've since grown up to perfume. Like a whole 6 months ago...

4. We go to Park City, Utah to ski and snowmobile every year around Christmas time.

5. Anything special your hometown is known for? Black squirrels and where the Eastern & Western trans-continental railroads met. Awesome, I know.

Kristen said...

Let's see:
1) I mutated E. coli then extracted the DNA.
2)Intelligent, witty, sweet
3)I don't have a signature scent. Most scents give me headaches, but I tend to go for "water" scents.
4)Christmas brunch at my parents' house.
5) My hometown, Augusta, GA, is famous for the Masters golf tournament, and yes, I have been...many times.

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

1. I've never had any crazy job unless you count working in a prison. I'm 5'4 and 120 lbs working around grown men, rappers, killers, drug dealer........

2. Loving, Kind, and Freaky

3. Armani Code my favorite!

4. I would have to say Christmas Morning with my husband and kids.

5. I'm from Oakdale, Louisiana it's not known for much. Nothing special. I don't think we just moved back here 2 years ago.

Tamie said...

what fun...i think that hurricanes are a good reminder that we should have stuff prepared for emergencies all the time...not just for when we need that stuff. however: that can be an expensive prospect, so long-term gathering would be a good thing (we just got a lantern...i was very excited!)
thanks for stopping by my place yesterday, it was great to see you!

Sara said...

Be careful with the possible evacuation. I know our FRG leader just got deployed down to NOLA. Houston reports that we won't be housing evacuees this time for many many reasons. Unfortunately NOLA wore out any kind hearted feelings we had. We also are hearing rumors of Houston zipcodes being evacuated, so it would be stupid to move evacuees to an evacuated area. They should be heading north your way. Just be really really cautious especially if Sean has to leave. I'm sure you knew all that but between the panic and crime coming from that city, I'd be nervous. If you live on post, I'd feel a little more comfortable though.

I'll be answering the q's in a bit

Butterfly Wife said...

1. As a nurses' aide in a busy ER, I got to take the dead bodies to the morgue.

2. Sassy, smart, silly

3. I wear Clinique's Happy Heart.

4. We eat Mexican food, preferably fresh tamales, on Christmas Eve.

5. Right now my hometown is known for Olympic swimmers Jason Lezak (who I swam with when we were children), Aaron Piersol, and Amanda Beard.

Sara said...

I'm very glad you live on post. If you need anything let me know. I'm on the northern end of town, thus very safe from the storm. I'm worried about my Ft. Polk people because you know as well as I do that there is nothing around post. Just trees, and wide open barely inhabited areas. I would not want to be in any of the areas off of post right now without a husband home. Or a gun.

Carleen said...

I was a golf ball spotter once. :-p Three days of sitting on a wet grass while rich people who didn't know how to play golf shot balls into fields across the street from the green. It kinda sucked but I earned enough money to buy my school jacket.

Victoria Secret's Vanilla cream has been a constant fragrance in my life since high school.

My hometown is Stavanger, Norway and we open presents on the 24rth of December and sleep in on the 25th. Mmmm, I guess we're known for our sweaters..knitted patterns, that sort of thing.

Fun questions! I hope the weather doesn't hit you too hard.

Erin said...

Yikes!! I hope the storm changes course (hopefully it just goes away so no one gets hurt....yeah, I know that will never happen).

Sara said...

So what's going on with you and Sean? I know they are reccomending an evacuation, but I think you guys might be safer there than on the road. Thanks for the offer to help if something does go wrong. Goodness knows I haven't gotten support at all from people who should care.

Caitlin said...

1. I raked blueberries for the summer when I was a kid. It's the worst job ever, pain, sunburn, and crap pay! :)

2. Intelligent, extroverted, emotional.

3. I can't attribute my scent to one thing. I don't use perfume so I'm sure my scent is soap, laundry detergent, and shampoo.

4. We always used to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" at Christmas. It's harder to do now since we aren't in the same place for very long.

5. In the 1960s some hippies bought land on this big hill in my town. They distributed it amongst themselves in a collective-type fashion. So people generally regard my hometown (which only has 140 people) as a big marijuana town.

tootie said...

Hope the hurricane prep is going ok. Stay safe!! I'll be thinking of you.

lala said...

I just found your blog today through The Mrs. @ Trying our best... :) I'm a new Navy wife and have been looking around at other mil blogs! I love your layout! I can't wait to read some of your other posts. Just wanted to pop in and say hi!