Friday, June 13, 2008

Who are you reading?

In the way of blogs that is?

Most, if not all my subscriptions are military related. Either current or former significant others to military men. I've been reading Andrea the longest. She always has a good story and pictures of her entertaining and impossibly cute family on her blog.

The blogs listed on my page are my daily reads and I enjoy everyone of them. I'd like to expand my horizons though and find some other good blogs to browse.

So what blogs do you love? What are your daily reads?

I'd love to check them out and possibly add them to my list of must-reads.


trying said...

I have a blogging buddy, she started when I started. Actually I told her she should start so I would know that we could at least read each others! Shes not a military spouse, just a life long friend of mine. She does a lot of book reviews and funny work rants (she works in a doctors office... tons of good stuff). She is too funny. Another non military spouse one.

hmm so many other good ones... I'm curious to see who lists what cause i'm always in the market for a good read as well.

oh and cant wait to see what you cook worries on this weekend for the cookie bake, I'm thinking more like sometime next week.

Lindsay aka Corn said...

I always read Trying's, and Married to the Military, and it seems like Cool Calm and Collected and I have been friends for years! Even though it's only been a year, and we've never really met! Funny how those e-friends pop out of nowhere!

PS- I love your looks sort of familiar! ;-)