Monday, June 9, 2008


These are two pairs of shoes that I bought at Payless the other day. The red ones are my favorite and they look super cute with jeans or a skirt.

I also found some good stuff at Goodwill. I bought about six shirts from there that will do well for either work or outside of work, two books and the Muppets Christmas Carol. One might ask why I bought a Christmas movie in the summer, but I love Christmas movies and I don't have that one so there's no way I could pass it up.

Unfortunately I didn't find any skirts, which is what I really wanted to buy on this trip. I even went to the mall to look and still didn't find anything I wanted. However, I did order 2 dresses off of the Forever 21 website last week so I'm hoping they come in soon.

I even had sushi for lunch on Saturday. A rainbow roll to be exact and it was just heavenly. I had dearly missed eating sushi.

As I said, Sean came back yesterday and so it was nice having a bed partner again even if I don't sleep as well in a crowded bed.

I'm getting excited about seeing my friends at the baby shower this weekend. I'm also very excited to see my best friend Jess, who the shower is for. I haven't seen her since she was only about a month along so I'm excited to see what a pretty, pregnant lady she is.

It looks like I will be taking Boomer home with me this weekend, as Sean has to work again. So that should be quite interesting. He's never been on a car ride that long and one occuring during the late evening hours should be even more interesting. I hope he does well. There was one incident of him being carsick. Let's just hope he doesn't repeat that!


Reasa said...

I loev the cream pair. Very cute.

Katie said...

The shoes are so cute!

I hope the Boomer doesn't get sick on the ride for you! That's not fun at all. Luckily Ryker never has gotten sick, I guess because the day we picked him up he was in the car for 6-7 hours probably helped. He actually enjoys the car now, whenever he's outside and I'm unloading groceries he goes running to jump in!

Also have fun at the shower! They are always so exciting, especially seeing all the cute baby stuff!

Chrystle said...

Cool design.. I also got a same stuff flat shoes from Payless at very genuine price.

trying said...

ooh i love the white ones! Those would look great with jeans and a cute top.... I'm getting some ideas now! dangerous.

good luck with your car ride. I have no tips for ridding with pets. just small children, so much alike, yet so different.

tootie said...

Cute shoes! There is something about a pair of red shoes that is so fun.

I miss sushi! Glad you were able to enjoy some.