Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shoe Shopping and a birthday bash

I have been on a quest to find new running shoes this weekend and I've had nothing but bad luck so far.

I've had my current pair of running shoes for a couple of years. Way over what I should have had them. It's more than time to get a new pair since I run about 10 miles a week.

I need Asics Gel Nimbus.

Exhibit A.

I need that kind specifically because I underpronate when I run ( run on the outside of my foot) so this shoe specifically is for that. I've tried tons of brands and styles and this is the only shoe that gives me cushioning and keeps my back, knees and hips from hurting after I run.

We went to Lake Charles yesterday and stopped by the mall. With three athletic shoe stores inside I was confident I could find the shoes I needed. Um...not a pair of Asics in all 3 stores.

So I look at the PX today. They carry Asics, but not the Gel Nimbus. I go to Shoe Dept. in Leesville. No Asics. By this time I was quite frustrated as you can imagine. Finally I just told Sean I'd go home and order them off of They actually have them on there and for a somewhat decent price. Who knew finding shoes could be so difficult?

I didn't have such a hard time finding jeans though yesterday, thank goodness! I always buy my jeans at American Eagle, because in the past I've had the best luck with them fitting me. See, I'm on the shorter side 5'4" and for some reason a lot of brands seem to think women who are short are also incredibly skinny. Not so in my case. American Eagles short jeans in my size fit perfectly. So I snatced up a distressed pair for weekend wear and a more conservative pair in a darker wash for casual days at the office.

Today has been incredibly lazy again. Besides my quest for shoes and a brief stop by Blockbuster to get National Treasure 2 I've done a whole lot of nothing. Technically today was supposed to be cleaning day at our house, but we have done hardly anything around here. I actually even took a 2 hour nap this afternoon and I NEVER do that. I'm sure I'll have a tough time sleeping tonight though.

Yesterday evening we celebrated a friend's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Charles. The friend and his wife just had a baby a couple of weeks ago and brought him along to the restaurant. I ended up holding him most of the time. I figure it's good practice for later on. He was a very quiet baby, slept most of the time and only started fussing once when he needed to be changed. While I was holding him though all of Sean's friends kept making comments about how obvious it was that I wanted a baby and soon. It kind of aggravated me to be quite honest. Just because I'm holding a baby doesn't mean I have extreme want of a child. Actually I really haven't had baby fever since we got our dog a few months ago. Sean and I have talked about when we want to have a child and yes we will probably have one in Italy, but we aren't ready to start trying yet. Sean and I are older than pretty much everyone we know around here, but we are by no means old and I just hate people assuming that because I'm almost 25 then I need to start having kids. I do want children, but I am going to do it when it's best for me and for Sean and I as a couple.


d.a.r. said...

Ugh I hate that "you must be DYING to have a baby because you are a newlywed" thing. Yes, I want kids. Badly. But, it is really poor timing for us, so please don't make it worse! Grr....Ignore them, and you will do what is best for you :) And until then, enjoy loving on the babies and give em back when they poop or scream :)

For Asics (which I wear because of knee problems, they really are the best) I buy them on Free shipping, usually arrive within 48 hours of purchase, and GREAT prices. Good luck!

trying said...

have a kiddie when your ready, enjoy time as a couple and seeing the sights in europe.

and shoes... mmmm new shoes.

Jenna said...

I was telling someone, it surprises me how much it is army culture thing to put pressure on you to have babies right away. I am going to be older by the time I have kids, and I will be very forcefully rude to people who insinuate that they think we should have kids. It's none of their business!

Italy will be fun.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I like your perspective on having children :) It's good to enjoy this time of life for all that it is. I wish I had appreciated it more, though I will probably say that looking back on these child-raising years too.

You are going to have some happy feet! I love new sneakers - I should probably get some soon, mine are looking a little sad.