Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Baby Shower

As some of you know I went home this past weekend for my best friend's baby shower. She is having a little boy and is due in August. It was great to see her and some of our other friends, plus the cake we had is my favorite. It's got raspberry filling and her family always buys this cake from bakery in our hometown for special occasions. Now that I think of it, I should have taken a picture of the cake!

This is Jessica and I. We took several pictures, but we are both infamous for closing our eyes in pictures. Oh...and by the way this is the other dress I ordered from Forever 21. It was actually long enough to wear!

This is my friend Gina and former roomate. She is holding Zach, my friend Jamie's baby. He's always wearing a hat. He's too cute!

This is my other best friend, Jamie. I have known her and Jessica since we were 7, although we havent' been best friends since then. In high school the three of us were always together.

The rest of my visit went well. I visited both sets of grandparents and even scored some pumpkin pie from my Grandma Billbe. She tries to make it everytime I come to town since she knows how much I love it. Grandma's pies are the best! She makes the crust from scratch, sometimes I think the crust is the best part. One of these days I'm going to have to get the recipe for all her delicious pies.

I did miss seeing/visiting my parents though. They were in Hawaii with my brother for two weeks so a visit to them will probably take place sometime after my birthday. I'm ready for them to get home though. Since they've been on vacation I haven't been able to talk to them as much and I have to admit I really have been missing their antics!

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