Friday, June 27, 2008

Fab Friday

Well, our daily thunderstorm just passed through, unfortunately it didn't make it any cooler around here. I thought I might have to stop and get a drink in my half-mile trek to the mailbox. No joke! I seriously don't know how my husband and others train in this weather down here. It's no wonder Sean was "this close" to a heat stroke last summer. Now THAT was a scary event.

I'm very ready for 4:00 to get here. I've done my work for the day, my boss has left and now it's just me and Dee the administrative assistant left.

Sean did me a big favor today and took Boomer to the groomer's to have his nails clipped. We were both a little worried about this because Boomer doesn't like strangers and also doesn't like his feet(paws)being touched. So, I was very relieved when Sean called to tell me that Boomer had acted wonderfully, if not a little scared and no groomers were harmed during his visit. Thank god! He did say however that Boomer was quite upset this morning when I got out of the car to go to work. Evidently he stood up in the seat, barking and whining. He loves Sean, but I know he loves me more. It's true!

I got a lovely suprise in the mail yesterday from my mom. She sent Sean and I all our Hawaii souviners that she had bought for us. I got an awesome floral purse, dress, vintagesque postcards, bracelet, a can of macadamia nuts and some chocolate-covered macadamia nut candy. Delicious I might add! Sean got a shirt and hat and of course he gets to share the candy and nuts with me. I don't know what my mom was thinking when she picked up the hat, it's very old-man looking, but he was very appreciative of the thought.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I'll get some great photos while we are in Houston. I'll try to share them on Sunday.

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