Friday, August 27, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Join in over at Wife of a Sailor!

1.What secret indulgence do you act on while your spouse is away?
I watch all sorts of trasy TV that he doesn't like to watch. Real Housewives, America's Next Top Model, etc.

2.If you were a spice, what would you be?
Cinnamon. Because it's sweet with a kick!

3.Where do you go for support when your significant other is deployed?
My awesome group of spouses here in Vicenza were great during this deployment. Also my best friend back home is where I always go to vent.

4.What is the oldest thing you own?
The stuffed animal I've had since I was born. He's a pink bear my Dad got me and his name is Mr. Bill. He's currently hanging out in my closet here in Italy.

5.How did you vision your future pre-military?
Working for the National Parks Service. I wanted to work in a museum at one of their parks.


Julie the Army Wife said...

Working at a national park would be very cool!

Chelle said...

Working in a museum would be so fun except if you're a klutz or disorganized like me. lol

I'maNolaGirl said...

I agree with both of these ladies - working in a museum would be amazing!!!

Mrs. Mootz said...

Working in a museum would be awesome!

I still have my teddy bear from when I was a baby. He's purple and his name is Popsicle.

silver star said...

Like everyone else has said, working in a national park museum would be an awesome job.

♥ Annie ♥ said...

I love my trash tv! I definitely find myself watching loads more when my hubby is away....definitely fills the time.