Friday, August 6, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Join in over at Wife of a Sailor!

1.What is something you wished you’d learned to do earlier in life?
To be responsible and think of the bigger picture. I didn't do well in college because I somehow couldn't grasp that.

2.What is your biggest pet peeve with the military?
Things being changed around a hundred million times. I hate not being able to make plans!

3.What tourist attraction near you have you never seen?
Um....I've tried to see most of Italy since we've been here. I've never been to Paris or seen the Eiffel Tower though.

4.What are you avoiding doing right now?
Cleaning. Specifcially doing dishes. I'll probably wait to do them tomorrow.

5.Wine, beer or liquor?
Wine. I used to hate wine before we came to Italy. Currently I'm building up my stash so when we leave here I can have good wine in the States.


The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

I miss good European wine! I was quite the fan of Icewine in Germany! Paris is a MUST SEE before you leave! We lived 40 minutes from the French border when we were in Europe and I went to Paris twice and LOVED it even though I didn't get to see much!

Dogs.Dogtags and;Stilettos said...

I think all us MilSpouse Bloggers in Europe should make a conference in Paris, I havent been, and The Husband refuses to go! Who's with me??!!??!! Girls weekend! Love your blog!

Angela Noelle said...

Oh, how I wish the Eiffel Tower were a nearby attraction... ugh, I want your life!! ;)

♥ Annie ♥ said...

I never drank before we moved to Italy. Everyone told me that would change by the time we left....they were SOOO right...haha :) I adore wine now!