Saturday, March 28, 2009

Melissa Needs....

I got tagged for this fun little game by Steph over at Adventures of Jon and Steph and since I'm planning on going somewhere with Sean on this fine Saturday, I decided this would be the perfect post to schedule.

Basically the rules are simple. You go to Google and search for (insert your name) needs and then give the first ten results.

I think mine are hilarious, but maybe that's just me.

1. Melissa needs to take a break (Oh I hear that!)
2. Melissa needs a home (Well...not really, though I'd like one with built in closets)
3. Melissa needs to board the blog ship. (Nah...pretty sure I'm already on it)
4. Melissa needs a lot of guidance. (Hmm..some may say that)
5. Melissa needs to lose it. (yeah I could stand to lose a few pounds)
6. Melissa needs a roof. (Have one. Check)
7. Melisa needs pants! (Ok..I could use a few new pairs)
8. Melissa needs hydration after the walk. (Uh...I guess?)
9. Melissa needs to find a new agent. (Yeah...I think not)
10. Melissa needs flakes! (of what variety would we be talking?)