Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Married Bobby Fischer

You all do remember Bobby Fischer right? The legendary chess master?

I wanted to make sure I wasn't showing my age too much.

Anywho...I recently discovered I married Bobby Fischer. Sean is now addicted to playing chess on our laptop. As in...I came to post today and he opted to stay home so he could play chess.

If you are slightly peeved you haven't seen any new pictures of Verona...or Vicenza, then blame it on old Bobby, seeing as he's hogging the laptop.

First it was chess. Obviously the man needs a hobby..or our TVs to arrive in our household goods.

Speaking of household goods, Sean went to Transportation on Friday to ask them where in the heck our stuff was. She told us that "magically" our unaccompanied baggage was there, but our household goods would be another 10 days.

I was excited of course to finally get some of our stuff, but pissed that they hadn't sent us an email informing us our unaccompanied baggage was there, like they said they would. Rookie mistake on my part, I should never have believed them that they would actually do what they said. The upside is that our baggage was delievered yesterday and I now have my DVD collection, my own plates and silverware and other assorted necessary kitchen items to cook with. Thank God!

Last night Sean made us mustard covered tuna (use Dijon) with lemon and pepper. It was AMAZING! Basically just take some tuna steaks, mix up some Dijon mustard with fresh lemon juice and some pepper, baste the tuna in it and then bake. You won't be sorry. It's that good!

Thank you to everyone for the congrats on my new job! I'm sure I'll have some funny stories from there, so look for those in the future.

Oh...also thanks to everyone who commented to let me know that they were reading me. I've started following you and added a few of you to my blog list.

One more thing, SQ if you're reading this, I'd love for you to email me. I think I read somewhere that you are coming to Vicenza, am I right? If so, drop me a line!

I need to pop on over to Forever21's website, as I've spied a few things I need want, such as a very cute turquoise and black summer dress.

Yes, the addiction is back.



Sara said...

Oh Sean... and no, I had no idea who bobby fischer is, but I couldn't also tell you actor's names either.

For your giveaway, maybe a print from the street artists? Or one of your own pictures framed?

Becca said...

Typical Army. The whole point of unaccompanied baggage is for it to get there weeks/months before your household goods. 10 days difference isn't much help!

Have you been to Venice yet? My favorite thing about Vicenza was being able to pop over to Venice on a train for a day and bum around.

I'm very worried about what my husband will do with no DIY channel, no History channel, etc. He may end up playing online chess, too!

Megan said...

Oh man. When we moved to Alaska we didn't get our household goods until a month after we've been here. And we shipped it a week before we left home for AK!!

Barb said...

glad you have some of your own things and the tuna sounds yummy....Barb

. Becca . said...

I can't wait to hear your job stories :) Congrats on getting it!!

I love tuna like that, yummo!

jlc said...

Awww it could be a LOT worse. My husband is addicted to finding videos on youtube of random street fights/ pimple popping. Yes, you read correctly.

;) Oh men! That was a great movie by the way!! Has he seen it?

Kebi Cedawna said...

I'm always impressed by Sean's cooking skills, you're one lucky woman that he likes to cook you such delish food!
Much Love!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...