Monday, March 9, 2009

Insights on Italy: Part 3

I'm still trying to get my pictures up from Verona. I tried to yesterday at the USO, but my computer wasn't getting a good signal...sooooo I'll have to try again today.

In the meantime I thought I'd share some more insights on Italy.

1. Loose wine is fantastic and one of my favorite things about Italy. Basically you go to a wine shop that has loose wine, you either buy a bottle or you bring your own and then fill it up with your fave wine. Sean and I bought a two liter bottle AND filled it up for less than 5 euro. You have no idea how much I'm enjoying this wine!

2. I love watching the Italians stroll. The mothers and daughters stroll arm in arm, as do female friends. The old men stroll with their arms behind their backs wearing cute old man hats.

3. Parking is a pain. I don't know how people who brought over large trucks or things like Hummers expect to find a parking space. I have trouble parking my Chevy Cobalt and that's considered a smaller car!

4.The fresh markets are the best. Although the smell of fish is offputting, who doesn't love the fact you can find a fresh fish market on almost every street?

5.The window displays here could be an art form. I love the way they do displays, so creative and eye-catching.

6. From what I gather, when a family has a baby they decorate the outside of the house and gate with appropriate colored ribbons. Blue for boys and pink for girls.

7. Fur is everywhere here! PETA would have a field day over here. Seriously when walking every fourth person has some sort of fur on. I told Sean before I leave here I need a fur coat even if it's faux.

8. We went to the Olympic Theater the other day in Vicenza and it was amazing! One of my favorite things I've seen so far. If you're ever in Vicenza, you must check it out. It has forced perspective inside the theater which makes it very interesting to look at. Ask them if they'll do the light show for you too. Our group got to see it the other day and it was the best part of our day.

9. Italian hot chocolate is not to be missed! I had some the other day and I'll never go back to my Swiss Miss. It's seriously like liquid creamy chocolate with a thick chocolate skin on top. Amazing!

10. I will NEVER get used to squatter toilets. I think that's the only thing so far I truly dislike about Europe.



Casey said...

Italian hot chocolate is serious stuff! I has to just dip my croissant in it. It was like pudding! But I can see how people that love sweets would love it.

PS- To do a wine shipment back to the states with your household goods you need 250 bottles. Start collecting now!

Jon and Steph said...

Yum, I'd be in Heaving right now if we had loose wine. Are you kidding, I'm coming to visit!

I love the fresh markets here too, they always have the best fruits and veggies!

Hope you have a great week!

indiana.girl said...

They have squatter toilets in Italy? Those are difficult to use, I was always so desperately afraid of losing my balance and falling over!

I really enjoy the pictures you paint of Italy.

Butterfly Wife said...

I lived in Italy for 10 months when I was 18. I loved it. And now I love getting to walk down memory lane as you stroll the streets and share your insights.

d.a.r. said...

Oh my gosh can I just remind you of my jealousy please?? Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

lolaberly said...

Wine + chocolate = happy lola! :) Someday I plan to visit and I will totally use your blog as a guide!

Kebi Cedawna said...

I really need to start pinching my pennies more to come see you!
The wine sounds amazing and the hot chocolate sounds so delish too.
I'm so so glad you two are having a great time!
I left you an award on my blog too :)

Becca said...

Try a cafe correcto sometime! It's a shot of espresso with a shot of liquor. Sometimes they use Sambuca, but I used to get it with Amaretto. Yum! You get a dual buzz, one from the caffiene and one from the liquor. Ask for Cafe correcto con Amaretto (or con Sambuca, con whatever). very 1st weekend in Vicenza and we went to a bar and I got tipsy and had to deal with the squatter toilets. It was traumatizing. I have told my 11 yr. old DD that when we get to Europe, if you seen a decent potty, USE IT, even if you think you don't have to go.

Holy crap, Casey says 250 bottles?? You better get drinking!

I had to drive Humvees for work in Italy and it was both terrifying and fun. At least I knew I'd win in any accident. Driving my little Hyundai was crazy and I tried to take the bus or the train so I wouldn't have to park.

Have you driven on the autostrada in fog yet? They still drive 100+ mph, only they hang their heads out the windows for better visibility and to listen for on coming trucks!! It's the craziest thing.

Good luck getting the photos uploaded. I'm sure I'm not the only one anxious to see them!

Abbie said...

Ok, this whole loose wine thing sounds like an amazing concept that should come to the States pronto!

I'm glad that you guys are enjoying Italy so far! I can't imagine how challenging (and frustrating at times) it must be to live in such a different place!

Mrs. Cup said...

How amazing!!

RonGav said...

me too ! I love the loose family wines.. I LOVE the chocolate, and the furs are just too sexy and sensuous.. Fight for yours.. I hope you get a nice one...

Lisa said...

I love hearing about Italy! It makes me want to visit there! Mmm... a nice glass of wine sounds fabulous right about now.