Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I'm Reading

I'm doing pretty well on my goal to read 50 books this year. I'm up to 15 books and have a ton on my to-read list.

Here are a few recent books I've finished.

1. The Year of Living Biblically- A.J. Jacobs

When I first found this book, I thought it would be a light-hearted funny read. Although it was in some respects, it also made me think a lot about the Bible and God in general. The author (who is Jewish, although non-practicing) spends a year living by the rules in the Bible as closely as possible. He stones adulterers (with pebbles) grows out a beard, blows a horn on the first of the month and follows other lesser known rules. He also researches a few other religions and aspects of the Bible. It ended up being quite eye-opening. I went to church growing up and there were things he mentioned in the Bible that I didn't even know about. I've even read the Bible in it's entirety and didn't catch some of the things mentioned in the book.

2. The Overnight Socialite- Birdie Clark

If you want a fun and easy read, then this book fits that to a T. If you've ever seen the movie My Fair Lady or read Pygmalion, then you already know the premis of this book. Less than stellar girl meets "professor" of exceptional breeding and class, he makes a wager he can transform her into a darling of society and they fall in love along the way. It's a modern re-make and predictable, but still a fun read.

3. A Reliable Wife- Robert Goolrick

I'm pretty sure I heard of this book first over at DAR's blog. Like her, I wasn't impressed with the story. I felt like there was too much explanation and backstory in parts of the book and not enough about the present. The story is about a wealthy widower who puts an ad in a newspaper for a reliable wife. There is a twist to the story, which I didn't catch until it was spelled out for me. A decent book, but I don't think it deserves it's bestseller status.

4. Japanland: A Year in Search of Wa- Karin Muller

This is another recommendation from a blogger. The Japanese Life of a Military Wife first posted about it on her blog and I knew I had to read it. I haven't been disappointed! I don't know that much about Japan and the culture of the country, but after reading this book I feel like I have more knowledge than before. The author travels around Japan trying to make a documentary out of different experiences and traditions she encounters, all while trying to understand Japan and find wa(harmony). If you don't know much about Japan, or even if you do, I think you'll like this book.

What are you reading? Any good recommendations?


d.a.r. said...

Oooh I have The Year of Living Biblically on my to-read list, too. I think I will have to take the plunge on it this month.

Glad you felt the same about The Reliable Wife. Bizarre story and I just felt like it could have been so much better!!

SS said...

I'm getting some good reading suggestions from bloggers, thanks for sharing!

Only by mention of the bible and religion reminded me of a book I have on my libarary hold list that has pretty good reviews; The Unlikey Disciple by Kevin Roose.

Anonymous said...

AJ Jacobs is hilarious! If you liked The Year of Living Biblically, I highly suggest you read his first book, The Know it All. He spends a year reading the entire Encyclopedia! It's so funny! It's filled with a lot of the same type of situational anecdotes and life lessons learned. :)

Patience said...

I have been looking for some new books to read. Thanks for sharing.

Kirstin_Tedrow said...

Right now I am reading the rescue by Nicholas Sparks. I just love him overall! The rescue so far is a good book its one I dont want to put down.

However, I just finished one of his other books call at first sight. One of my favorite by him was the lucky one.

Thank you for sharing your reads!

Eve said...

So glad you're enjoying Japanland! I will have to check out your other recommendations.

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I'm gonna see if the library has sounds really interesting. Plus Allen is obsessed with Japan and all things Japanese, so it would be nice to contribute to our conversations.

Doris said...

wow I seriously want to read every book on your list now. Sheesh. Guess it is time I get the Kindle I have been wanting.

Thanks for the reviews!