Sunday, April 5, 2009


So, yesterday after an early start, Sean and I decided despite the weather we were going to Venice.

I'm really glad we did, because it only sprinkled on and off while we were there, the rest of the time it was pretty sunny and sometimes actually hot.

Can I just say though that I suck at using the trains? This was our first encounter with the train. We nagivated buying the tickets just fine from the little machine in the lobby, we even made it out to the right platform, but catching the train? That was another story. We'd bought tickets for the fast train, but weren't sure what car we got on and where our seats were. Sean and I plus a group of about 4 Americans completely missed our train.

So...Sean and I just hopped the regional train that came up next.

We made it Venice without any more drama (Thank God)

Venice looked exactly how I thought it would. I mean that in a good way.

Sean and I's mission on this trip was to get a feel for Venice, take some pictures and enjoy the food. We saw most of the major sights, but didn't tour any of them this time around. Some of my family is coming in June and I thought I'd be able to do that with them. Plus Venice is at most an hour away by train, so I'm sure before I leave I'll visit a lot.

Anyway, we had some delish food. Ravioli with speck (a type of ham), classico sandwich, spritz, glasses of Roboso wine. I got pictures of all of it except the delish Nutella crepe that I had.

We got lost a lot, which was ok most of the time. I enjoyed seeing all the little back streets and less crowded spaces. However, Sean and I were more than ready to get back to the train station and somehow it took us like 2 hours to get back. We vowed next time we will buy Vaporetto (water bus) tickets as soon as we get out of the train station to minimize that happening to us.

I have yet to even upload the pictures from my camera onto my computer, but I'll try to do that tonight so you guys can see some pics either late this evening or tomorrow.



jlc said...

So glad you went!! Seems like the weather worked in your favor too.

And ouuuuu did you say Nutella!?!? :)

Susan said...

This is a great time of year to see Venice, before it gets too hot and too crowded! And it's fun to get lost there, it's an island so you can't wander too far :) Also, once you figure out the street signs it's easy to find your way from the train station (Ferrovia) to the Rialto Bridge and finally San Marco's. The big yellow ones will show you the way.

lola said...

Sounds fabulous, and of course, I loved hearing the details about the FOOD! :D

J.L.S. said...

Ohh I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see pictures! And I'm so glad the weather worked out for you!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Your meal sounds like a bit of Heaven to me!
Do you sometimes think: WOW! I'm in Italy?! :)


Kristen said...

Nutella crepes are the best! Glad you enjoyed Venice!

Tania said...

Yay you went! Can't wait to see pictures!

Jessica Lynn said...

When you said Venice and train my mind immediately flashed to the train station's name (mabye the town's name?). When I was there all my brother and I could think of was to call it Margaritaville, cause the name looked similar.

When you go back you must, MUST, check out the neighboring islands of Murano and Burano. One is famous for glass blowing and the other is famous for brightly-colored, picture perfect Italian homes. :)

Jon and Steph said...

Venice sounds amazing! I can't wait to see all of the pictures you took. I am so looking forward to visiting one of these days.

And Nutella crepes are out favorite dessert! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I've always wanted to go to Venice and Greece. Those are my two place.

Can't wait to see the photos!

Kebi Cedawna said...

Yum, I love anything with hazelnuts in it! Glad you 2 had a wonderful time!

Caitlin said...

One great thing about Moscow--their subway system is AMAZING. If you speak Russian anyway, haha...but seriously, so easy and so fast. It's incredibly efficient in a country that's not known for its efficiency.

And in relation to your last post: YES, they most certainly can!

Via said...

Haha trains in Europe are nuts! I have no idea how to use them either! I got on the wrong train my first and only time I attempted it, and was told to get off at the next station ... but then I would have been more confused so here I figured out if I just stayed on, it's not like they could throw me off in a field--they'd have to take me to London. I was caught, and just bought another ticket. $120 in train tickets that day. European trains=death.