Friday, April 24, 2009

Time for a little retail therapy...

So, there's nothing really wrong, other than the fact that I'm I've designated today to be clean the house/retail therapy day.

Sean does get back this evening, woo-hoo! However, he'll probably be leaving on Sunday so our time together will be limited, but until he gets home I'm taking the time to get a few new items. I already did my Forever21 order last week and I cannot wait to get it. There were a few items on my list that they were out of (only reason why I sometimes hate Forever21) but I substituted a few cute things to make myself feel better.

Today's shopping will consist of American Eagle for some jeans and Old Navy for my summer supply of flip-flops. I really need a new swimsuit too, but I'm a little hesitant to order one online, if I find a to-die for suit though I might have to snap it up. Honestly I need some new shoes too...although I'm sure Sean would tell you otherwise.

Here's a few items I picked up in my Forever21 order.

Basic button-up plaid shirt.

For a date-night. I actually wanted it in red, but they were out. However, with a rockin' tan I think it would look good with my hair and complexion.

A dressier top

Casual summer dress. I love the colors in it!

Peacock bag. It was unusual and eyecatching. Perfect for a bag!

I'm getting ready to get my hair cute and colored again. Since summer is coming up I'm thinking about doing my hair lighter.

I like this, minus the bangs. I'd go for side-swept bangs, but I DO NOT want my bangs to look like hers in this picture.

One more day to get your questions in. Go two posts below to ask me anything!

Edited to add:

Photoshopped or not this makes me NOT want to appear in a swimsuit this season (or ever for that matter)


pocket full of pink said...

CUTE stuff!! Great finds!

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

GREAT pieces and I'm with you... I totally need some retail therapy -- Every time the weather is nice, I feel like I need it :)

Hope your weekend with your hubby is great!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Cute pieces! I love the yellow dress! And you would look so cute with bangs!

Shannon said...

love, love, LOVE all the items you got from Forever 21! :)

TexasLauren77 said...

LOVE the Forever 21 stuff... I had no idea there were such cute things there... I'm going to have to start checking that out a little more often! :)

Full of Heart said...

Whoa those are sure some boobs. I actually usually really like that VS model, she's from my hometown, and I think she's GORGEOUS, but whoa, that picture sure makes me not like the suit!
How do you find such cute things at Forever21? I went into the big store in San Fransisco the other day and most of the stuff was SO SCARY! I had to dig around forever to find two normal tanks. Ah!

Via said...

I was just scrolling through your pictures of things you bought and didn't notice the words between the bag and Reese Witherspoon, and for a millisecond I wondered how much you had to pay for her haha! I LOVE the blue top!

Stace said...

Gotta love retail therapy (and Forever 21!) My boyfriend thought I was crazy yesterday when I bought Old Navy flip flops in colors I already had from last year... but they get worn out and a girls gotta refresh their stash! Haha.

I have been reading your blog for a bit now, but just started my own so you should come by and check it out!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm addicted to Forever 21!! Isn't that such a great store! I almost bought that dressy white and blue top!

Hannah Noel said...

oh my goodness, I LOVE that yellow dress! I just got my dress I ordered from there in the mail this past week, its so cute!

Kiki said...

I always like what you pick out, but I am completely in love with the yellow dress. So cute!

. Becca . said...

Haha, darn it, Marisa Miller and your big boobs.

I LOVE the forever 21 dresses, esp the yellow one and the white one with bluish trim. I have one similar to that from F21 but it's more pinks and it's got short sleeves, same vibe though. Great minds think like I guess. Have a great weekend!

Oh, and I love that hair color. I'm a natural blonde, and I've brought that picture in to a salon to get it done, and walked out with a weird orangy color. I swear, some people should NOT be able to color/cut hair! I've done it better myself at home! Is it hard to find a good stylist in Italy?

ABW said...

I really love that shirt that you wanted in red! Have a great time!

And I would hate to be seen standing next to her, I'd feel horrible about myself!

d.a.r. said...

Ahhh I am dying for some retail therapy. Sometimes I think that what may be getting me through this deployment, haha!

Miss Adventure said...

This is the motto I live by right now. =[ BUT seeing what you picked out is fun! I normally pretend to go shopping, as in I'll go to the site, find cute things that I like and add them to my "cart" and then save it as a bookmark until everything is sold out. Pretty sad hu? Well, it keeps me entertained. =]

Caitlin said...

Oh man, you HAVE to come! I just added some more factoids about Maine and some pretty pictures. It's gorgeous here. Let me know if you want some advice on coming here! Or if you need a place to stay!

Kebi Cedawna said...

Love the gold dress.
And, hey, that's the same pic of Reese that I took in for my last haircut, sheesh :)
I think I may do a retail therapy post today too, it was fun.
Hope you have a good weekend!