Thursday, April 9, 2009


My hand is swollen today. Yes, that is as in singular hand. Just my left hand. I noticed it after I finished working out today. It was so swollen that it actually hurt and I could not wear my wedding ring.

I mean, my hands have swollen before, but never just one and never that bad. I think I am dehydrated, so I've chugged a liter of water so far and I'm hoping to put my ring on soon.

I just realized I haven't really gave you guys an update on how work has been since I've started. To sum it up, I'll just say I really like my job. There's something new everyday AND on April 30th Toby Keith is coming to post to do a concert and he's also supposed to stop by the USO. Should make for an entertaining day.

In other news, Sean is leaving next week to go get an MRI done in Germany, if I didn't have to work I could go with him and meet some of you ladies up there, but alas I do have to work so meeting you guys will have to wait a bit longer. After his MRI he will be joining the rest of the battalion for training, so in total he'll be gone about 3 to 4 weeks. This is the longest we'll have been apart since we moved to Fort Polk last January. Thank goodness I have a job and Boomer to keep me company. Otherwise I can see myself quickly becoming bored.

I'm getting ready to do a massive Forever 21 order and possibly an order from American Eagle too. I need jeans, pronto. I happened to remember also that we have an H&M in town as well and since I've never had the pleasure of shopping at H&M I can honestly say I'm very excited.

So what do you guys have planned for this weekend? Sean has a four day, but since I'm helping with the post Easter egg hunt on Saturday we aren't going anywhere. Instead we will be doing boring adult things like buying shelving and finishing up our apartment. Living with boxes still in rooms is growing increasingly annoying for both Sean and I. Plus...we both want to get stuff in order before he leaves for a month.

However, next week there is a trip to Florence leaving from post and I'm really hoping this time they have enough people so I can actually see the city this time!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I am ADDICTED to Forever 21. I bought this lace dress yesterday.

Have fun shopping and I hope your hand goes down!

Anonymous said...

I love all your blogs about the cute clothes at F21!

Sometimes I'm allergic to things I've touched, usually handrails, etc, and one or both hands will swell up and get itchy.

Other times, I've noticed after working out or getting hot from being outside too long, one or both hands will swell then too. I wonder if there is some kind of explanation for this, or if it is hives.

Whatever the reason, I hope it gets better soon!

Kristen said...

I love H&M! I think the closest one to me is about 7 hours away. Boo hiss. I hope your hand is better soon!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Toby Keith came to my husbands base a few years ago and he said it was awesome...

I just got new jeans from AE and I love them. Its the boyfriend series, but not the stretch ones. I don't do stretch... Good luck shopping, I've got the itch but no funds to scratch. boo.

Miss Adventure said...

Oh no! That sounds painful! I have my fingers swell up sometimes when I go to places with high altitudes, weird but whatever. Hope it gets better soon!

The Mrs. said...

it sounds like you all have a lovely weekend planned. I always like to get projects done before flyboy goes away on trips (make him do the heavy lifting!)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Sooner or later, I just need to go through my junk in my place, so I feel like I still need to unpack! :) The hand thing is weird, hopefully it goes away soon!

Stacey said... I LOVE H&M. LOVE IT! *sigh* You know, I have never been to Forever 21...I am 6 feet tall and there are very few places I can find long pants and jeans!!! :) I might have to check out their tops and dresses though after your talking about them! :)

I hope his MRI goes well and the time apart flies by. I'm sorry you have to be apart. It stinks... :(

jlc said...

Ouuu Toby Keith should be a good time!!!!

So glad you're lovin your job!!

Jon and Steph said...

My hands swell when I exercise too, but I've never had just one swell. Is it normal that our hands swell??

You'll LOVE H&M! It is one of my favorite places to shop here, and the clothes are inexpensive like Forever 21!

Glad to hear you are liking your job.

P.S. We are coming to Italy in June ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Forever 21's cheap accessories!

lola said...

I'm going car shopping with a friend (for her) and despite not being terribly religious, I'll be attending Arlington Cemetery's Easter Sunrise Service. A good friend of my husband was stationed with the Old Guard and they told me that it is a "can't miss" in DC. :)