Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spilling My Guts Part 2

Here are the military and miscellaneous questions.

Cassie asked:

What's your most embarrassing moment? What's your favorite book?

Embarrassing moment...probably at Bowl for Kid's Sake in high school when I went to throw the ball and it flew backwards off my fingers. I wanted to DIE.

My favorite book is Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I never get tired of reading it, it's that good.

Amanda over at The Kellys asked:

What is your favorite name for a boy and a girl?

If it were up to me to pick I'd call my little boy Logan and my little girl Vanessa. However, Sean has vetoed both those names, so I guess I'll have to find some new favorites.

Kebi asked:

Who's your dream actor, the one you'd marry in another life?

What's the worst thing you've ever done on a dare?

What's your favorite dish that you cook? (and what's the recipe?)

Dream actor is Eric Balfour without a doubt. He's smokin! And an excellent actor.

The worst thing I ever did on a dare? was back in my wild college days and it involved being down to my skivvies...let's just leave it at that.

My favorite dish that I cook is my potato casserole. You can find that recipe over at MRE's Not For Me. (Which I realize you already know Kebi. :))

Kiki asked: When are you planning on pursuing photography as your living?

Kiki you are so sweet! Thanks for that compliment. In some ways I'm pursuing it right now. Mainly by buying new lenses and trying to learn Photoshop. I need to add a few other things like some more staple lenses and lighting before I feel like I can really start pursuing it. Plus I need to find some customers that are interested in my work.

Full of Heart asked: What are three things you hope to achieve in the next year?

1. Start working on my Masters
2. Become a better photographer
3. See at least five countries

Crazy Shenanigans asked: Do you think you'll one day leave the military life (ie sean getting out) and move back to America?

Honestly I wish I could answer this, the short answer is I don't know. Sean changes his mind everyday on whether he wants to stay in the military or if he wants to get out. However, after this tour in Italy, Sean is thinking of not being Airborne anymore and we are wanting to be stationed someplace like Fort Carson. Only time will tell though.

Lola asked:
Growing up, what did you always think that you would be doing?

What brings you the most satisfaction during your day?

When I was younger I was convinced I was going to do public relations for an NFL team. Then I got to college and realized I hated my PR classes.

I am satisfied during the day if I make someone laugh. Seriously though, that's my goal everyday.

Casey asked:

If you had the opportunity to look ahead at your life 10 years from now, would you do so? Why or why not?

No, because I like the element of suprise. I was actually the kid who tried not to snoop during Christmas because under no circumstances did I want to know what I was getting.

SS asked: What prompted you to start blogging?

I used to blog frequently on MySpace and then didn't like lots of people that I knew in real life reading some of my posts, so..I decided to switch to Blogger and only let a few really close friends know I'd made the switch. I blog because I used to be a faithful journal writer and that's kind of fallen by the wayside. This way I still have a record of what I was doing day-to-day.

Indiana Girl asked:
Do you remember dreams and if so, what was your favorite dream?
When it's time to retire, where would you like to live and what would you like to be doing with your time?

I do remember dreams, quite frequently in fact. One of my favorite dreams is when I used to dream all the time about living near water, canals almost. Then we got told we were moving to Italy. Kind of prophetic in a way!

When I retire I'm selling my home and getting an awesome RV where I plan on touring the country with Sean and stopping at all the National Parks in America.

JLC asked:

What is your favorite band/ type of music?

What's the best place you've ever visited?

My favorite music is Classic 70's music. Rock, disco, easy listening from the 70's, I love it all!

Best place I ever visited is Grand Teton National Park. I fell in love with it and would love to go back someday. It's amazing there. Seriously.

Abbie asked:

What is your favorite season/favorite time of year and why?

Aside from photography, what is your favorite hobby?

If you could have to chance to spend the day with anyone you'd like, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

My favorite time of year is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I LOVE the holidays and all the fun things that go with it. The songs, the shopping, the decorations, seeing my family. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Aside from photography my favorite hobby is reading. I LOVE to read and thankfully I have a lot more time since we moved here to read then I did while we were at Ft. Polk.

Hm...I'd spend the day with Reese Witherspoon, just to see what her normal day was like and get a taste of being a celeb. I think she's quite intelligent too, so it wouldn't be a wasted day.


Abbie said...

I've been MIA from it still too late to ask a couple of questions?!

1) What is your favorite season/favorite time of year and why?

2) Aside from photography, what is your favorite hobby?

3) If you could have to chance to spend the day with anyone you'd like, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Kebi Cedawna said...

I do love love love that Potato Casserole, great choice. And, you are definitely my favorite person that makes me laugh, so many good times!

I have a mushy question that you don't have to answer if you don't want to. When did you know that Sean was the one, that you wanted to marry him?

Justin and Jenn said...

BOWL FOR KIDS' SAKE...that's awesome! I work for BBBS and we're deep in the midst of BFKS season. I'm so glad you got to do that!

Casey said...

You will appreciate this online journal even more as you travel. I forget about little things on our trips, so it is nice to go back and read about what we did. I'm grateful to have it!

jlc said...

Yay for Classic Rock!!

Loved reading ALL these!! I hope me and you BOTH make it to Carson one day... that'd be awesomeee. :)

Miss Adventure said...

This was awesome- and it made me have even more questions! Like, what is your degree in and what do you want to do for your masters? Have you considered something with photography in it?
And there were other things I now don't remember...oh! But I love your idea of selling your house and going about the country visiting national parks. My family has always been a huge RV camping family, and one of my personal goals in life is to visit all the major national parks!

lola said...

love Reese Witherspoon, love reading and LOVE the Tetons. Seriously one of my.. maybe.. top 5 moments of my life was out there. I was with my family.. there was a lighting storm at night and with every flash, you'd see the tetons lit up and reflected in the lake.. *sigh* I will NEVER forget it. Gorgeous.