Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smells Good!

Has anyone heard of the new Gwen Stefanie line of perfumes? They are called Harajuku Lovers.

Are the bottles not the cutest things? They caught my eye the other day when I was in the PX and I had to stop and smell them. Harajuku Baby is my favorite, I think I'm going to buy it next payday. I've never had a perfume that I can honestly not sniffing my wrist because I love the scent so much. It's such a fresh, clean smell and Sean loves it as much as I do.

I got my sweater dress in yesterday that I ordered from Forever21. Of course, I immediately had to model it for Sean. I LOVE it, but I do have to say I feel like a 50's pin-up in it. You know the sweater dresses that just kind of hang? This is not that dress. It really hugs my curves, but I think it looks good and I guess that's all that matters.

I dropped Sean off today for rotation and probably won't see him until around Sunday. This rotation is supposed to be short and then the next one is going to last pretty much the entire month of November. I told him last night I was going to miss him and his reply was it was only for a few days that'd he would be gone. I said it didn't matter, I'd still miss him, but I would welcome stretching out on the bed!

Oh and an update on Sean's back, he seems to be doing better with the help of pain pills. He went to sick call yesterday and they gave him a shot and some meds. He also has a week long profile, yet he's still going to go out on this rotation. The doctor who examined him told him that he's amazed at the fact that with the condition his back is in that he's still able to function like he is. He also told Sean that at any point he wants to get med-boarded that he could certaintly get it. I guess his back is that bad.

We watched Baby Mama and 88 Minutes last night. I really liked both of them. If you haven't seen either of them yet you should. We rented Don't Mess with the Zohan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall last week. We ended up turning off Don't Mess with the Zohan within ten minutes! It was just stupid. Adam Sandler needs to start making movies like he used to. I love most of his movies, but the last few he's done I really haven't enjoyed, minus 50 First Dates. Now that was a good movie!

One of the ladies that I know around here who's husband is actually deployed out of Ft. Hood, informed me her husband was on the NBC Nightly News last night. They did a piece on his unit that is in Afghanistan. It was interesting and yet odd seeing him on camera. If you want to watch it, here's the link.

I cannot believe that it's almost the end of October! Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving! I'm still a little sad we won't be able to go home for Thanksgiving, but at least I'll miss out on all the crappy traffic. I still think we are going to have a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house, which I think will be great! Anybody else started making plans yet?


Lindsay said...

I really want to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. How was it?

*R* and I will be meeting up with my family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for Thanksgiving. Should be pretty fun!

Sara said...

Wow, Jackson Hole in November sounds amazing, Lindsay. I think I am going to be in Shreveport with my dad. His friends always have a huge shinding. If you come down here this weekend, bring the sweater dress. I'll take you to the sushi place or some other place where we can dress up but not pay $40/person to eat. Let me know if its still an option. Otherwise, we can all still meet up in November if you can excuse the future mess of my apartment.

Tania said...

I saw that Zohan movie in the theater. It's not something I'd usually go for but my husband wanted to see it and told me to go see it. It was OK.

As for Thanksgiving, we'll stay here. We finally have a date for R&R and he'll be home then! I'm a little nervous about making Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm planning the works!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i saw the zohan movie on dvd the other day and ended up fast forwarding almost through the whole movie.

Ashley said...

You know I just discovered the Forever 21 store, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I bet your dress is precious :-)

On Our Radar said...

I loveee forever21 & I especially love sweater dresses. I stalk their website hardcore.

Gina said...

Interesting..! I too got my sweater dress from Forever21.

Erin said...

We might be doing TWO Thanksgivings! If our guys are in the field, my friend and I are doing a Thanksgiving the weekend before when they are home, and then we are both going to my neighbors house for a big dinner! I am really looking forward to it! Last year, Doug had just returned from Iraq so we did a low key dinner. We got chinese food and drank wine. My mom came and my friend who is Jehovah's Witness also came.