Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Chance at $2,000

So this morning started off interesting.

A. I had to get up at 4:30 to drop Sean off at the pool. Did I mention it was an outdoor, non-covered, non-heated pool? Thank goodness he wasn't the one having to swim. He was helping with some German Infantry Badge thing. Don't ask because I really don't know. He tried to explain it this morning and I don't retain stuff well that early in the morning.

B. After waking up at 6:50 this morning I'm on my way to the bathroom for a nice, hot shower when I see something scuttling, yes scuttling towards the bathroom. I'm proud of myself as I didn't scream, just grabbed a heavy shoe and smashed the dickens out of a rather large roach. Please don't think I'm a horrible housekeeper for admitting I had a large roach in my house. I guess the cold is driving them in.

Having taken care of that it was business as usual. Thank God!

Sean informed me yesterday that he's not sure if their company is helping with this upcoming long rotation or not. Word on the street is that they aren't, but I never put too much stock into something until I see it unfold. At any rate, I still don't think we will be going home for Thanksgiving whether he has a four day for it or not.

There was frost on the ground for the first time this morning. It was in the mid-30's when I dropped Sean off this morning. Boomer was shivering even when he was inside the house, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to get a doggie sweater for him. He's now taken to getting under the bed when he's cold. I looked for him forever this morning until he finally popped out from under the bed. Silly dog!

So, I didn't think I was going to dress up for Halloween, but I may have to rethink that. Sean told me yesterday one of the local clubs here is having a costume contest on Saturday night and the prize money is $2,000. Do you know what I could do with $2,000? A LOT! I could get a new bed and a new laptop. So, now I'm brainstorming what could be a winning costume. I'm thinking about Little Red Riding Hood. Anybody have some great ideas for a costume that could win me some moolah?

Have a great Tuesday and send me those costume suggestions!


Casey said...

Sexy Sarah Palin of course!

Lindsey said...

As for costumes, I think you guys should dress up as Princess Leia and Hans Solo!
I love that you said scuttle! You are so cute.

Lis said...

I recently read about some one dressing up as champagne and wearing a glittery dress and walking around blowing bubbles! :)(I'm so sorry - I have no clue where I read it!!) Thought it was cute and that I needed to share!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I agree with Casey! I've been desperately trying to get my husband to dress up like John so I could go as Sarah! You should totally do it!

Megan said...

I think you should go with the sexy Sarah Palin!!

Caitlin said...

Best costume I've ever heard of:

My friends Meg and Mia went to the Salvation Army and bought a bunch of 80s clothes. They put pillows under their shirts so they look pregnant and went as "Your Mom." It made sense because we were all born in the 80s but you could probably do it for any decade! :)

Rebecca Taylor said...

You have to come up with the perfect costume!!! I wish I had some ideas....I'll be thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Last week we took the kids to the Kiddie Park for a Halloween night and there was a family dressed up as the entire cast of Little Mermaid. The dad was King Triton, mom was Ursula, the 2 daughters were Ariel and Ariel's cousin, the son was Flounder and the baby boy was the lobster. Anyway, they were so cute and the mom did a great job making every costume!
I thought your Wonder Woman costume from a few years back was cute but you need something super creative to win the 2 grand, I'll have to brainstorm some ideas.
You should shop for Boomer's sweater at Old Navy, they have the most adorable rain slickers and coats for pets!

The Mrs. said...

I'll send you flyboys flight jacket and YOU can go as Maverick.

Heck I'll send you one of the boys and they can go as Goose with you... and the other can be Iceman.

I'm getting carried away.

Same Girl said...

You could be a deviled egg. A white sun dress/strapless dress with a yellow yolk painted in the center. Find one of those devil headbands and put some red ribbon around your neck. I didnt make this up, I actually know someone who won a costume contest at their office with this last year. Super cute!!
Good luck!! :)

Liz said...

Dont feel bad... I killed a roach this weekend too. The cold really makes them desperate for warmth. And last night Mabel howled until I covered her up with a blanket... and let her get on the bed. I'm such a sucker. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate when I see little critters scurry across the floor, especially when hubby isn't home.

Good for you though killing it yourself!

Erin said...

Here they say the roaches are palmetto bugs...um they are roaches to me!!!

I hope that his company doesn't participate! That would be awesome!

Katie said...

I'm dressing up as a bumble bee for halloween for the childcare- we figure if E and I go out somewhere he's going to be a beekeeper!