Friday, October 10, 2008

Battalion Picnic and Babies

Wow! Looks like everyone loved the sweater dress as much as I did! Thank you to everyone that responded to what color and style of shoes I should wear with it too. You guys were a huge help! I know who to come to now when I have a fashion question.

I do have another question for all of you out there. Maybe you can help.

I like to pull my hair back like this:

I don't know what it's called, but the little hair bump, whatever. Anyway, as much as I try to get it right, it never turns out like I see other people's hair turn out. It's got a slight bump to it where the hair isn't laying like it should or something along those lines. What am I not doing right? Is it my bobby pin placement? do I need to spray my hair before doing it? Any suggestions?

Last night ended up being pretty fun. I didn't get to watch Survivor as planned, but I did go to Sean's Battalion picnic and awards ceremony. As I had mentioned they had squad competition this entire week and last night was the wrap-up of it. Everyone was there and it was neat getting to see the entire battalion and their familes, although as usual, I was reminded of the fact that I appear to be the ONLY married woman who is not pregnant or has a child. It's a weird feeling actually to look around and realize that.

Of course, people had to naturally ask us (AGAIN) when we were going to have children. I finally just told them that neither of us were ready and that quite honestly I wanted to tour Europe for awhile without a child.

This is their response: "Why can't you tour with your baby?"

Me: "Because touring Europe with a baby is drastically different than touring Europe solo"

Maybe because they are men they don't quite understand? I'm not sure. At any rate I let it be well known that I'm not ready for a child just yet. Don't get me wrong, I love babies, I love holding our friends babies and I really want children...just not at the present moment. I am tired of people assuming that because I'm 25 I'm getting up there and should start immediately. 25 is not old! My own mother didn't have me until she was almost 28, I wish people would give it a rest.

Anyway, other than that it was a good time. Here are a couple of pictures from it.

That's Sean and his friend Robert.

This is Sean's, I'm tired and want to go home NOW face.

This weekend I am:

1. Cheering on my Oklahoma State Cowboys against Missouri. I'm really hoping we can pull out a win.
2. Going out to dinner with two other couples to a new restaurant in a neighboring town. Should be a good time.
3. Steam cleaning my carpets and extensively cleaning my home.
4. Going with a friend to her husband's welcome home ceremony (he's returning from being deployed) to take pictures of her and him.
5. Working out
6. Making my grandma's delish banana pudding. It's the recipe she uses for her basic pie fillings, you just use a little less flour for the pudding.

Here it is:

8-9 T. flour (9 for pie filling-- 7 for pudding) That's what I use.
3/4 + C. sugar (1-2 tsp. over 3/4)
2 C. milk
2 egg yolks
2 caps (2 tsp.) vanilla

1.Mix sugar & flour together; add eggs & milk & vanilla; beat with a jiffy beater until smooth
2.bring this to a boil (hard boil--lots of bubbles all over surface) STIRRING FAST CONSTANTLY with wooden spoon until thick.
3.Take off heat and stir to cool slightly
4.If making banana filling cool until only warm then cut 2 bananas into pudding.

It's delicious! My Grandma makes the best pies, I kid you not. She's famous for her pies back home and has people all the time putting in orders for her pies.

Weekend plans everyone?


Becca said...

K. and I wouldn't want to have babies on a tour to Europe either!! Older children would be different I think, but with a baby I think it would be so much harder! We are actually waiting until Dec. to find out what the Army has in store for us next before really considering when will be the best time to have a kid, if Europe is in the picture, we would probably wait another 2.5 years and get pregnant during our last year in Europe. I want to be able to enjoy going every where last minute and drinking all that fabulous wine and beer!! I am totally with you about the age thing, 25 is not old!! But, us 25 year olds who aren't pregnant/trying are a rareity it appears in the Army! We need to stick together ;)

Rebecca Taylor said...

I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for the recipe..yum!

Weeksie50 said...

Wow, what a fun filled weekend! I am going to Tulsa tomorrow.. We are going to eat at PF Changs. Watch a movie and shop.. other than that I don't have to many plans..

Mrs. Newlywed said...

You'll see if you look through my blog how much I HATE baby questions.

So you aren't alone.

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I'm looking forward to deep cleaning this weekend as well as FINALLY doing the laundry. grrrr....

Anywho, I'll be interested to hear the hair answers, I can never get mine right either!

Allison said...

Yeah we are like the weirdos in my husband's company because we are both nearing 30 and yet we don't have 4 or 5 kids. :)

Roxanne said...

Funny how everyone jumps all over ya when you "buck the trend", I'm right there with you girl! I wanna be married for a while! There's lotsa time to have kiddos!

Have a wonderful weekend! :D

Tania said...

I'm curious about the hair too. Working on a college campus, I see a lot of girls sporting this style and I've never perfected it myself. I wonder if they tease it? I've tried twisting it, pushing it up, but none of that works. I gave up when I started having trouble with the bobby pins.

As for kids, I really want them soon, but if I found out we were PCSing to Europe, forget that!! I would want to be able to enjoy my wine and maybe jump on a train on a whim to visit another country. You can't really do either with babies.

d.a.r. said...

Since I have bangs now, I have had to do this one more than one occasion when my naturally curly hair decides to not cooperate :) I just hairspray it and tease it a little, then smooth the top part down. Works for me..?

As for the baby question? I totally feel your pain. I want babies SOOOO badly, but just not yet. And I sure as heck wouldn't want to tote them around a romantic, exciting European adventure!

Anonymous said...

for the hair i would recommend hairspraying it after its done. i usually wait until my bangs are dry..comb the bits of hair back..bobby pin the hair at a perpendicular angle and then push the hair forward..then hairspray it... but not too much because you wouldn't want the greasy look. wow it sounds a lot more confusing then it actually is

Clara Belle said...

hey ! YOU WON! Check out my blog :-)
xox Clara

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

We've been married for almost three year, no kids...and complete strangers feel like it's ok to ask when we are going to get on the parent-train. I always find it odd that people don't think that it's kinda a personal thing myself!

Erin said...

I rally hate that people think it is their business to ask about your baby making plans. People do that to me too and I get really annoyed! How about, when I get pregnant, I will let you know!

The Curbow's said...

HH...We are getting the same baby question. I meant to take a pic of my shoes for you! I forgot...And I lied, they are at Charolette Russe, not Forever 21. Sounds like a full weekend! Have fun!

Linda said...

When I had long hair (a LONG time ago) and I did the bump (granted, I had bangs, but I wanted the bump behind the bangs...don't ASK!), I would comb a thin amount straight up, then twist it a bit, around where I was going to pin/clip it. This would give me a straight area to create "the bump" and I could manipulate it, since it was twisted further back. Then I'd push it up to make the bump, clip it onto hair that wasn't moving....

Clear as mud, right?

If you've been to my blog, you'll see that I have short hair. Now you know why!

Rebecca said...

About the hair thing (this is a very popular look at my college):
1. tease the hair that you want to pinned up
2. Gather at the top of your head when you want to pin it
3. twist it about where you want to pin it
4. push that section of hair forward to create the bump
5. pin your hair with bobby pins and create an X shape
That's it, you're all done!

Honey said...

i live in europe now, and i would definitely NOT want to travel with a baby. babies need way too much stuff, and it's hard enough travelling with just two people's stuff. europe is much more fun when you can explore and enjoy the sights, not worry about feeding or changing a baby. good luck on your move!

lala said...

I'm a new reader to your blog-- not a lurker or whatever people who don't comment are :).

I just got married to my NFO not even two months ago-- it's amazing how out of place I feel without a baby! It seems all the couples I meet are all older and are either pregnant or have 1-3 kids. I definitely don't want a baby right now! Deployments looming ahead, etc, but gosh it sure would make fitting in easier...

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...


Landra Lynn said...

YAY!! FINALLY another OSU fan! Whoo hoo! (My husband gives me such crap because he is an OU fan... pshaw. Silly Sooners!)