Friday, October 3, 2008

Please, no neighbors!

I think I gained 20 lbs in the last hour.

One of my co-workers and I went to the local county fair to get some lunch for the office. I came away with a meat pie and shared half a funnel cake (complete with powdered sugar and cinnamon). I am stuffed! It was all worth it though, especially the funnel cake.

How I love fair food.

I wanted to thank everyone on weighing in with their opinions on Sean and I's dishwasher debate. I'll have to share y'all's opinions with him, though I doubt it will sway him.

Yesterday, as I was decorating our house in the fall decor I purchased, Sean decides to drop this bomb on me.

"So X Couple are moving to North Fort"

Me: (Dropping the leaf strand I was holding) WHAT?!

Let me explain a little. X Couple are acquaintances of ours. The husband of X couple is a kind of friend of Sean's. I use the term friend loosely here. Even Sean has admitted in the last few weeks that he really doesn't enjoy hanging around with him anymore. Out of that family, their baby is my favorite. Does that tell you something? Anyway, X Couple are moving to North Fort (our section of Fort Polk) because their apartment complex in South Fort, is being torn down/renovated. The husband of X Couple actually asked Sean if we had a neighbor sharing our duplex because if not they wanted to move in. Do you know what kind of hell that would be? Let's put it this way. If they moved in beside us, I'm not sure I could survive the remaining two months I have here at Fort Polk. X Couple fight, argue and name-call in front of Sean and I, they are immature and honestly not the best parents. I get along with most people and I do make nice to them, but having X couple as my neighbors is something I really don't want to experience. EVER

I was playing around with Yearbook Yourself today and I think I found my favorite look.

How funny is that?

I have a couple of really good things to report. First of all, the baby pictures that I took a few weeks ago, well the parents of the baby I took those of want me to take more pictures and they said they want to pay me this time! Second good news is that Sean told me yesterday that his unit decided not to pursue trying to kick him out because of the failed PT test. As some of you know, that was a big concern of mine a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's because he's been doing so much better with running (although he hasn't taken another PT test) or if it was something else. At any rate I'm very glad and I know he's a lot less stressed. Looks like plans for Italy are moving right along! Yay!

I'm ready for the weekend, but it looks my only weekend plans at the moment are going to Shreveport with Sean on Saturday. I've heard there's a really good Greek restaurant there that I want to try. Working-out and finishing up my fall decorations is on the list of things to do. Not sure if the decorations will get worked on, but we'll see. I really wish I had a little more Martha Stewart creativity when it comes to decorating.

What are your weekend plans?

Edit: This is for you Megan! (Megan posted about a website where you can upload pics of you and your SO and it predicts what your baby will look like) I'm a little scared of mine.


Brian and Staci said...

First....thank you and thank your husband for serving our country! Second...beautiful wedding picture in your sidebar! And lastly...I'm Staci from Oklahoma and I'm sorry I'm a little late in saying thank you for stopping by my blog on my BATW spotlight day! What a fun day! It's so nice putting faces with all these names I see out there! Thanks so much and have a great weekend! (PS...I love fair food too!)

Brian and Staci said...

Oh yea...meant to's ok that your a Cowboy fan...we can still be friends, right!?! I'm a little scared of you guys this year...crossing my fingers on that game :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

so great about getting paid to take photos!!! congratulations!

that picture is hilarious, by the way.

Roxanne said...

I'm new to your blog, but I love it! I'm a newbie like you! Good luck with couple X...We have a couple X too (thank God they're training dates were moved!)

Megan said...

Dave & I are going out to a Japanese Steak House..Loveee their food. I had funnel cake when I went to the fair last was verrrry yummy.
Hopefully they wont live TOO close to you!!

Megan said...

Okay I am dying to know what your baby is going to look like!!!! haha..posssssst itttt!!

Megan said...

Ok..I did laugh a LITTLE when I saw the picture... Your child is going to turn out so much cuter than that!!! Did you notice the eyes...the right one is a little (not sure how to describe it so i'm just going to say weirder) weirder than the left.. LOL Thanks!!!

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

For one I think that picture is cute! Sorry to hear about you soon to be neighbors. Hope all your plans work out! Thanks for sharing -- Much Love


Brando said...

yay for moving to Italy! I'm so glad that it sounds like it's working out! You're going to love it!

And I am crossing my fingers that you don't get any unwanted neighbors!!

S.Lovely said...

loved reading the post. My weekend plans are working and then getting ready to leave to greet my sailor!!! I can't wait :) I'm going to go shopping to see if I can find a cute dress, and then Sunday is all about packing and pampering.
Have a good weekend!

Erin said...

I am crossing my fingers those people don't move in!!

I am so excited for you guys that Sean's job in the Army is secure!!! That is such a relief!

erika said...

haha i did the baby thing too and my babies are crazy looking... well they resemble birds. The girl isn't as ugly as the boy which is... good?? i guess??

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Your first sentence was hilarious! I always feel like that after I got to the Texas State Fair!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad that y'all are going to Italy! I'm glad it all worked out.
I did the baby thing, and Shawn and I have one ugly baby. It sure is funny!

Sara said...

Sorry I left you hanging on things to do in Shreveport. Hope you guys found lots of fun things to do. The river walk by the casinos is what I would have recommended there. There's a restaurant with an entire bar made of ice; even the taps for beer. All the fun bars are there. We ate at that greek place a few times. I just don't like greek food but people love that place.

Lulu said...

Hey girl! You have a little love waiting for you over on my blog... ;)