Monday, July 7, 2008

What a weekend!

I meant to get on here and blog several times this weekend, but it was so hectic that I never got around to it.

We had a great holiday weekend. Friday we spent the day grilling and hanging out at a friend's house and later that night walked over to Freedom Fest to enjoy the fireworks. We also happened to enjoy the homemade tamales and funnel cake. Sean swears he had a wonderful birthday, so as long as he says it was great for him then I'm satisfied.

Saturday was our anniversary and although it wasn't a grand affair we still had a lot of fun and enjoyed our day together. We started out in Natchitoches and planned on staying there the entire day, but due to the heat and the both of us not feeling well we headed to Alexandria for an early dinner and then back home to just relax and watch movies. Natchitoches was awesome! I'm going to have to go back there when it's a little bit cooler and I don't feel as if I'm going to pass out in the heat. I found the cutest magnets in one of the shops there. They are Cajun magnets and have things like an alligator, houseboat, accordian and other things on them. I'll have to take a picture of them to show how adorable they are. I did get to take some pictures there, although not as many as I would like. It's definetly a town worth visiting again though.

Here are a few pics from our fun-filled weekend

Sean and I at FreedomFest

An example of the fireworks

Me enjoying one of the neighborhood kids toy-four wheelers. It was so much fun to ride!

Trolley in Natchitoches

Beautiful flower at one of the gardens by the Cane River

One of the many houses in the Greek Revival tradition in Natchitoches

Beautiful church close to Front St.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Your weekend sounds like it was awesome! To me at least! I love the picture of you on the four wheeler... you are too cute :)

Happy Anniversary! Here is to 99 more!


Jenny said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I am going to see a surgeon tomorrow and schedule a surgery, hopefully. Have a good week!
Oh, Happy Anniversary!!!

the student said...

Awesome pictures!! Sounds like a great weekend :)

Whennrome said...

Glad you liked Nachitoches. Its kinda a diamond in the rough in that general area.... Looks like I'll be going to Shreveport in a few weeks. My dad is busier retired than he was active duty!