Monday, July 7, 2008

It's about time!

Saturday when Sean and I were in Alexandria we saw one of the most exciting signs of our very short lives.

It looked like this:

See, Sean and I love Taco Bueno with a burning, firey passion and unfortunatley for us until today there were no Taco Buenos within the state lines of Louisiana. That meant everytime I went home to Oklahoma I would take a cooler and fill it with our favorites from Taco Bueno, therefore giving us a fix of our favorite Mexican fast food.

Now, only a short 45 minutes away is a little slice of heaven.

If you have never experienced Taco Bueno and live within driving distance of one, do yourself a favor and go get a beef Combo platter immediately!


Kasey said...

I have heard people talking about this place, but have never seen one for myself.

I know how exciting it is to see food you love in a place where you are a stranger. Now if we could just get a McAlister's Deli here at Bragg...

Megan said...

so funny- it's good to have things we absolutely love!

i'm sure there's not a single TBueno in sight of sd!