Thursday, July 3, 2008

Holiday Plans

I had every intention today of participating in Jessica's Real Life blog because it looks so much fun, but I didn't take pictures yesterday and quite honestly when I got home and looked at our bedroom I was embarassed and didn't want anyone seeing my horribly mismatched blankets that were currently on the bed or the clutter than is now consuming my bedroom, so I'm going to take a raincheck on participating until next week.

So what are everyone's plans for the 4th? We aren't sure what we are doing yet. Sean's birthday is the 4th and our anniversary is the 5th so it's a special weekend for us. We thought about going to New Orleans for the weekend, but unfortunately all of our friends are occupied and can't dog-sit for Boomer. So we are thinking of taking in the on-post fireworks show and maybe grilling with some friends. Saturday my vote was to go to Natchitoches and go eat at one of their nice restaurants. Did you know Steel Magnolias and Man in the Moon were filmed there? Neither did I until a few weeks ago. I've only driven through Natchitoches on the way to Ft. Polk, I really haven't taken the time to visit the town, so I think that would be a great way to spend Saturday.

Today I am picking up a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake for Sean. That was his request so please don't think I am an awful wife who doesn't cook a nice homemade cake for her husband. He and I aren't really big cake people and so this is what he wanted for his birthday. I'm also making potato casserole for him tonight as that is his favorite dish that I make. I should be packing on a pound or two from all this eating I will be doing this weekend!

It seems odd not to be celebrating these holidays with my family. We are big holiday people and usually try to get together for all of them. Usually for the 4th we'd be setting off fireworks and enjoying the pool. My dad would be grilling chicken, burgers and hot-dogs and I'd be hamming it up for the relatives. It made me sad the other day when I was talking to my grandpa and he mentioned how different it would be not having me around this year. I know that it's a part of growing-up and starting your own family though. I really am enjoying living in different places then where I grew up, it's an adventure to me, but there are times when I'd just love to be at home enjoying the traditions that my family has. Sometimes I think it's a little hard for Sean to understand how close I am to my family. His family life was not good growing up and he often says his parents should never have had children. His own father did not attend our wedding, so I can see where there is a vast difference in how we feel towards our families.

I think it's suprised him how much my family has taken him in though. He got 2 birthday cards from my grandparents with money and he seemed shocked that they would think of him. It was the same way when we celebrated Christmas, he seemed in awe how many presents he got from everyone. I just hope over time he realizes how important he is to my family and is comfortable with accepting that.

Wow! Got off on a big tangent there, guess it's just something that has been on my mind.


Whennrome said...

Nachitoches is sooo pretty. There are bunches of little shops and restaurants. Its a college town too, so there is always something going on. At Christmastime they have an incredible light display with lots of fireworks, bands, and cajun food. You guys will really enjoy it. And don't take 171N. too many towns. Try 117 to HWY 6. Thats how we normally go and it takes about an hour. Have you been to shreveport yet? Their riverwalk is lots of fun and very pretty. My dad lives up there so I'm fairly familiar with the things to do.

trying said...

im sorry i cant get past the ice cream cake. i just cant stop thinking about that now!

hope yall have a great weekend!

Megan said...

how wonderful that your great family has a new member, and that he's getting to enjoy all that includes! what a blessing.

tangent posts are the best!


the student said...

Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are my favorite, too!!! YUM.