Thursday, July 31, 2008

If You Could Choose...

Yesterday on the Army wives forums I'm a part of someone posted a question about where would you want to be stationed and not want to be stationed. Just kind of a fun little question to think about. Of course everyone had their different opinions and some people's list of places they would not want to go were my top picks!

So for you military gals out there where would you want to be stationed and not be stationed? Where have you been that you loved and were their places where you just wanted to leave ASAP?

Actually I'd love to hear civilian answers as well. So everyone feel free to share!

Here's my list of where I wouldn't mind being stationed:
1. Fort Carson, Colorado
2. Fort Richardson, Alaska
3. Fort Riley, Kansas
4. Fort Benning, Georgia
5. Fort Stewart, Georgia
6. Fort Lewis, Washington

Here's where I really do not want to go:
1. Fort Bragg, NC
2. Fort Hood, TX

Mainly I don't want to go to either of those because they are so big! I've also heard a mixture of bad things about Fayetteville outside of Bragg.

There were a lot of people that said they wouldn't want to go to Fort Polk, but other than it being a smaller post, I love it! Bigger cities are only about 45 minutes away with malls/ bigger restaurants and that's very similar to where I grew up. Plus Louisiana is an awesome place to explore and they have wonderful food.

So let's hear it everyone. Where would you choose?


loquita said...

Camp Pendleton - it would be like a dream come true to live in Oceanside or San Diego. Plus you can easily drive down to Mexico, which would be awesome.

Lindsay aka Corn said...

1. Any base in Germany
2. Yakota, Japan
3. Mildenhall AFB- UK
4. Hickam, AFB- Hawaii
5. Eglin AFB - Florida
6. Hill AFB - Ogden, Utah

I could go on and on...I should have made the list of places I didn't want to go. That list is MUCH shorter!

d.a.r. said...

Oooh this is a fun idea! We had to pick our first duty station around law schools. And only two military posts in the US have a decent law school within driving distance: Fort Riley KS and Fort Carson CO. Thankfully, I got into both sets of law schools so it really depended on Z's career from there. He really wanted heavy infantry and that led us to Ft Riley. It is really small, but we LOVE IT. The housing for our pay grade is super nice, the community is really wonderful and we are 45 minutes from a decent sized town with lots of restaurants and 2 hours from a huge city.

Our next choices?
1. Fort Carson (housing is amazing, GREAT location!)
2. Fort Campbell
3. Fort Stewart
4. Fort Richardson

I think we are the only people with no desire to PCS overseas :) We are homebodies!!

Becca said...

1. Anywhere in Germany
2. Fort Sam Houston, TX
3. Fort Lewis, WA
4. Fort Stewart, GA
5. Fort Carson, CO
6. Fort Richardson, AK
7. West Point

fun topic!!

Katie said...

1. Anywhere in Germany!
2. Fort Richardson-Alaska
3. Fort Carson-Colorado
4. Fort Lewis- WA
5. Fort Stewart- GA
6. Schofield- Hawaii
7. West Point

I'd be happy with any of those places!

Kasey said...

Fort Hood and Fort Bragg are the two I have lived at. And yeah, they suck.

I want to go to Ft. Knox because it is close to home.

kd said...

We are definitely not homebodies. Especially after being at Hood for 3.5 years.

1. Germany
2. Korea
3. Japan
4. Hawaii
5. Lewis
6. Carson
7. Stewart
8. USMA! And they thought they'd never want to go back... ;)

The Mrs. said...

I'll join loquita at pendelton any day of the week.

really I'd love Cherry Point, Fort Worth or Quantico.

for any of you army wives if you ever end up at WP feel free to stop by and visit!

d.a.r. said...

I totally forgot to add: WEST POINT!!! That is a dream though, as my husband won't stay in long enough for it to be reality. But ohmygoodness, it would rock :)

New Girl on Post said...

D.A.R.- I thought for awhile you guys were probably at Fort Riley, we were actually thinking of taking a requistion there in December before Sean ended up re-enlisting for Italy. I'm glad you like it there, I've heard lots of good things about Fort Riley and I wouldn't mind being stationed there one of these days.

Erika said...

My brother just moved from Ft. Riley. I visited him there 2 summers ago. The post itself is very big and neat (very historical), however there is not much in the surrounding towns. He and his family did not like Kansas.

KJ said...

oh fun!

In no particular order:
1. Germany (Sgt. has been stationed there but it would be awesome to explore some of those places together!)
2. Ft. Carson
3. Ft. Stewart

Semper Gumby said...

We would loooove to go overseas!

My first choice would be Germany or Italy, but that's most definitely not happening because of the hubby's branch and MOS. (There were lots of Marines stationed in Italy where we lived but most were security)

So my first choice will always be Hawaii. (we're not that lucky)

Then Okinawa. Hubby would love Pendleton to be close to family, but it's so damn expensive!

Laura said...

This is a GREAT question! We're Navy, so the places are a little different...besides, with the size of family, they won't (likely) send us overseas...which is kind of sad...

1. Gaeta, Italy
2. Rhode Island
3. Hawaii
4. Japan
5. Ft. Carson, CO - yes, there's Navy there...and the housing is pretty decent...
6. Ingleside, TX...I LOVED TX, and would LOVE to go back...but the base is on the BRAC list..and hubby hated TX...

We'll wait and see what is in store for us after he finishes his degree in December....

Jrzy Army Wife said...

I answer Hawaii for both. I love living here, it's beautiful and always warm.. but I get island fever terribly, the locals hate us military and it's so expensive to get here very few people ever come visit.

My hubby loved ft. carson ,co.

I'd be happy anywhere on the east coast to go.