Tuesday, July 8, 2008

High Matienence

I'm wearing this little number to work today:

Along with these:

I just got the dress yesterday along with 2 other dresses I ordered from Forever 21. They all thankfully are long enough to wear to work and they are so cute! Even Sean was impressed with my thriftyness and awesome taste in dresses. I couldn't wait to wear this to work, but I'm wearing it sans belt because I just didn't like the way the belt looked with it.

I'm still feeling a little under the weather today. It started suddenly on Sunday afternoon and I guess it's just allergies. I hate being sick in the summer though, its' the absolute worst! I just don't want to be sick on my birthday, that will really be the pits! I'm not a good sick person at all. I think I got that from my dad because he is absolutley pitiful when he's sick. My mom on the other hand functions for the most part as she usually would. Perhaps I'll get that superhuman gene when I become a Mom. I already have the superhuman ability to know exactly where something is that Sean is asking me for. I'm not sure how I remember where exactly all the different parts of his equipment and uniforms are, but I do. This morning he was asking me where his boonie hat was. I told him the exact location, yet he could not find it. I walk in the spare bedroom and locate it within exactly 3.5 seconds. Men! How silly they are.

I'm thinking about starting a food diary to keep track of all the bad and good things that I'm putting into my body. I think it might help me continue on my weight loss path which has seemed to plateau in the last few weeks. My goal is to lose 15 more lbs by September 30th so I need to kick it in high-gear if that's going to happen. Anyone do a food diary? If so do you do it online or on paper? Any suggestions?

I have a situation that has been bothering me lately and I'm not sure what to do to fix it. See, since I've gotten married and moved to Louisiana keeping in touch with all my friends at home has gotten harder. I still talk to my very best friend almost everyday, if we don't talk on the phone then we text at least some to each other. However, I have many more friends that I consider very close, but sometimes we go several weeks without talking. It doesn't mean we dont' care for each other, but I know they have busy lives like myself and to call each of them everyday would be almost impossible. One friend though confronted me today about the fact that I didn't often answer her phone calls. The thing is, is that she calls me at times of the day when I am often cooking dinner or trying to sneak in some quality time with Sean. She told me she feels as if I am ignoring her, but I am not intentionally trying to do so. I just can't drop everything I am doing just to talk to her. I wish she could understand how sometimes once you become married you have another person to think about and once I get home from work often I just want to enjoy Sean's company without interruptions. I've tried to kind of explain this to her, but she is still pulling the you're ignoring me card. Does anyone have any advice? I've handled this the best I know how and it's obviously not working. Has anyone dealt with this? She's the only friend who is doing this. The rest of my friends seem to understand that we all have busy lives and can't always talk everday. Maybe she is just a high-matienence friend? At any rate, I welcome your suggestions!


the student said...

I did this for a while, and it truly is the best weight loss tool out there. It really makes you so much more accountable for every bite you put in your mouth. The easiest way for me to do this was to create a meal plan. I do them monthly now, and write out every dinner that I will have/make. You can just do it weekly, too. Print out some blank calendars, write down what you will be eating for dinner (I never do this for the weekends so I am not locked into a too-tight schedule! we like to eat out!), then I make a copy and throw it into my purse (or stick it into a day planner). Then it will always be with you and you can quickly jot down breakfast and lunch and any snacks. Two purposes: easier to keep track of than just a list, AND it makes grocery shopping easier :). Before I started cooking, I just kept a notebook-type section in the back of my day planner. Since I never go anywhere without it, it was always accessible.

No advice on the high maintenance friend....maybe just answer her next call and tell her that you REALLY miss her and would love to talk, but you are incredibly busy. Ask her if there is a time this weekend (Sunday afternoons are always free in my life haha) so that you can call her back when you can actually focus solely on her and your conversation. Then she won't feel slighted, but you get some breathing room as well!

loquita said...

I had a lot of success with using the food journal on SparkPeople.com. They also have good tools for tracking your exercise, weight, measurements and other goals. And the site itself has tons of useful resources, articles and recipes.

Caitlin said...

I read an article today that food diaries lead to double the weight loss. And that was on ABC News :)

Whennrome said...

I'm glad loquita mentioned Sparkpeople.com. Mark and I are doing that now.

I did weight watchers for about 3 months. It didn't work for weight loss for me (because I am already in a healthy range, I needed toning not weight loss, come to find out). However, it does require you to write everything out, it has extensive recipes, and it taught me a lot about moderation and healthier eating. It was $16.00/ month.

I wear heels like that every day to work. And many a skirt. color me high maintenance too.

Lindsay aka Corn said...

I am so girly enough to wear heels every day. I work some cute 2 inch ones to work yesterday and was cursing my womanhood all day.

I WISH I had your determination. I just can't do it. I think it may stem back to being raised by my dad.

As for the friend, I would do the same thing Student suggested. Answer her call, tell her what your doing and make a plan for when you can call her. I usually make my "catch up" phone calls in traffic on the way home from work. Of course we don't live on base, so watch out for those cops!