Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday...a day of rest

What a lazy day today has been. I'm guilty about making Sunday my lazy day. I really ought to go to church, I've been attending church since birth and Sean and I are both the same faith, but we still have yet to attend a service here. I want to start going somewhere and so does he, we just have yet to actually get up and go.

I've been so tired today. However, I didn't go to bed last night until around 2:00 a.m., but I got up around 8:30 this morning, cleaned and puttered around the house a bit and then laid on the bed for a couple of hours and napped. I just finished tanning outside. Woo! It was hot! Also very humid. I thought Oklahoma heat was bad, but you don't know heat until you come down to Louisiana and experience the awful humidity that goes with it. It's seriously like the air is a wet blanket around you. It also does nothing for your hair, let me assure you of that.

Last night we went to Alexandria with a couple who are friends of ours for a Mixed Martial Arts match. I go to these from time to time with Sean because he enjoys them. They really aren't my cup of tea. They never fail to be entertaining though, I'll give them that much. Not so much with the people actually in the ring, but with the people in the audience. I laughed so hard last night at some people that I actually cried. It was good people-watching. We ate at Chili's before the match and it was so good. I haven't eaten at Chili's in many months and to have Mushroom Jack Fajitas again was just heavenly. Of course I'm paying the price today with an extra pound or two registering on the scale, but I'm sure the large margarita I had last night didn't help either.

As I had mentioned I wanted to get a massage this weekend, but I tried calling several times Friday and always got a busy signal so I'll try again for next weekend. My back could use some pampering. I think Sean and I might try to catch a movie tomorrow if they are open. I'm thinking maybe some Indiana Jones action. No matter how old Harrison Ford gets I still think he's pretty cute.

I have a question for those readers out there. Where do you get your blog templates? I'm wanting to change mine. I have used for a few templates of mine, but I'm wondering if theres any other sites out there that have some great templates.


Jenny said...

The shirt came from this website.

I hope you are having a good weekend!

Caitlin said...

We just saw Indiana Jones, it was great. And yes, Harrison Ford is STILL absurdly sexy even at 64. He bulked up hardcore for that movie too so he's all nice and muscle-y. :-) That's just my take though. Have a great Memorial Day!