Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lazy Days

Today I am in the mood for sushi. I blame it on my boss who brought up sushi today and asked me if I liked it.

Like it? I love it!

I won't be dining on sushi tonight though, I might treat myself to some this weekend, but tonight dinner will probably either be A. Cereal or B. a PB&J with a baked potato. I just don't feel like putting together a big meal when Sean isn't here to eat it with me. Plus I didn't feel like going to the commissary today either. I put that little errand off until tomorrow.

It stormed so bad here last night! I woke up to the sound of wind and rain beating against the glass. In my half-asleep stupor I thought of Sean, out in the woods somewhere, probably soaked. I felt bad for him, but then resumed sleeping. (Sleep is a big thing with me, I love it.) Ha ha

I had my EFMP screening today and can I just say what a waste of time? I was in the office for this screening for exactly 2 mintues. Enough time for them to ask me two questions, save the data and then tell me that they would fax it to the appropriate person. Today is one of those days when I don't understand the Army procedures at all.

I feel extremely lazy today. Like I don't want to do anything but lay in bed and read a book. I will make myself go to the gym for an hour tonight because I NEED to, but then I'm sure I will resume my lazy ways.

On that to watch some Seinfeld.


Jenna said...


I was at the local japanese hibachi place (where they cook your dinner on the table in front of you, if you eat it cooked of course) and they have a sushi bar too and for Texas, I have to say the sushi is pretty damn good.

So they seat you around the stove with other people. When the waitress came by to take our order the big gruff Texan across the table twanged out, "I dun want sushi, I want real food." Ok.... Then there were 2 ladies who were dining together, and one said to the waitress,"Oh no, I don't eat anything RAW....."

It's like why the heck did you guys come if not to experience Japanese cuisine?!?!?!? SHEEZ!

d.a.r. said...

Oh my word, you are making me CRAVE sushi!! I may have to get some for dinner next week once the hubs is gone. He makes gagging noises when he sees me eating it, haha.

I understand about the whole "he is gone so I don't want to do anything". It's stage 1 of my mourning process haha. I veg and eat crap and watch chick flicks and don't change out of my pajamas on Saturdays. I will be right there with you after this weekend!!

tootie said...

Sushi and Seinfeld are two of my faves as well :)