Thursday, May 8, 2008

The First Day

I thought some of you might want to know how the first day at my new job went.

Quite simply, I thought it went well.

Everyone was friendly of course, the hours passed by at a moderate pace and my head was crammed with all sorts of legal jargon and instructions on how to process claims, incidents and lawsuits. What to make copies of and who they should be sent to, exclusions on our policy and a million other things that I hope I can get the hang of in the next few weeks.

There is ALOT to learn, but all the women were really patient and told me they didn't expect me to learn it right off and that they expected me to have to ask questions for quite awhile. I'm relieved by that because in some situations there are those employers that expect you to know things from the get-go and that's just not possible in my situation.

I am also loving the relaxed work environment (still professional though) the hour for lunch and getting off at 4:30. Which should mean I can still swing by to pick Sean up from work most days.

I felt awful about leaving Boomer alone all day today though. I seriously almost cried this morning. I tried to play with him for awhile before I left for work, so at least he had some attention and of course this evening he's been requesting many sessions of fetch. I can't say I blame him after being cooped up all day!

Anyway, I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to bed here pretty soon.

I'm ready for the weekend. Who's with me?


Jenna said...

I AM! OMG I am ready for the weekend, it is the first whole weekend I have had off in like a month and a half. I still have to feed th horses on Saturday, but not Sunday. Whoo hoo!

d.a.r. said...

I'm so glad your first day went well, that is always the most nervewracking!!! I'm dreading having to have my "first day" here in a couple of weeks, even though I am excited about the job! :)

SidLovely said...

I'm glad the first day went well, I know you'll pick it up in no time ;)

Jenny said...

I am glad that you had a good first day!

Thanks for the Mother's Day greeting. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.