Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Return to the Gym

I feel so much better today. My allergies seem to be almost gone and I can finally breathe and sleep through most of the night, without having to sit-up and sniff in what I assume can only be the most annoying sound ever. Yay!

Today has been decent so far. I worked out for an hour today after I dropped Sean off for work. It's been a week and a half since I'd worked out and I could already feel the difference. As in my body felt weaker. I made it through my usual free weight workout though and so some of my gym self-confidence returned after that.

Sean was extremely grouchy this morning. I guess it was just one of those days when he really dislikes his job and being in the Army. I'm sure it wasn't helped by the fact that he had to run 5 miles in PT this morning, after they hadn't done PT for almost two weeks. Actually, I don't think it's the Army that he dislikes on days like this, but the unorganization of this particular unit. He's been stationed other places and in different units and he says this one by far is the most unorganized. He's more than ready to leave for Italy and be a part of the 173rd.

Boomer has been a trial lately. It's rained off and on here the last few days and he absolutley HATES getting his feet wet when he goes out to use the bathroom. I understand that, but obviously that's his only choice, since him using our living room as his personal restroom is not something I'm ok with. I took him out 3 times last night and early this morning where he refused to go. At one point I'd really had it and demanded he come to me in the yard in which he promptly looked at me and then ran in the house where he dove under the covers with Sean, where he presumably thought he was safe. I love my little dog, but sometimes he can be a bit much.

I'm watching my friend Devon's two little boys for her tonight, while she goes to an FRG meeting. I don't baby-sit often, but I don't really mind it and they are good little boys so I don't think it'll be too much for me. I'm eager to see how Sean handles the additions of two tots in our normally quite household. He loves kids, but I don't see him interact with them too often. This should be interesting. Ha ha ha.

I'm just loving all these blogs that I'm subscribed to on Blogger. I find it fascinating to read the blogs of women that are spouses of those in the military. It's neat to see that we have a common thread in our life, but yet each of our lives is so different. I don't know, it's just neat to get a perspective of others lives that resemble your own.

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tootie said...

I know how it is. The first day back at the gym is a little rough. But it always gets easier after that.

By the way, congrats on the job!! That is exciting! Keep us posted on how it goes.