Thursday, December 16, 2010

Verona Christmas Market

Last weekend, Sean and I decided to hit up the Christmas market in Verona. I'm not sure how Italian Christmas markets compare to those in say Austria or Germany (ask me next week after I've gone to Austria this weekend) However, the one in Verona was pretty fun.

To be honest, I'm not usually interested in what they have for sale. It was a lot of scarves and some stuff you'd see at a state fair. I'm more interested in the food and the vin brulee (spiced wine).

Meats from Tuscany, note the boar's head. Boar meat in Tuscany is called cinghiale.

An assortment of olives. I think I even got some artichoke hearts in the picture too.

An enormous decoration coming off the Arena

More goods for sale

A nativity scene in one of the squares

Sean had beer, I had vin brulee. Isn't my souvenir mug cute?

I loved this huge Christmas tree! Made me think of the Griswolds.

Clowning around in Christmas land.

I know this is random, but this guy was hanging out in the main square. Evidently his story is he was an alcoholic, he stopped drinking a couple of years ago and needs donations.

Now for the treats we got at the market:

This was basically a chocolate covered and stuffed pastry. This was Sean's. It was a little too chocolately for me.

Chocolate cookies with Nutella inside

Pistachio cookies with marzipan inside.

My very favorite thing that I had to eat was a frittelle. Basically it's a doughnut ( a large one) that is deep friend, dusted with sugar and Nutella is spread on it. Delicious! But far too messy for me to take a picture of it and eat it at the same time. It was all over me!


Lindsay Gray said...

Your snacks look delicious and the market looks like so much fun!

It's a Dog Tag Wife Life said...

This looks so fun! And your mug is VERY cute!

ALW said...

Looks like FUN! We're planning on going next week (as long as it's not raining bad.). I read that they have different nativity scenes inside of the arena. Did you see that?

All the Small Things said...

I love Christmas time in Europe. I was in Krakow, Poland one holiday season and they had a great Christmas market.

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

ummm food looks amazing. I'm hoping to have a great experience this weekend at a Christmas Market here in Germany! We should compare notes.. on the Gluwein (spiced wine) and general festiveness!

Anonymous said...

My mouth watered looking at all those goodies! That souvenir mug will be a great keepsake.

Becca said...

Whoaaa...the Innsbruck market didn't have nearly that much food!! Mostly Gluhwein and a few food stands, although we did get some weird monster pastry balls dipped in chocolate. If I wanted food, I should have just gone an hour up the road instead of up to another country. That is a super cute mug too.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun! I love that little mug!

♥ Annie ♥ said...

The boot mug is too cute! Anything would nutella on it or in it definitely sounds like a winner to me!! :)