Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wedding Photos

I FINALLY got my wedding pictures from the photographer yesterday. The most it was supposed to be was 75 days, but it was well over 90 days before I got my pictures.

He gave us 4 cd's with all the pictures on there and also an album of 200 pictures that he printed off.

Overall, I think they turned out decently. However, there were so many pictures on the CD's that turned out dark and a few were out of focus. Maybe it's just the photographer in me, but I wasn't completely satisfied with how they turned out. Currently I am going through the CD's and using Picasa to brigthen the dark pictures and add other effects that I wanted. So at least I can do that with the pictures. I have a few favorites. I'll share a couple of them on here.

Since Sean is working today I feel a little bored, but I am going to go do my hour of free weights sometime today and also clean on the house a bit. You would think with two people and a small dog that it wouldn't get that dirty, but somehow it always does. I even clean up several times during the week and still by the weekend it needs to be picked up again. Such is the life of a housewife I guess!

I also need to drop Sean's Class A's off at the alterations place today. He got promoted to Specialist on April 1st, so I took in his OG's to have them done a couple of days ago and now it's the Class A's turn. Sean is on funeral duty again, second time in 3 months, which is rare, so he could have to have his Class A's at any time.

Well, if I'm going to get anything done today I need to get off here for awhile. I have another post in my head though so you might just see two from me today.

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Jenny said...

I love the first picture!!! It is beautiful!
YAY for promotions!!!