Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another weekend gone

I do so love the weekends, even though Sean had to work this Saturday it still ended up being a good weekend for us. Last night we had a good discussion, although in part of the discussion we discussed deployments and that made me cry. Realistically I knew what I was getting into when I married someone that was going to be a lifer in the military. I knew the dangers of him deploying and that the fact is something could happen to him. Even knowing this though it certaintly doesn't make it any easier.

Anyway, today was just kind of a lazy day for us. I went and worked out at the gym. I even ran/jogged quickly at the gym for 20 straight minutes. Some might scoff at that, but I am NOT a runner by any means so it's a big step for me. Let's me know I'm getting into decent shape. I haven't eaten the best this weekend though. Come Monday I'm going to have to keep myself away from the fried and mashed potatoes that I so enjoyed this weekend.

Sean made dinner tonight. He baked tilapia with some lemon pepper on it, made mashed potatoes and a pasta salad. Not exactly on my diet, but it was good. I love it when he cooks. He's so good at it. I have yet to eat a meal that he's cooked that I don't enjoy.

For the next two weeks Sean will be taking a Haz-Mat class at the education center, which means he'll be off work at decent times, so that's a plus. I have several things I have to get done this week. Mainly sending in my taxes and getting my medical records back home sent to the hospital here. I just hate going to the hospital though because it's so busy and crowded.

Well...I hope everyone starts out their week well tomorrow with a good Monday. :)

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Jenny said...

It is a PJ set that I got at Baby Gap. My mom and I had a bit too much fun shopping with my dad out of town. lol