Monday, April 14, 2008

Hopelessly Addicted

That's right. I'm confessing my addiction right now.

Here it is:

I always have to have chapstick somewhere on my being or at least in my purse. I even take it into the gym with me when I work out. There's nothing worse than having dry lips after running. I'm not sure when my reliance on chapstick started, but I'd say I've at least had it since middle school.

I prefer Chapstick for everyday use, although I usually layer other glosses or lipstick over it. I just can't stand it when my lips are dry! And I can't stand it when I see people with chapped lips.

Perhaps this is some weird OCD thing of mine? I'm not really sure. I think right now I have about 3 tubes of Chapstick and who knows how many other glosses. Hey at least it's an inexpensive addiction, right?


Jenny said...

I totally hear you on that addiction. I CANNOT stand for my lips to feel dry. It is probably a good thing that I have a tube in every room in our house, purse, and diaper bag. I am never without!!! lol

trying said...

Im a huge chapstick girl, i have it stashed all around the house, the car, in my jackets. I think I have passed the habit on to my three year old, he has his own tube of it now, I think its kinda funny, my husband has made me promise to limit him to just the plain stuff, nothing girly!